Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Worthy Book FnB Edition Year 2015-2016

It makes me exciting to check out the new Worthy Book F & B Edition 2015 & 2016 which offer 180 vouchers at over 100 malls in Malaysia.This handy book have so much to offer for food lovers like me! By using this Worthy Book, we can save more than RM 3,000 of freebies and discounts! Wow..sounds  great right? Let’s explore each page of this interesting worthy book

The first page are the contents page with different kind of cuisines – Japanese, Korean, Chinese, desserts, café and bakeries, Thai, Local, Organic / Greens, Snacks, Fusion, Drinks, and Westerns. At the final page they also have beauty vouchers like facial and massage promotions. Moreover, delivery vouchers is also available from Food Panda and Wine Talk. Many brands which I have yet to try on and this is the opportunity for me to venture those eatery places with so many vouchers in my hand now!

Each restaurant and café covers mostly KL area and Selangor. They also have other state like Perak, Melaka,Miri, Sibu, Ipoh and etc. The 2015-2016 F & B edition offers savings at various restaurants based on their cuisine type and each page have the specific details on each restaurant recommended food. Complete information on the restaurant concept, locations, operations hours, price range,must try food, and short note on the food they offered. At the right side are the vouchers which you can easily tear it off from the book and just present it to the staff to claim your freebies and discounts. 

Reminder to always read the vouchers terms and conditions on which places can be use to redeem it and any terms to say that you need to purchase above RM 50 only can use the voucher as an example. Always present the coupon when purchase or ordering to let the restaurant staff know that you are  going to redeem the vouchers.

All the outlets listing are clearly published in the book for you to refer.

Selling for only RM29.90/copy you'll get 180 vouchers to various well-known FnB brands  and all these voucher expiry in 30 Sept 2016.

FnB Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected myNEWS.comand 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor. 

Featuring up to 45 brands of your preference. Lecka Lecka, EcoGreen, myBurgerLab, Sushi Tei, Carl’s Jr, Juice Works, BBQ Chicken, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, Manmaru, Choo Choo Chicken, MBG, House, Madame Waffle, Kluang Station and the list goes on.
Few pages showing some of the great promotions, discounts and freebies - 25 % on total bill, RM 10 cash voucher, 50% off, Buy One Free One, Free matcha, free drinks, free chawanmushi, Free membership card, and lots more!

Awesome Foodie Coupon Book!

We are on the way to Pavilion to try Sushi Tei and I flip over the Japanese cuisines page and found Free Matcha coupon with minimum purchase of RM 25. While sitting in the car, I browse through few pages of the worthy book and take out few coupons that are nearby my working place and keep them in my wallet to dine in to those places during lunch time in the future with my friends. They are so many to explore in each pages and I enjoy reading the review page in every restaurant to check out what are the nice dish to order.

We are greeted with welcome by the friendly staff in Sushi Tei Pavilion outlet. I show her this voucher and she remind me that I need to spend RM 25 to redeem it. I requested the ice cream to be serve now coz my kids want to have the sweet desserts first. It is one scoop serving of green tea ice cream and taste absolutely great.

Free green tea ice cream worth RM 7.50!
Enjoying my favourite green tea matcha
Delightful meal with assorted sushi and hearty bowl of ramen soup

Delicious Oyako don

Worthy book really gives me a good savings with lots of discounts and worth every cent. I get to redeem many valuable vouchers and tag along my family for a wonderful meal during our weekend. Instant deals all year long with Worthy Book!

BBQ Town @ Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur

Thinking of a nice comfy place to have a buffet meal with a group of friends? You can have it now at Midvalley Megamall serving a mixture of Thai BBQ and Japanese shabu shabu buffet-concept restaurant with free flow of imported Australian beef and lamb, sushi, and fresh veggies galore available to satisfy your palate. 

The restaurant emphasize on healthy eating lifestyle by providing a shallow pot for the soup with grill section on top, where juices from the grilled meat are flow into the broth. Hence, the broth is more flavourful. 

