Brisik Restaurant @ Jaya One

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We are cordially invited by Foodirector to join in their weekly hangout activities and this is my second time meeting with other bloggers and members of Foodirector. Came early to search for this place called Brisik. Located at First floor, at the corner end , this cozy place is really interesting. The moment I steps in, the environment and the interior makes me feel like a home, and those hanging deco on the ceiling and the seating arrangement is so spacious and comfortable and their outdoor seating as shown above.

Brisik - the word means 'Bising' or noise in Indonesia language. Brisik is a traditional Indonesian/Thai restaurant, a fusion of foods brought together by the owner, who is half Sudanese and Half Thai. The menu is combination of both worlds, unique even by Malaysian standards. Some of their signature dishes includes green curry laksa, nyonya laksa, deep fried fish,seafood and much more to try on.

Puan Nusmawati (the owner of Brisik) have prepared delightful menu for us tonight to try on their purely Indonesian food right from her own hometown.

Satagor (mashed beancurd and potato mix with minced chicken and mix vegetables) Our first dish for tonight. The sauce is something like Thai Sauce, dip with the fried mushroom and also the Satagor. They also called it here as Bedegil.

This starter appetizer is delicious, soft and deep fried with the fresh tofu and vegetables ingredients inside

Papaya juice - All price range for the juice is from RM 7.50

Mango Juice - My choices of drinks. Cool and refreshing with added tiny pieces of watermelon inside.

Avacado juice- Unique kind of drinks that have good supply of carotene

Asam boi + Calamansi Drinks. Sour, sweet and really refreshing

Keropok - Usual name we heard , but this type of keropok is original taste from Indonesia is famous in Jakarta for their benefit of lowering blood pressure and also for diabetic patient. It is actually named as Keropok Melinja. The Keropok is really crispy and not oily at all and i can't stop myself munching on the keropok until the end of the session. Taste so good.

Taufu Telur -RM 18. Combination of taufu, egg and carrots and some cucumber on the top. Uses home made sauce for this dish and the taufu is very nice and smooth.

Satay Serai-RM 12 (chicken on lemongrass skewer) moist grilled chicken redolent of lemongrass fragrance . They used lean meat and wrap onto the serai stick, the aroma is so good and i actually never taste a stick of satay with such delicious  taste before and really highly recommended for this dish. Served together with the spicy satay sauce and also onion+cucumbers

Brisik signature dish - Ayam Penyet (RM 18) . Ayam penyet is almost ½ chicken portion and the chicken is deep fried and marinated well with the sauces and the most ingredient being used here is the tomatoes. Tomatoes makes the gravy thicker and the deep fried chicken cooked together.

Gulai Kambing RM 25 - Special curry sauce added inside and surprisingly, here the chef does not use any santan. Instead they uses Dutch Lady milk, makes this dish simply delicious.

Pucuk Paku Garlic RM 12 - High demand for this vegetables in this restaurant as customer just simply like it. When i try it for first time, the pucuk paku is really taste different. The pucuk paku is more crunchy, and fresh.They keep the pucuk paku for only two days to keep the freshness of this type of vegetables .

Sundanese Dancing Fish RM 37 -When i first heard the word 'Dancing Fish' i wonder how it looks like. It is actually a deep fried ikan talapia and the presentation of this dish looking at the fish position is really dancing lively. Three sauces available and i love the sambal, really spicy and taste good.

Sago Gula Melaka RM 4 - The green sago is blended well in to the gula melaka and taste not as sweet as i thought as i seldom take desserts.

Private room is available and need reservation if possible. Love the dim lights and the traditional music played throughout our dining here.

Main entrance to Brisik

Nice meeting a group of new bloggers and friends here.

Pricing here starts from RM9 to RM42; set lunch at RM 14.90 while set dinner RM 22.50. They have comfortable alcove on the ground floor too for waiting area. Brisik can accommodate up to 150 seats for function or events  such as wedding, full moon, birthday parties. They have full set of buffet menu, with welcome drink located at the lower floor, and buffet row at the balcony and desserts section at the main entrance. So the place won't be crowded during the events.

Overall. it is a great dining experience here and surely will recommend this place to my friends.

Food : Excellent
Service : Good
Environment : Good


10-1, Palm Square Jaya One,
No. 72-A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ.

Business hour: 11.00am – 10.30pm daily

Phone: 03-7958 6681