Fancy Mee Corner @ Desa Setapak

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2 Pax: 2 Bowls of Pan Mee (11 choices) + 1 Snack (7 choices) + 2 Drinks (Selected drinks on the menu) (Wangsa Maju) for only RM 12 ( one person only about RM 6) from living social deal. I bought two vouchers and utilize the first voucher first.

Fancy mee corner is located at desa setapak, wangsa maju and here they have two outlet opposite the road facing each other. Serving usual pan mee and here the specialties is the chili pan mee and also the braised pork pan mee. There are more then 7 snacks choices and 11 types of noodle to choose from this deal. Here is quite crowded during lunch hour and many students dine in here.
Their menu is quite variety and the pan mee here have three choices of the pan mee type which is the thick mee, thin mee, and cut pan mee.Also can choose for dry pan mee or soup type

Disappointed with this drink-Lychee green tea. Not a singe piece of the lychee can be found inside the drinks. The taste is weird
Salmon ball is deep fried but quite oily. Good to have this for light snacks
Honey Kam Kat - good to have this after having those hot pan mee chilies

Ribena  longan is sweet enough added with the longan. Best to serve it cold

Honey milk longan is good to have this drinks if you like sweet and milky drinks.

The separate serving of the crispy anchovies.

Fried golden prawn roll with mayonnaise - Deep fried and very crispy.

Cozy environment with simple decoration. Comfortable place to dine in with air conditioning and i like the unique old style of the chairs. Here is almost self service. I can choose the chilies from the counter and also the lime to squeeze into the pan mee. There are more then 5 choices of the chilies which is the flaming hot chili, dry chili, fancy corner special chili, green chili. i prefer the dry chili and their special chili in the house. Really spicy enough!
Excellend choices of the day (Braised pork pan mee) - with large pieces of the braised pork served together with the crispy fish cake.

Dad's Dry Pan Mee- Dry pan mee added with their specialties of the fish cake. I love this substitution instead of the usual dried anchovies and i guess i only can find this crispy and tasty fried fish cakes at Fancy Mee Corner. DELICIOUS!

Traditional pan mee i choosen for the thick pan mee and taste good. The pan mee here is smooth and the soup is sweet enough with the taste of the anchovies.
Mum's Yee Mee - This is quite common and i do like the sweet taste of the soup. Such a great deal and satisfy with this deal!

Food : Excellent
Service : Good
Environment :Good

Fancy Mee Corner

16, Jalan 1/27B,
Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju
53300 KL

Tel: 03-41496288

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