Double-M @ Time Square

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Double-M 得寶 @ Times Square, my first visit here.I have bought the voucher from living social website for 50% from the original price. I have RM 12 cash voucher in my hand to spent on the food menu for the ala carte and i only paying for RM 6. Really worth the value.

As mention in the living social website, this deal we can choose our flavor for each sausages. The taiwan sausage also come with two types of sausages which is chicken or pork sausage and we can select from 9 different sauces  range from original, black pepper, satay, hot & spicy, salad, thousand island, wasabi, super hot and honey sauce.

This taiwan sausages is quite famous and i try the big and mini sausages. The mini sausages have 5 pieces altogether.

This is how the sausages is grilled and the sausage skin tasted very crunchy, sweet and flavourful.

They have hired more then 4 staff preparing the food. Clean and neat environment

The mini sausages have 5 pieces and i choose to put the thousand island on top of it. I prefer the mini sausages, tasty and crunchy.

I choose another choice which is the Taiwan Sausage Popiah style, is just average for me. The popiah skin is too soft and i added satay sauce. The sauce is not spicy and taste sweet instead. Overall just normal taste for me and i do enjoy the sausage which is so delicious and grilled on the spot upon request.

Chicken Burger Meat. Tasty enough for my light snacks and i like the mayonnaise sauce with the juicy chicken meat. Delicious and prepared fresh. Price is only at RM 9. The bun is very hard, looks soft but when i bite it, the bun is not nice at all. Very disappointed with the quality of the bun, but luckily the chicken chop is fresh grilled and very juicy, add with salad sauce and turns out to be taste good with added some vegetables inside.

Black pepper giant sausages wrapped with the aluminum foil. Can be shared for two person for this huge sausages. Delicious!

Overall, i think the hotdog is just the simple Taiwan hotdog which i can easily get from pasar malam as well.

Food : Excellent
Service : Excellent
Environment: Good

 Lot K-03-07, Level 3, Tiny Taipei, Berjaya Times Square (Beside Old Town Coffee)