Nasi 7 Benua (Homecooked Food Delivery) @ Ayu Lestary Kitchen

Nasi 7 Benua is pretty unique and we called up Lestary Kitchen to find out more about this interesting food. Lestary Kitchen provides home cooked food delivery to your doorstep with good selections of menu that surely can satisfy your palate. Ayu from Lestary Kitchen is passionate enough to make this Nasi 7 Benua which comes with 7 types of rice : n🎀NnNNasi dagang + nasi kerabu + nasi LEMAK + nasi jagung + nasi tomato + nasi putih+nasi minyak/rempah. You have to prepare and boil 7 types of rice in order to deliver this menu. Not easy! And to ensure each rice texture is perfectly cooked and taste good.

The rice combination comes in a set of 2 meat -ayam kerutuk and sambal sotong, 1 vege and 1 salted egg. Nasi 7 Benua is only RM 15!! Yes you heard it right! Free delivery with minimum order of 3 sets.

Lestary Kitchen Lunch delivery have 5 different menu everyday for you to choose and of course I will prefer to choose Nasi 7 benua to have our first try on it.

Delivery is on time and as you can see here, each packaging are so neat and pleasant. Tight containers for the rice as well as for the side dish.

My preference will be the nasi tomato and nasi minyak. Fragrant rice and taste better. The portion is really alot! You can consider sharing among two person for this set. 

Our excitement to taste this wonderful rice. Others colleagues were curious too. Let's enjoy together!

Colourful 7 rice with colourful taste. Different flavours in one time experience.

Comes in neat packaging 

Delicious and spicy Sambal Sotong- my favourite

Flavoursome Ayam Kerutuk. The meat is tender and the gravy is perfect pairing with the rice

Happy tummy filled up with these sumptuous meal for our lunch.

Besides Nasi 7 Benua, Ayu Lestary Kitchen also cater for events / catering services. Just call them up to make bookings and to order your favourite meal. Here are some of the photos from their FB page and the previous events that they have done before.





Call 012-3102327 for ordering and the contact person is Ayu

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Robi, An Interactive Trilingual Robotic Companion Is Coming To Malaysia

Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, the creator of Robi

Tomotaka Takahashi is the Chief Executive Officer of ROBO GARAGE.Co.,Ltd, established since April, 2003 to develop robot technologies in Osaka, Japan. He creates, designs and invents unique and original humanoids (Ropid, FT, Chroino, Neon).

Inspired by his childhood obsession with Astroboy and other fictional characters, Takahashi decided to study robotics after completing a sociology degree. Takahashi prefers to work on smaller robots, as they are easier to handle and people have more realistic expectation of them. Unlike machines, which are cold and uninviting, humans can relate to robots because they have bodies like humans or animals, which opens up new possibilities for communication, which Takahashi believes is their greatest strength.

His goal is to create robots with exaggerated movements, and to do that he prefers small, tough servos with metal gears, using the best hardware he can afford. The form, or outer shell, can be made in two ways: traditionally-sculpted molds which are vacuum sealed, or through the use of CAD software and a rapid prototyping machine (3D printer technology).

He is also Associate Professor at Tokyo University, Research Center for Advance Science and Technology. Visiting Professor at Osaka Electro-Communication University, Faculty of Information Science and Arts, Department of Computer Science. Advisor for Human Academy Robot School

Pokka Recipe Using Premium Coffee

Any idea how to make recipe using Pokka Premium Coffee that is freshly brewed and have the real taste of coffee? I am just trying out a simple dessert for my family to explore on this drinks. Pokka has many range and this includes this two coffee range products -Premium Cappuccino and Premium Coffee. Quality assurance and best selling product that you must try it once.

As we know,Coffee is actually very healthy. It is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health.The studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases. Moreover, Coffee can help people feel less tired and increase energy levels
I have my first experience trying out making a refreshing dessert using one cup of Pokka Premium Coffee, vanilla ice cream and crunchy peanuts

Pour slowly the coffee drinks on top of the ice cream

Topped with some peanuts for a quick bite.

