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It was another round of food tasting and thanks to Foodirector and Chargrill for serving us such delightful food. The specialties here is the Chargrill chicken and lamb using the charcoal which created a greater aroma and of course taste better in such a healthy way. There are choices of roasted beef, roasted lamb, roasted chicken, burgers, rolls, wraps, assorted salads, and various side dish here . Price range is from RM2.50 – RM84.90.We can choose the choices of the chicken to be half, whole, or quarter.

Let's start with this Seasoned Chicken which is stuffed filled up with the rice that have been seasoned with herbs and spices.Although the food presentation looks plain, but it taste so good with the spices inside the chicken and no need to add other sauces.The chicken skin is crispy with little burnt side that is due to the heat when they grilled it using the charcoal.
ordered in quarters, halves, or whole
This is one of the best selection - Portuguese style chicken which is char-grilled and roasted to perfection. The chicken meat is juicy, savory and spicy at the same time and i love the taste of the spices . The portuguese chicken is marinated  for at least 24 hours before grilling it slowly using the charcoal. .Highly recommended for those who love spicy food.

ordered in quarters, halves, or whole
ordered in quarters, halves, or whole
ordered in quarters, halves, or whole
The main selling point here is they use charcoal to grilled the chicken meat and more healthy way of having the meal here.
Healthy side dishes and all prepared and keep in the neat place and all ready made for easy serving when customer walks in. Same goes to the chicken meat, lamb and also the pastas. Keeping warm and fresh ingredients.Actually, when i saw the counter display on such side dishes, it will reminds me of kenny rogers where we used to select the choices of salad and fruits. But here they have more choices and something new to venture.

Beef Bolognaise is quite good- Beef meat on top of the pasta with the tomatoes sauce. Thick sauce and i find this a little salty

Thin slices of the potatoes is one of the choices of the side dish- the taste is normal

This pasta is served cold

Portuguese rice - When it was served on the table, I almost thought it was the briyani rice and could be spicy. But it taste very different .Fragrant rice and taste quite good

Chicken rice is quite flavourful which is seasoned with chicken taste but yet little dry on the other side.

Fresh avocado and some shredded chicken to lights up the meal.Blends well with all the ingredients and tasty

I will surely pick this as my choices for the side dish - Tuna and Mayo Pasta and the Coleslaw. Prefer the creamy side of the mayonnaise

Roasted beef meat with Chargrill sauces.

This drinks was presented specially to us by Mark (the person in charge here) seeking opinion on the taste before they add in their menu. The combination of three taste inside the drinks which i can taste the lime, mango and citrus.It looks good, but i don't really like the taste of the drinks. The lime and mango just don't mix well

The lamb shank is succulent and the lamb meat is tender. Seems like everyone is waiting to try this dish.

Grilled chicken burger - Stuffed with a slice of marinated chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, tomato, onions, and cheese with chargrill sauces. Generous portion of the french fries.Delicious
This Tropical Chicken Wrap - Nicely wrapped with the chicken meat and also with the sauces. The pitta bread is fresh and is good to have this for light snack for lunch perhaps. Serving together with the crispy wedges.

Hot chicken roll - The long bread is stuffed with the chicken meat and with lots of mayonnaise, i quite like this and easy to eat

Varieties mixture of the fresh fruits.Grapes, melon, papaya, watermelon, apples, pear..almost complete set of the fruits with mayonnaise

Looking familiar to Nando's sauces , but in Chargrill they making their own sauces that makes the difference. Personally i love the BBQ Sauce more then the hot peri peri sauces.

Nice colour theme, with bright lights and the whole place is well decorated with great ambiance to chill out here. Chargrill is the first outlet in Malaysia and they actually began in Australia with several outlets in Indonesia and Singapore. Moving forward, they are targeting to open more then 20 outlets and the next outlet will be in KLCC.
ordered in quarters, halves, or whol

Food : Good
Service : Excellent
Environment : Good

15 Dec 13 - Wanted to drop by this place to take away the spicy Portuguese chargrill chicken for my mum to try on. At first,  i thought i find the wrong way , but to my surprised Chargrill Express have closed down..Sadly, i wonder if there are going to open in other outlet as mention perhaps in KLCC.?

Less than a year here. I wonder when it closed down. Let's check on their FB page for updates

Chargrill Express (closed)

A4-UG1-02, Publika Shopping Centre,
Jalan Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur 50480

Phone: 0112-301 0546 / 03-6206 4106
(Call 10am – 11pm daily)


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