Friday, July 25, 2014

Yamagoya Ramen @ Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur -Second Visit

I have one more vouchers to redeem at Yamagoya Ramen and i actually tempted my group of colleagues to join me together with my hubby for lunch. They quickly click on Living Social Website and search for that limited buy offer which is only RM 18 instead of RM 20.They bought it and just print out and we can now dine in together!.

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Comfortable dining place for quick lunch

Outstanding Mukasi Special Ramen RM 24. We have ordered the same menu!! All 4 bowls of Mukasi Ramen. The seaweed enhance the sweetness of the ramen broth and both flavourful braised eggs makes this dish so delicious.

Is this the correct way to spin out the sesame??

Miso Ramen (RM24)-Hearty pork flavour Miso ramen .i find it quite satisfying flavourful and well balanced.

Teppanyaki Pork RM 12 It was mildly bland flavour and slightly dry.
The Teppanyaki pork looks unappealing.

Enjoyable lunch with my fun colleagues

We should have bought another voucher for more savings.. Need to really take into calculation of the service and govt tax next time :)

Yamagoya Ramen

Lot OT-11, OT12, Parkamaya, 

Level 3, Fahrenheit88, No179,

Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, 55100

Tel : 03-2110 3582

Deal Link :

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(All price is subject to 10% tax)

Facebook :

Baan 26 Thai Restaurant @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Baan 26 is a bar-cum-restaurant located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, In the heart of the chic and bustling city where many customers here are foreigners hanging out here for drinks during night time with music blasting clubs along the Changkat street. We bought dine in vouchers from Groupon and make our reservation at Baan 26 for our lunch. Also celebrating our fellow colleagues and treat this as our farewell lunch. Groupon always have this deal featuring

 4-course meal for 4 people for RM49.90 instead of RM116.50 (only RM12.50 per person)

Each group of 4 people gets

  • 1 x Thai mango salad with dry shrimp (RM18 value)
  • 1 x Spicy tom yam chicken and tom yam soup (RM32 value)
  • 1 x Thai green curry chicken  (RM18 value)
  • 1 x Thai basil leaf minced chicken (RM22 value)
  • 4 x Steamed fragrant rice (RM10.40 value)

* 16% service charges and Government tax (RM16.10 value)

We bought two  vouchers in total we have 8 people.There are also deals for only two person servings.

Photo with the ladies first while waiting for our food

Baan 26 have unique and creative deco both indoor and outdoor. The dining area is covered with Thai handmade lamps and wood carvings giving us the comfy ambiance. Services is average though.

The bar area with air-conditioned dining area. Served all types of wine and cocktail

Thai Mango Salad with dry shrimp (RM18), this is a highly recommend appetizer.
This salad will blow you away with its tastebud-awakening flavors which is very refreshing and fragrant. Tossed in a coating of lime juice with mixture of unripe mangoes, roasted peanuts, dried shrimps and chilies. Scrumptious sweet and sour Thai mango salad.

Nice set up with dim lights at the dining area

Thai basil leaf minced chicken (RM22)- This serves as the classics Thai food and great to have it with a bowl of rice.Thai basil chicken is a spicy dish with boneless and skinless chicken, basil leaves, and chilies.  Fragrant basil leaves and some fresh chilies, makes this dish really flavourful.

Spicy Tom Yam Soup (RM32) -Hot Tom Yam Soup with mixed seafood, like prawns, squid, clams and pieces of fish. Baan 26’s tom yam version was the creamy red style and it was quite spicy with fresh prawns and squids. This is really increasing our appetite and sweat. Some request for more rice.

Satisfied with the ingredients given but we are still complaining on the soup texture..i do agree the soup is bit salty

Green Curry Chicken (RM21)- Creamy and thick texture of the green curry chicken with pieces of tender chicken and brinjals. Cooked in a mildly spicy gravy with coconut milk, lime leaves, chili and spices. Thai green curry chicken is very aromatic and bursting with flavor.

Valuable 2 x set meal just nice for 8 person

We are cravings for mango sticky rice .but again not available today because the reason is the mango not in stock. This also happen when my friend visited this restaurant last month. So we opt for chilled desserts with cendol and red ruby

Jackfruit Sago Cendol RM 9 - We have an obsession for cendol and first time ordered this jackfruit sago cendol. Taste sweet, texture and fragrant of the combined ingredients makes it more richer flavour.

Red Rubies (RM12). Water chestnut with shaved ice in coconut milk and slices of jackfruit. Cool and chilled desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth. We love the crunchy water chestnut cubes look like red rubies which is one of Thailand's most popular desserts and signature food.

Our Memorable group photo

Baan 26 is the relaxed place to be and food served is authentic here. Worth trying it out.

Baan 26,
Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2142 8878 (Call 12pm – 1am daily)

Deal Link :

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello Kitty Land @ Johor Bahru

We visited the Hello Kitty Land located very near to our Hotel Nusa CT..Just 10 minutes drive and there is another indoor theme park above Hello Kitty Town called The Little Big Club. It features Barney and Friends, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina etc. We only purchase the Hello Kitty Land entrance fee for RM 49 as we get 10% discount for showing the Legoland Ticket entrance we went yesterday. There is no long queue during weekdays and we reached early at 10.30am.We can enter only once so we spend out time slowly enjoying the view and involve in their activities provided. The postcard is for us to get chop for each section we go for the activities.