Ready to be serve. Chilled and yummy desserts  
Pokka Premium Coffee drinks are Ready to drink product and usually easy to grab .You can find in several location such as petrol station, 7-11 and other hypermarket. Pokka drinks is definitely the choice of drink to consume during festive season “Raya Balik Kampung”

Pokka Premium Coffee is Real brewed coffee contents that has No preservative, no coloring, 100% real brewed, from premium coffee brands.
Check them out for other types of drinks that you can pick up your favourite taste

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Japanese Bento @ Waza Cafe at Isetan Lot 10

We are here to savour the new Japanese Bento from Waza Cafe located at LG Floor Isetan LOT 10.  Waza Cafe is Owned by Proton Dining – Specialized in frost and defrozen using the advanced technology.You can taste freshly de-frosted delicatessens right at the counter of WAZA + CAFE. You can enjoy and realize how Proton frozen foods are good and  It is very palatable like just afresh!

 Spacious and comfortable atmosphere for you to have calm dining moments

 There are 4 types of Japanese Bento that are just newly launch today. Quick lunch on the convenient bento pack that is well pre-packed and presented nicely. There are more chicken menu selection such as Chicken Karaage, Teriyaki Chicken and Chicken Katsu.

Savour the flavour of Japan Bento for only RM 15 with Miso soup (add on charges of RM 3.)

Teriyaki Bento

Teriyaki Chicken, Potato salada, baked broccoli eggplant Marinade, Edo tamago yaki, Putit Tomato Goya Chample, fried noodle, Takuan and steamed rice

Katsu Bento

Chicken katsu, Takiawase, currypasta, baked veg/takuan, edo tamago yaki , basil potato, shrimp Nanban and Hijiki rice. The combination is pretty unique and giving me a complete meal with protein and vegetables. The chicken Katsu is tender and delicious.
Karaage Bento

Mixture of chicken karaage, potato salada, baked broccoli beansprout Itame, basil potato, boiled shrimp, putit tomato, Takuan, tumeric rice. 

Saba Miso Bento

Saba Miso/Takiawase, Pickels, Fried Noodle, Shrimp,Nanban Dsyke, Edo Tamago yaki,sweet potato ,Takuan and Kayaku rice

Choose your favourite bento here . A perfect meal for lunch or dinner.

Waza Cafe

Isetan Lot 10 (LG Floor)

No. 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail

50250 Kuala Lumpur

Our Family Staycation @ Grand BlueWave Shah Alam

We are grateful to be invited to be part of the Media Gathering 2017 at Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam and my kids are overjoyed when I inform them to pack their clothes for a staycation last weekend. 2Days 1Night stay maybe a short stay, but we enjoyed every moment and a good relaxing weekend to spend valuable time together. Distance is about 40 minutes drive from our house to reach here.

Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam (GBWHSA) has now acquired remarkable standards of Halal qualification to certify the values on both its facilities and eateries by being the Southeast Asia’s First 5 Star Hotel Accredited with the Highest Halal Friendly Rating by Crescentrating.

            On facilities, equipped with 341 rooms all together, GBWHSA are recently elegantly furnished with modern contemporary into three different color themes, Green, Maroon and Blue. 

Our room are located at 14th floor. Bright corridor and clear signage to guide us to our room.
Our spacious room with comfy bed and given an extra bed for the kids. 
Glad to received this beautiful rose to welcome us. Moreover, it is Chap Goh Meh day which also means Happy Valentine's Day!
Just press the button for lights and air cond temperature. I can also set the alarm clock to wake me up tomorrow morning. 
Kids jump up and down for excitement when they see bathtub.

Room comes with High speed Internet access, hair dryer, fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, in room safe box, and complimentary mineral water in bottle. Impressive enough when every corner are well labeled and easy to find.

Pretty excited to check out the hotel facilities and the food especially!
Bluewave Executive Club Floor .The BlueWave Club floor, complete with a private Club Lounge is specially set up to suit the need of business travelers. The furnishing and colour schemes of guestrooms on BlueWave Club Floors are more luxurious from those on the other floors. Italian designed upholstery and rice wood paneling dominate the interior. Guests on this floor are entitle to added privileges and receive VIP status and check-in and check-out are done on BlueWave Executive Club Lounge.

The Presidential Suite on the 19th floor, highest floor of the hotel, provides the ultimate in luxury living.
Tastefully designed and luxurious furnishing in shades of burgundy, green and grey, the Presidential Suite consist of a bedroom with adjoining bathroom complete with Jacuzzi, seating hall, dining hall and pantry.

