L'Heritage @ Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur

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4th Anniversary!! That is what we are proud of. Being together lovingly with passion and bless with three babies is my best gift ever. My loving hubby inspire me a lot and brings me laughters all the time. We are searching another new place to celebrate this memorable moment. Initially, i suggested we go to Victoria Station. It was lucky then my hubby browse through Living Social and they are now offering RM50 for RM100 Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks at L'Heritage Restaurant at Royal Chulan.

This is absolutely great. We quickly make our booking after purchase it and can redeem instantly.  Its going to be just the two of us..and we plan to dine in early for second round to Skybar to enjoy the night view.

We reach at 6.30pm, finding ways to parking and this 5 star hotel is really huge. Surprisingly, we are the only customers at that time and seems like hubby have make bookings for the whole place just for me.HeHe!!  

Warm greeting by the staff, and the table setting was awesome. Lovely fine dining environment and represents the pinnacle of French cuisine at its best. We are admiring the whole restaurant, taking pictures and we are surrounds with the elegant classic lightings. 

The staff explain to us on the menu that we can order and yes, to be safe we have actually browse the website again on the menu that we can order and the price. But we are disappointing that the coffee menu is not available because the bar tender have just resigned. Sigh!. We actually wanted to try on their specialties and the coffee costs about RM 25. So we are so curious how does it taste that is so highly price. 

I have bought two vouchers so i can spend the total amount of RM 200 on the food. Funny moment is the waiter actually given me two different menu price. Luckily, i remember the price in the website and he said they will increase the price probably in a months time and now we are still following the website menu price. Ok. Now it is more understood and we can start to pick our choices.

We have this complimentary bread with butter as starters.

We got a surprise by this complimentary smoked salmon.  Appetizing and fresh salmon.

Avacado and king prawn salsa served with vegetables cubes RM 30. Savoury taste and very fresh king prawn.

Pumpkin soup RM 20

Crispy fresh cod fish and smoked tuna with lemon - RM 75.  Served with the ginger sauce, savoy cabbage, pine nuts, smoked beef, parmesan and boiled butter potatoes.This is the most expensive cod fish i had so far. The cod fish is very fresh, firm and crispy on the upper layer. The whole texture of the food flaky, and smooth. I like the taste of the creamy sauce that blends well with the cod fish.

Pan seared chicken on mustard sauce with seasoned vegetables and gratinated potatoes- RM 63..Well marinated chicken and great combination with the sauce. Tantalizing meal!!

Creme Brulee variation RM 20. It reminds me of one of the restaurant which is called the Moussandra at Fahrenheit 88. Sinfully delicious desserts of the day. Love the rich custard base flavour with vanilla and some sweetness of the caramelized brittle sugar on top of it.  We both enjoy the creme brulee  , served warm (at room temperatures) and once bite have the crunchy feeling.

Hubby enjoying the French music, in the calm and relaxing dining environment

Just the two of us enjoying the romantic dinner with laughter and joy. We spend more than 1 1/2 hour here, waiting of the food to be served , and the longest time we need to wait is for the cod fish. But worth waiting and we enjoy the moments. ( As usually we are struggling to finish the meal within 15 minutes with the kids) .Sharing our thoughts and what we have achieved so far, is our table talk tonight. 

Looks like the staff is only focusing only to both of us and we managed to greet and said hi to the chef too.

Nice place to dine in for couples, quiet and peaceful environment. Highly recommend place to be with your loved ones. The food is superb  with excellent service too. Satisfying meal and very worth the value. Looking for more deals on fine dining in the future.
We move on to Skybar which is just a minutes drive and finding way to park our car at traders hotel. The Skybar is located at the deck 33th Floor, and was seated next to the window sofa seating. Beautiful view all night long with nice rhythm of song. We really have a wonderful night.

Food : Excellent
Service : Excellent
Environment: Excellent

The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur
6 Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03 2688 9688

Deal Link : https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/886304-rm100-cash-voucher-for-food-drinks-5-star-hotel

Company Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Royale-Chulan-Kuala-Lumpur

Menu Link : https://ls.app.box.com/lheritagemenuls5aug13