Hello Kitty Land is the first Sanrio Hello Kitty Land outside Japan.Beautiful place to be with kids and my girls love the pinky land..She is very excited and want me to accompany her for the tea cup ride for few times.

Dream Photo Garden is nicely setup

Purrfect Stage - Special performance to watch Hello Kitty and Friends live on stage. But the show is only start at 2pm.

At the Wishful Studio, visitors can look forward to various activities from creating their very own Hello Kitty themed souvenirs to making cookies and dressing up as their favourite character for a memorable photo moment. 

Families and young children can experience the charm of Friendship Land with its playground, enjoy a tea cup ride, watch Hello Kitty and Friends perform in a live show at the Purrfect Stage and have photo opportunities at Dream Photo Garden. Children can also celebrate their birthday in the Apple or Strawberry themed party rooms with Hello Kitty!

No people queue at the activities i ask the staff can we go inside..they are very friendly and welcome us to join the first activities - Hello Kittty Jewelry Making Studio: We are be given a plain silver neckchain and get to choose one (1) charm from the range of charms in the room. There are many choices but i only attracted to Hello Kitty faces of course and we have three necklace..suitable to wear for adults and kids..

Another section is the Hello Kitty Dress Up and Costume Studio: Adults and kids costume are available here. Actually i did not realized i have choosen Melody instead of Hello Kitty.The staff will  dress you up in these costumes and then take a pic of you against a green screen and asking us to show three pose. Taking the pics are free, but you need to pay to get the prints.So we only asking the staff to take picture with our cameras..Of course buying for them is very expensive..The clothing is clean, but after putting in the glove, i am expecting they will give me sanitizer to clean my hand. The staff said this is not provided.

We are entering new section..actually i also did not know where i am or what inside here until we open the door

Hello Kitty Playing Game Section

This is one of the highlight for visiting this place called the Kitty’s House, a highly themed  with a lady staff who will brief visitors on tasks to be completed at the six sections of the house: Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Kitty’s Room, Secret Closet, and Mimmy’s Room.

Living Room Kitty Style

Wah many Kitty collections

Pinky girls love looking at well as i do..

I like the gigantic size of the bath tub..we can step inside to take photos

Vintage phone found in Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty Family Members

After that, we go back to the Wishful Studio to finish up other activities, we are given a plain butter cookie to decorate, once done you get to eat it or take it home. The staff will group other family/ visitors and they will have a briefing session together on how to decorate the cookies. We have to squeeze the chocolate syrup on top of the cookies and we have to finish it within 5 minutes.

Ready to eat it..but very funny..the staff asking us to finish it within 5 minutes..crazy? the little kids need some time to munch on the least 10 minutes..they are no long queue outside anyway during weekdays

Hello Kitty badges.. we can use the marker pen in yellow, red and blue colour to paint the badges and later they will put in the machine to make badges for our souvenirs..nice

Just the right timing at 11.30 am, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel photo session begins..hubby quickly queue up 5 minutes before that and we have the chance to meet them..Meeting the character is really fun..they staff will take photo for us..but usually i will only look at my hubby camera..haha

Tea Cup Rides - Take a spin on the iconic tea cup ride and my girls seems not bored with head keep spinning around

Playground section is quite fun with the buckets of balls available..the kids enjoy it putting in the ball and the flower machine will pop up the ball.but some equipment is not in working condition

Hello Kitty themed drinks and pastries from the Red Bow Café and Cinnamoroll Café to refuel in between enjoying the activities..the price is expensive!

Black Wonder, an interactive activity for both children and adults to save Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, who has been kidnapped by Kuromi! The attraction uses technology such as sensors and computers to enhance the experience as well as devices to interact with during the mission.Looks mysterious from the entrance..i thought we are going for some 4d movie or show.

Then only figure out we are going for “treasure-hunt” maze. Given a lantern containing a black light for each person. As you enter, you need to place the Black Lantern in its place under the touch screen computer and a series of questions will appear and you need to answer these correctly. Clues are all over the place just we need to be alert all the time. Actually me and hubby keep on taking photos rather looking at the we have forgotten our clue and symbol actually..haha..

 A logo will appear. This will be the same logo that you need to find inside the maze, there will be 5 additional sections inside the maze and when you solve the puzzle at each section, you will uncover one alphabet that will form your password. 

When you finish collecting all 5 alphabets, go to the exit and  type in the password with the help of the staff. If you are correct you will get a certificate of completion. The wording that i need to find is quite difficult. I thought i am looking for Melody name..actually my alphabet is AMGIC..I repeatedly arrange it but still get it wrong..the staff is smiling at me..and said try again..ahaha and i failed again..she help me saying the word is easy indeed..My hubby get the word " Kitty" .He can guess it even from the first word.
We have to look for clues everywhere..really fun

Memorable trip with my girl and we all enjoy it very much..waiting for another 4 years to bring along my second daughter and my naughty boy..then i need to look for a bigger room stay..

Hello Kitty Land  Entrance -Regular Price Adult / Children : RM 75, with Mykad RM 55
Two pass Hello Kitty Land + Little Big Club : RM 110, with Mykad RM 85

RHB Card Holder entitle for 40% discount. And with Legoland ticket also we are entitle for 10% discount. Lucky i still kept my Legoland ticket yesterday.

Opening Hours : 10am to 6pm

Website :