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1) RM1 for a la carte quarter chicken at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS
2) The deal starts from 15 August 2016 (while stock last)
3) It applies to all Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) outlets except for:
1.KRR Alamanda, Putrajaya
2.KRR Alor Setar, Kedah
3.KRR Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang
4.KRR JB City Square, Johor
5.KRR Maju Junction Mall, Kuala Lumpur
6.KRR Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam
7.KRR Plaza Angsana (Angsana Johor Bahru Mall)

Visa Checkout is a new form of online payment (which is similar to Paypal) developed by Visa. It allows users to save card information and ease their purchasing process.
SweetSpot mobile app has inserted this technology into its app to transform online purchasing to something quick and easy.
Users have to sign up a Visa Checkout account before they can make any payments in the app.
They can either sign up an account within the SweetSpot Mobile app itself OR via the website vi.sa/2bKmWTs

Come get your quarter chicken and purchase it via your Visa card on SweetSpot while stocks last!

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Bonne Gilla Restaurant and Bar @ Jalan Berangan Kuala Lumpur

Bonne Gilla is located in Jalan Berangan at the bustling Bukit Bintang area, a trendy restaurant and bar. You can locate Bonne Gilla  beside Fuzio Bar and nearby there is Invito Hotel. 

Bonne Gilla is just operating for one month and they have a very good experience chef offering mouth watering fusion menu using fresh ingredients. 

Comfortable place to dine in

Upper level which cater more seats and they are still doing some upgrading works

Complimentary Bread with dipping oil 
Seafood soup RM28
Spicy Broth of Prawns, scallop and clams with tomato essence and zucchini.
Delicate and mild flavour soup, warm sourish that are appetizing.
Salmon salad with beetroot, lemon Haloumi cheese, radish, Rocket mix with shallot Pommery mustard seed dressing- RM 21.This salad is a scrumptious twist that makes it a hearty healthy dish to start off our meal. Fresh slices of salmon served.

Deep fried Mozzarella cheese with spicy Pizzaiolla sauce and Pesto RM 19
I love the combination. Crispy and cheesy fried breaded cheese.This stuff tastes amazingly delicious!
Lamb Shank RM39
Served with tomato mushroom ragout, cauliflower crumble and mash potato
 Plentiful and tasty lamb shanks with the meat falling off easily from the bone. Pair it up with companion flavours and vegetables.
Braised juicy Black Angus Beef RM43
Short-rib with smoke BBQ liquid, mustard seed vinaigrette, sautéed peas and dirty fries
Seared Flounder fish fillet RM 34
Served with curried chick pea with tomato, cilantro and Scallop with dill lemon vinaigrette.
 Delicate and firm texture perfectly done fish. If you love spice, the flavour will tickle your taste bud
Refreshing cocktails

Drop by during lunch time whereby they will be having set lunch menu at RM 18++ with one main course and drinks included. Or chilled out yourselves with your colleagues to enjoy their happy hour promotions on the beer and have a wonderful meal together. Check out their FB page for more updates.

Bonne Gilla 
31, Jalan Berangan, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Monday - Saturday : 12 noon - 12 midnight
Open for lunch & dinner
Sunday : Closed

Website: http://bonnegilla.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/3131BG/?fref=ts
You can make reservation from: https://www.tableapp.com/

Healthy Fruit Snack @ Frutzee by Nutrio Malaysia

My 3 kids are picky eaters and even snacks they are very choosy. They get bored easily and it's hard to get them to eat fruits and vegetables which are very important nutrition that they need for their growth. 

I found a new healthy fruit snack from Frutzee by Nutrio Malaysia offering 4 different flavours and this delicious snacks makes a good and fun snack time for my kids. Frutzee by Nutrio is founded by parents who understand the challenges faced in providing for a family. Derek and Eddie have been in the big food business for more than 10 years, and have had to balance family time with work commitments throughout. They believe that a healthy lifestyle is not just about calorie counts, carbohydrates and workouts, but a well-balanced and wholesome approach to life that values time spent together.