While waiting for the lift, we quickly take a photo outside the room corridor. Elegant setting with comfortable seats for guest

Borak Borak Lounge

The Halal qualification was received from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) which certified four of the hotel’s in-house restaurants which are Royale Songket Restaurant, Borak-Borak Lounge, Agehan Japanese Restaurant and Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant. 

Agehan Japanese Restaurant is the Japanese restaurant located at floor 1A, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam that offers you an array Japanese cuisines. The restaurant acquires an official endorsement of HALAL certificate from JAKIM on 1st November 2009 thus the restaurant served 100% Halal Japanese cuisines in the First Southeast Asian Five Star Hotel Accredited with Halal Friendly title. Agehan Japanese Restaurant is led by Executive Sous Chef, Chef Firdaus Ismail.  
Wide selection of Japanese treats to suites your taste bud

Our special delights of Sukiyaki in pot. Just put in the ingredients you like - vegetables, mushroom, salmon, squid,  and etc.

Food selection - Chuka Kuraage (Jellyfish), Chuka Idako (Baby Octopus), Yasai Salada (Japanese Salad with Dressing), Chawan Mushi (Japanese Egg Custard) and Miso Shiro (Miso Soup). Further serving with varieties,  Ika (Squid), Ebi (Prawn), Teriyaki Chicken and Yakemeshi (Fried Rice). Assorted Sushi such as Tako Sushi (Octopus Suhsi), Maguro Sushi (Tuna Sushi) and Shake (Salmon Sushi).

Delectable desserts section

GBWHSA also accept the challenge of ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ in creating awareness of this campaign to the public on the right way to love our foods. The campaign is to help save money and stopping tonnes of food waste being thrown away. Wasting food means that all the resources used to produce that food is also wasted, for example, water, land and fuel. So I remind my kids please please dont' waste food ya!

 Royal Songket provides Delicious serving of food for Breakfast, Buffet Lunch and  Weekend High Tea. Our room comes with complimentary breakfast and the breakfast starts from 6am to  10am.  All day dining restaurant that serves a wide variety of authentic Malaysian and International cuisines. Nasi Lemak and roti canai (local favorites), sunny side up egg, scramble eggs, and omelette (egg making station), Westerns food choices of sausages, hashbrown, baked beans, ham, and many more.
Breads, Pastries and cakes choices for the kids. There are also yogurts and fruits to give you a healthy breakfast to kick start of the day.
Breakfast is only at RM 35++ (adult) and RM 20++ for (children age 4 -11)
Promotions going on for the restaurant in Grand BlueWave Hotel. You can also check their FB page from time to time. Just call to make a reservation to book your seats. A perfect venue to have gathering with your family or friends for a good dining experience here.

We also get the chance to learn Healthy and simple recipe from  Executive Sous Chef Firdaus Ismail. Healthy Green Pea Soup and Healthy Chicken Piccata With Pasta and Mushroom
At Level 4, guest can enjoy the Hotel Facilities here :-
A cosy playroom for the kids to have fun

The swimming pool is closed pool with a certain time of the day being reserved for Women only. 

My girls are too excited to jump in the Kid's pool.
While mummy or daddy can go to the indoor Jacuzzi and steam bath room to have a relaxing time. They have separate room for male and female.
Another option to get yourselves a good pampering session, you may visit 
Dr Azimuth Herbal Spa – Balinese Spa at the same floor. Try Body massage, foot massage or spa therapy for a rejuvenate experience.

Well equipped gym room for you to work out. Let's get sweaty!
 We have our very first Fitness Drumming with Adilla Idris and I am really curious what's that about? 

Adilla explained to us this fitness dance is pretty new and we get the chance to  try it with the combination of  Chinese and Malay culture. Drum and Kompang. Interesting right??

Just follow the rhythm and easy steps. We repeat the steps few times, a little bit of squatting and sweat.

 All of us have so much fun and enjoy this Fitness Drumming!
Memorable group pictures together

Family picture is a must during our staycation. 

We enjoy our stay here with friendly and helpful staff. Worth mentioning on the cleanliness of the room, the hotel surroundings and the comfortable environment in the restaurant.

Grand BlueWave Shah Alam
Persiaran Perbandaran, 
Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan

 Tel: (603) 5511 8811


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