Here we have only two choices of soup - konbu chicken soup, which is prepared over a duration of six hours or you can choose for spicy miso soup.

Comfortable dining area with neat settings on the cutlery.
Table for 4 -6 pax gather together to enjoy the meal.

We can enjoy both BBQ & shabu shabu with three choices of meat selection - lamb, beef and chicken slice. BBQ Town also offers ala-carte dishes including the ebi tempura, spring rolls, chicken wing, agedashi tofu, gyoza age, salmon sashimi,  garlic fried rice, papaya salad and etc.

Beef meatballs

Array of fresh green vegetables, small clams, scallops, squids, mushroom, king oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, carrots, tomatoes, sausages, beef meatballs, yam, sweet corn, pumpkin, seafood tofu, udon noodles, fish balls, crab balls, cuttle fish balls and etc. Healthy food bar that are nutritious and the best thing is you can refill it many times.

Sesame salad dressing and thousand island salad dressing

BBQ sweet sauce is highly recommended
Wafu Dip sauce
Patrons can mix and match their own sauce according to their personal taste. This is the section where you can mix the chili ,garlic and dipping sauce together. Remember to squeeze the lime as the final steps to make this tasty sauce. Appetizing and goes well with any grill meat.

Sushi and maki display that are refill all the time. I was quite disappointed with the sushi texture and presentation of the sushi. I just took two pieces to try on.

Green tea and ice lemon tea which can be refill too
How to enjoy the Thai BBQ and Japanese Shabu Shabu??
Firstly, upon seated the staff will provide these few items on your table. Beef, chicken and lamb meat. Here we can find prawns! Beef fat helps to make grill process easier and the meat won't stick on the pot.
All the meat are fresh and good in quality. All of them are cut into paper thin slices which are easy to be cooked

Adding the cabbages to add flavour in the soup
You can control the temperature either you can put the fire to be high or low.
Fresh chicken slice

Heat up the broth and start adding in the beef fat and spread across the grill section. If you can't take beef, the staff will provide you a small bowl of sesame oil instead.
Big feast we going to have it today. Free flow balance and healthy combination buffet meal.
The meat was easily cooked and delicious when dipping with the BBQ Sauce. Clean and easy to managed. We enjoy the buffet session and picking up our favourite choices of meat and vegetables. The soup area can be scoop easily with the spoon and I love the spicy miso soup.
Hot crispy chicken wing as side dish. Must order this.
Thai papaya salad is ideal for starter/ appetizer

Self service ice cream counter. Three section where you can choose. Right side is green tea ice cream, left side is chocolate ice cream and middle side is mixture of both green tea and chocolate ice cream.
You can opt for cup or ice cream cone

Beautifully done. Looks tempting rite?? My favourite green tea ice cream mixture with chocolate flavour. There are few condiments for the soft served ice cream. Choices of Crushed peanuts, chocolate chip, natta de coco and cornflakes. 

Thanks to Ms. Raja for assisting us on this food review session and the helpful staff there who consistently clearing the empty plates on our tables. The entire meal was delectable and satisfying with the fresh servings of meats.

Enjoyable dining experience with my friends and surely the place to be for a valuable buffet lunch as well as dinner.

Buffet Lunch (Adult)  RM32.80++
Buffet Lunch (Child)  50% of Buffet Price
Buffet Dinner (Adult)  RM39.80++
Buffet Dinner (Child)  50% of Buffet Price

 - Additional RM 2 for weekend and public holiday

 - Price exclude 16% service charges and government tax 
 - Any wastage cost 20% of total bill
 - Max 2 hours per session for dine in.. Additional 15mins block at RM4

BBQ Town

Lot S025 & S026,
Level 2, 
Mid Valley Megamall,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2201 1236

Business Hours: Daily 11am to 10 pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/BBQ-TOWN/810604849053745?fref=ts