Derek and Eddie also realized that great tasting snacks were one thing that united almost all families. Therefore, they decided to take it upon themselves to make nutritious yet totally delicious snacks that would not only bring families together but help them live healthier too.
Colourful packaging that will surely attract the kids. Cheerful and bright colour with full information on the nutrition and how's the process to make  this healthy snack 
Using cutting-edge technology, Frutzee retain all the natural goodness of the fresh ingredients, without the unnecessary preservatives, and colorings. This is a new concept of healthy, tasty fruit snacks without preservatives and safe to consume for the children. Frutzee using 100% real fruits to make the healthy snacks and only added 2% sugar for the strawberry flavour to balance up the taste.

Frutzee uses both freezing & vacuum process to dehydrate the fruits while retaining the nutrients, texture & taste. 
Comes in four flavours - Grapes, banana, strawberry and apple.
When you combine all four packet together, you can also educate your child to learn about the name of the fruits, the nutrition facts, the colour and surely a good bonding time between the parents and the children
Crispy apple- An apple has the same amount of fiber as a bowl of bran cereal.
The flesh of an apple contains Boron, as essential mineral for bone health and muscle growth.
Pectin regulates our children’s digestive system. High in vitamin C, apples help boost our children’s immune system.
Crispy banana
Bananas are excellent source of Vitamin B-6, which helps our body grow new cells.
High potassium content is essential for good muscle and nerve function.
Manganese is important for bone health and metabolism. 

 Crunchy Berry
Strawberry is high in fibre and is also an amazing source of folate. It is packed with antioxidants, a powerful immunity booster for children. Manganese is important for bone health and metabolism.
Phytonutrients and flavonoids in strawberries help with the digestive system, teeth whitening and skin irritation.
 Crunchy Grapes
Calcium is important for children’s diet as it contributes to bone and tooth growth.
Potassium in grapes is essential for heart health. Grapes are high in vitamin C, containing powerful antioxidants.

Frutzee comes in separate packaging for kids and adults, making snacking so convenient for the whole family.
  • Tips on snacking: Soup, Pureed, Salad, Yogurt, Cereal, Topping, Party Snack or on its own.
  • Each pack comes with 4 small packet of snacks inside.

Snack together with your little ones. I love the packaging and easy for me to bring to travel or for a short weekend trip. My girls favourites are Berry and apple, while my boy enjoy the banana flavour. Fun snack time with good nutrition for my kids.

You can make online purchase from Motherhood and Frutzee.
You can also purchase Frutzee at the following store locations http://frutzee.my/stores/. For more information about Frutzee, please visit their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NutrioMalaysia/.

Do visit Frutzee at EG Baby Expo @ KL Covnvention Center until 21 August 2016, Sunday only. Grab their great promotions going at the Frutzee Booth No. 3037 & 3038, Hall 4 during Premium Baby Expo.

Little Twig Baby Products

Little twig provide families with natural bath, body and skincare products.  Focusing on creating formulas that are pure, safe and gentle for babies, yet effective for the whole family.  Each product contains only the best all natural and certified organic plant based ingredients.  

Little Twig products is free from harsh chemicals and is basically a safer personal care for your lill' ones and natural personal care for babies and children made in USA. It is free from paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and color.

From Little Twig website there are 3 Category - Bath and Body, Household and Gifts

I received my Little Twig products in neat packaging.

Little Twig Shampoo - Happy Tangerine

Soft,gentle and effective skin care for babies and for the whole family.
This Pediatrician tested shampoo is pH balanced to gently clean hair and scalp without irritating delicate skin. It contains a unique blend of certified organic ingredients, vitamins and natural botanicals for healthy hair.

Little Twig Bubble Bath - Calming Lavender

It contains a unique blend of certified organic ingredients, essential vitamins and natural botanicals that gently clean and moisturizes delicate or sensitive skin. It rinses clean and leaves skin baby soft. My kids have fun with the bubble bath and this also moisture their skin.

Little Twig Baby Powder - Unscented (Talc-Free)

Protect sensitive skin with this super soft baby powder. It contains pure Cornstarch, Aloe and Vitamins B and C to help maintain healthy skin.
Keep My kid's delicate skin soft, fresh and dry with this all natural, talc free baby powder. It gently absorbs moisture making it ideal for everyday use for the whole family.

Website : https://littletwig.com/