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Cornery Popcorn is now available at Plaza Low Yat, the very first outlet establish for just two months.Well known in Singapore (in ION Orchard) and also distributed to Universal Studios and theaters . What makes here standout from the rest of the popcorn in the market? They actually using only US grown premium popcorn kernels and all the equipments and ingredients are imported from US. 

All the popcorn is freshly made in the shop itself daily and keep in the warmer to retain the freshness of the popcorn.There are 20 flavours of popcorn available and they will rotate the flavours every week. I like their see through glass with open concept kitchen to attract customers curiosity.

Watching closely on each steps of the popcorn making process. Started with these three mini popper machine that need to be heated up for 5 minutes and pour in one scoop of the corns inside and it will start to pop up.

Fresh corn is popping up.Use hot air to pop up.More healthy way of consuming popcorn

The popcorn will then filter here, will only pick up those nicely pop up popcorn. Those not pop up , will go into the hole and discard. All those popcorn are put into the big container and usually will have one batch all together to put into the mixing later on

The perfect shape of the rounded pop up popcorn

Firstly , the mixing machine need to be boil up for 20 minutes, then can add in the cocoa powder into it and inside is very hot with up to 140 degrees.

While the dark chocolate is still in liquid form, they need to mix it evenly and with the fast speed to ensure each and every popcorn is coated with the dark chocolate. The staff here is all trained and i can see this is really a hard job

Finally, all popcorn is mix evenly and coated with the dark chocolate. I can smell the strong aroma of the dark chocolate. Can't wait to taste it!

Cooling down the popcorn and ensure the popcorn is not stick together before putting it into the warmer

Well coated dark chocolate popcorn.Crunchy and i can really taste the dark chocolate until my last bite of the popcorn. To my surprise, as i was admiring the dark chocolate in my mouth, i actually saw my girl licking the popcorn. She just loves the taste of the chocolate. Action is really bigger then words. So you can just imagine how tasty is this chocolate popcorn.

At Cornery there is all sorts of new taste sensations for the gourmet popcorn which is rich in dietary fibre . They offer flavors such as Grape Soda, Green Tea, Banana, and Apple. Each popcorn is fully coated and tastes good. Was given the sample to taste all the flavours and i do like the green tea popcorn too.The taste is really like having the Japanese Green Tea, Refreshing!

The most hot selling item which is the butterscotch, chocolate and caramel. As for those who craving for  some savory popcorns,  you can also try out the spicy and flavorful choices of the tomyam,cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion., wasabi,and cajun. This can be also combine in the packaging to add in into the candied popcorn.

Good to balance up with the lighter taste of the apple popcorn

My favorite of the day- Butterscotch Popcorn. Highly recommended to try this. Crispy and not too sweet. All flavours Imported from US and some from Europe, and popped using mushroom kernels.Each pieces of the popcorn is well coated and fresh made. On the other hand, my hubby prefer the caramel taste as he thinks the taste is sweeter and crunchy too.

Three choices of the packaging available here .
For Candied Popcorn : RM 7 (Small) , RM 10 (Regular) RM 20 ( Large),as for  Savory Popcorn : RM 5 (Small),  RM 7 (Regular) RM 14 ( Large). Each packaging is well sealed and sealed tight so that the popcorn can last around 2 weeks. For large pack, we can actually mix up to three flavours.

Group photo with the smiley and friendly staff

Little cute Poppy offering gourment popcorns

Thanks to Winston and Joe for the invitation and those lovely and tasty popcorns. Looking forward for the next coming outlet in KL Festival City Mall (expected to be in Oct) to bring my family along to try out the other savoury flavours of the popcorn. Awesome!

Food : Excellent
Service : Good
Environment : Good

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Cornery Malaysia

Plaza Low Yat, Lot LG-032B
7 Jalan Bintang, 
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
(behind Old Town White Coffee and also facing the main road, which you can see sungai wang entrance on the opposite road)

Tel :03- 7772 8010

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