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Calling all pork lovers! Do come over to Juro Restaurant which is located at Menjalara Kepong to enjoy the  100% made of premium pork meat here. Wide selection of the Western cuisines which is famous of their German sausages, pork ribs, pork knuckle, and pastas. Juro Restaurant is casual and family-oriented restaurant which offers good quality of pork meat for your indulgence.

Mr. Terry (the owner of this restaurant), is very creative of getting the name of this restaurant. Juro means 'PORK' (in Mandarin) and easy to remember. He greets us with a warm welcome and great smiles, prepared mouth watering porky meal for all of us with more then 10 dishes in the menu. Wow!

Mushroom soup - Very thick texture of the mushroom soup and dip with the crispy garlic bread. Tasty!

Ham and Bacon Soup - Good appetizer to start off our meal with flavourful creamy soup with the crispy garlic bread. The ham and bacon is cut into smaller pieces and the saltiness of the bacon blends well with the soup taste.

Ice lemon tea, simple drink but taste good with sour taste to opens up my appetite

Lychee Salad - Never try this combination before. Interesting and the lychee taste is sweet and cold layered with mayonnaise.

Bacon Salad - Thousand island salad dressing tossed appetizers along with slices of crispy bacon. Mixture of the fresh vegetables with tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and onions Taste good!
We kick start the gastronomical journey with this German Pork Knuckle.The pork knuckle is very big portion and the skin is really crispy.The meat is tender and juicy inside, generously served with the house sauces.The whole plate is surrounds with a colorfully  vegetables  and i am addictive to this pork knuckle. Thumbs Up!

German Pork Sausage Platter is reasonably impressive! The huge Pork Sausage Platter comes with varieties of the juicy grilled pork sausages such as the German cheesy sausages, German Bratwurst, smoked sausage, and BBQ sausages.  The large portion of each sausages is perfect for sharing for more than 3 persons. Extremely meaty and grilled to perfection of each sausages, with house brown sauce, and creamy potato salad.. On the bottom is served with the crispy french fries. Delicious!

Texas BBQ Baby Back Rib - This is also one of the restaurant specialties. The BBQ pork rib is well marinated and grilled to perfection with little burnt on the side, served with house special BBQ sauce. Savory with tender, juicy & and smokey baby back ribs with the meat detaching from the bone so easily.Highly recommended!
Pork Belly - Delectable pork belly which is the best part of the pig and the pork belly is so juicy with boneless meat and served with generous portion of the crispy fries.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Ham and Bacon- one of my favourite pasta. I do not like much on the carbonara taste, but in Juro, i can taste the smokey and crispy ham blends well with the creamy pasta. Not too cheesy just right to my taste bud. Love the taste!

Grilled Chicken Chop - The chicken skin is really crispy and the meat inside is juicy. Served with the french fries and i love this dish so much.There are 3 choices of the sauces which is BBQ,mushroom and black pepper.This is one of the best selling item.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio- This serving of pasta looks familiar and the usual traditional Italian pasta which i can find in other places. Tossed with the garlic and olive oil with the mixture of  the herbs and spices enhance the flavour of the pasta.

Ham Steak - Tantalizing bacon ham steak with really extraordinary size. This smokey and aromatic ham steak is delicious with special sauce and grilled to perfection. I never seen such a huge size of the ham steak and really appreciate the generosity of the owner for letting us to have this exotic ham steak.

Ham Steak is really tasty, a little saltiness and so thick layer.

Muffin with chocolate ice cream- This sinful desserts is sweet enough and i seldom find this way of eating  muffin with cold ice cream.Yummy!

Homemade pudding flavours include kiwi, and strawberry flavours. 

Aromatic coffee to chill out.

Juro menu with offering of 10 percent discount provided for all main.
 Juro Restaurant is selling to retailer and here have their own local manufacturing of the pork meat.In the large hypermarket like Tesco can find this meaty product as well.

The meats are all very fresh made direct from the factory owned by the restaurant owner.

Homey and comfortable seating . Great ambiance with quiet and peaceful place to dine in with family or friends to chill out here.

Juro Restaurant organize The Goliath Challenge! Eat for free if you can finished up the 6" pork burger, fries and soft drink in 30 minutes. They offer discount voucher worth RM30. But If you exceed the time then you pay for the food which is cost only about RM39.90! Come and challenge this!

Thanks again to Open Rice and Mr. Terry for the great scrumptious meals and we really enjoy the nights with laughter and the Porkalicious dinner!

Food : Excellent
Service: Good
Environment: Good

Juro Restaurant

No. 31, Jalan 5/62A, Bandar Menjalara
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur 52100

Tel : 03- 6261 7183 , (M) 012-330 0098

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sat. 11:00-22:00
Sun. 09:00-22:00
Website Link :  http://my.restaurant.openrice.com/jurorestaurant/