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2 Pax: 2 Bowls of Noodles (11 choices)+ 1 Side Dish (4 choices) + 2 Drinks (3 choices) from RM5 per person (Setapak). I bought this great deals at Living Social website and purchase two voucher to bring along my family to try out this cafe which is located at PV128. Hard to find parking as the condominum have completed just opposite the shoplot here. Mostly all parking is fully occupied all the time. For paying only RM 5 per person, i can get a bowl of noodles complete with a snacks and drinks in an air conditioning dining place.

BFF is also known as Best Friends Forever Cafe. Cozy and homey environment,  They have 11 choices of noodles to choose from and also have fried rice such as the yong chau fried rice.

Noodles Soup - Served with lots of big mushroom cut into bigger pieces and vegetables together with some fried onions on top of it. The soup is very tasty and sweet enough. Suitable for vegetarian as well.
Pretty simple menu here with the noodle just like the food stall in setapak where we can get pan mee, yee mee or kuey teow soup. I choosen for the yee mee soup served in a clean claypot. with lots of vegetables and chicken slices. The soup is aromatic and crispy yee mee.

The BFF pan mee is quite good here, the taste of the soup is sweet they actually boiled it with the anchovies and also added with the mushroom and onions. The pan mee is very smooth and i choose for the sliced pan mee.

Try this wantan mee with braise chicken feet with mushroom. The chicken feet is well steamed and cooked. so the chicken feet taste is very soft and with the sauces they put on to the wan tan mee makes it taste even greater.

The barley drinks is very sweet and also chill down with the herbal tea.

Dumpling soup is tasty too

The fried wantan comes with almost like 8 pieces as a snack.The fried wantan is deep fried. very crispy but i find it too oily that i have to take the tissue paper to remove the oily layer of the wantan. Well wrapped inside they have the pork filling meat inside, but just small portion of each of the wantan .Good to try this as light snack. Overall i enjoy my dining here with the valuable voucher!

Food : Good
Service : Excellent
Environment : Good

BFF Cafe :-

G-41, Ground Floor, Platinum PV128, No. 128, 
Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, 53300, Kuala Lumpur

03-4141 7287

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