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RM10 For RM20 Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks from Living Social. The moment i saw they have this deal offering dim sum at only RM 10, I actually bought 7 vouchers and i thought want to bring along my family to enjoy the dim sum here. The redemption actually started as early as in the month of Oct 2012 , but i only redeem it in the month of May 2013. My parents is not joining us for the dim sum so me and hubby is going to used up all these vouchers. Living Social send an email to me saying this restaurant is going to close down and need to redeem it asap.So lesson learnt - really need to redeem the voucher quickly before they closed down.
The voucher stated that they open business at 10am, but when i reach about 10.30 am, they are just cleaning up and no air cond. The staff is quite pleasant and invite me to go in while waiting for them to arrange the seats and start taking my orders. Luckily the service is fast and the chef is ready to prepare the dim sum that i have selected. All the dim sum is made to order and prepared fresh from the kitchen. This sounds good!
For the total amount of RM 140 in hand, i have hard time cracking my head to select the food. My hubby said we just select what ever in the menu so we can try all their dishes. WOW! This is my first ever experience, dining with the bunch of the vouchers with only two of us and my two girls to finish up the voucher by today itself as the days we dine in is the last day here.I was holding the calculator and start to count the amounts of the dishes that i have selected and hubby looking at me grinning thinking we are really crazy! My girl starting to mess up the things on the table waiting for her dim sum.

The price here is at the medium range, where most of the dim sums ranges from RM 3.90 to RM 6.90. The fried item here is all served fresh and not oily at all.

Fried prawn with mango sauce.This is our favourite and i love the taste of the mango sauce. Blend so well with the crispy deep fried prawn

My black sesame desserts. Cooked with ginger and the tong yuen is very smooth and inside filled up with the black sesame.

Lai Mien with prawn dumpling - very big portion and the prawn dumpling is very huge and fresh made. The soup is tasty and good to have this dish with the hot dry chilies

The cha siew pau is a little bit dry and the bun is not soft enough

Normal taste of the siew mai (Chicken and shrimp dumplings)

Siu Loon Pau, juicy inside with pork meat

Vegetarian Pie- suitable for vegetarian. Crispy and this pie need to wait for 20 minutes for the to prepared it

Durian pancake- taste good and when taking out from the fridge, is cooling and inside the pancake is filled up with the durian flesh. Delicious

Pumpkin charcoal bun

The list goes on and its time to tick the menu for take away order for my parents. All the food is wrapped nicely and i actually ta pau quick number of packs and moreover i even bought my own tupperware to put in some of the dim sum that i haven't finish on my dining table.

The golden fried rice is awesome.

Stir fried rice flour roll with spicy sauce. As i like spicy food, this rice flour taste very good and flavourful.

Our total bill of the day! Such a long list! What a greal deal 50% discount from the total by using the voucher. From all the list, i prefer the most is the mango prawn roll, charcoal bun, durian pancake, and the golden fried rice.

Clean and comfortable place to dine in. I rated the service here is really good and i like mostly all their dim sum. Very fresh and made to order from the kitchen. I am truly satisfied with this deal and enjoyable day trying out so many dim sum as if it was the buffet brunch for the 4 of us. BURP!!

Food : Excellent
Service : Excellent
Environmen : Good

Chef Loong Cuisines :-

14G, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23A,
Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, 55100
(they actually closed down here and move on to another place at taman len seng)

Tel : 03-9274 3221

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