Dragon Town Restaurant @ Danau Kota, Setapak

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Dragon Town Restaurant is another great place to enjoy the wide range of the seafood here. The seafood here is served fresh and in the combination of the Asian,Indonesian and Thai style of making the dish more delightful and more choices to suite customer expectations. The whole restaurant is nicely furnished, comfortable homey dining environment and spacious.

Tilapia fish served in aluminum foil was crunchy from the outside and the flesh was tender inside. The fresh Tilapia is grilled to perfection inside the aluminum foil and the taste is very delicious especially the sauces and the gravy. Added with few pieces of the red chilies and garlic. Thumbs up for this dish!

Crispy Chicken is really large portion of the whole chicken, the chicken skin is crispy which is deep fried and yet the chicken meat inside is soft and tasty. But i feel like the chicken have mild salty taste and this dish is quite common which i can find in any other restaurant and even during weeding functions.

Asam Squid is spicy enough with tomatoes and onions but the gravy is too much. As i know squid is tasteless and good to spice up with dry chilies and cooked in curry or tom yam paste to enhance the flavour, but this asam squid does not blends well with the asam taste .i am confused of the mixture of the sweet and sour taste and i prefer if it is cooked in curry perhaps.

Healthy vegetables with carrots, peas, mushroom and the sea cucumber. Fresh cooked served in a very nice small pot. Delicious!

Crispy Pig Trotters- For pork lovers, you really need to come here to try this yourself . Tender and juicy meat cooked with the savory sweet sauces.The pig trotters is low in fat and the meat inside is flavour with the thick sauce. Great to have this with the serving of the rice.

Beancurd served with minced pork meat - simply delicious family pick for this beancurd, served with the thick gravy of the minced pork , good to pair up with a bowl of fragrant rice. The homemade taufu is smooth and i like the gravy.

Fresh Curry Prawn - with very thick curry gravy and full of santan aroma, really big portion of the fresh prawn cooked with spices,  flavourful and delicious dish. I love this the most compare to the rest. Will surely recommend this for my family to try this out for my next visit here.

Hot sizzling seafood with prawns, squids and fish meat served together with petai,dry chilies and lots of onions as well. Good to try this if you can take up really hot spicy food. A sweet and spicy asam sauce goes well with a hot steaming rice together with the savoury thick gravy.

Curry Fish Head is not up to my expectation as the gravy is not thick enough and the curry is not that spicy and i will prefer more spiciness in this dish. I cannot taste the fish absorb with the curry taste at all. Disappointing.

Healthy Steamed Frog with Chicken Essence.Good to have this dish with the nutrition side of the chicken essence combine with the strong taste of the dong guai, wine and 'kei chi'. I like the special taste of this dish and of course the steamed frog is fresh and delicious.

The signature dish that is recommended here is crispy seaweed rolls which have nice presentation of the food when it is served on our table. The taste is very delicious and it is the combination of the ingredient of shrimps, fish paste, meat inside, and salted eggs . Looks like this dish is more to the appetizer then the main dish.

Wholesome meal that need to balance up our meal - pan fried egg with oyster - i just can taste the egg rather than the small portion of the oyster.

Finally, we have this simple dish of vegetables with broccoli and also the fresh succulent scallop. Taste good, flavourful and healthy dish to try on for dinner.

We are served with  a cup of the jelly for desserts specially prepare for all of us. Refreshing and not sweet at all. Just nice to end my heavy meal.

Dragon Town Seafood Restaurant is surely the place to bring family for dinner during weekends. Parking is hard to find here so if you are coming for dinner, they open as early as 6pm and do make reservation to avoid disappointment.

Our group photo. Thanks to Foodirector and Dragon Town Restaurant for the invitation. Enjoy our lunch today with more than 13 dishes!

Food : Good
Service : Good
Environment : Excellent

Dragon Town Restaurant (closed)

No. 42 & 42A, Plaza Usahawan,
Genting Klang, Jalan Danau Niaga 1,
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Business Hour: 10:30am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 11:30pm (Mon-Sun)

Price: Starting from RM6 per person without water and No TAX.

Email: my.dragontown@gmail.com


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