Shogun Xpress @ Aeon Big Mid Valley

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Shogun Xpress is newly opened in Mid Valley (located inside Aeon Big), and there are some few tables and chairs available to dine in here. Shogun Xpress is one of the latest developments of Grand Saisaki Sdn Bhd. The outlet specializes in bento sets, ramen, and udon while also offering the Shogun X burger, Japanese bulgogi, and SQUEEZIT,  Hokkaido frosty to satisfy adventurous diners and hungry samurais.

I was given the opportunity to try on their XBurger which looks good from the picture display at the counter. Waited patiently for our burger to be ready, and i walked around to see what other customers are having. Mostly, the customer have brought the deal from Groupon also and value for money to try on their bento set. Perhaps i need to get one on my next visit.

Shogun Xpress also offers wide selection on the rice ad noodle set and some comes with the valuable bento set which includes of edamame, mochi, and miso soup.

Drinks also available here such as Cappuccino, Caffè latte ,White coffee .Hot chocolate.English tea or the usual Green tea , On the other hand, Cold drinks is another option to dine in here which range from Fruit juice, Iced lemon tea100 Plus and
Although the X burger does not looks appealing, no doubt the burger it self is extremely soft!

Ninja Burger RM 5.80 - Prepared fresh at the counter and all i can said that this burger is just like simple burger. The staff is using the mini pan and added in the ready ingredients. Nothing special about this.

Topped with fresh vegetables ,onions and lettuce and big slice of the tomatoes and mashed eggs with lots of mayo. The mayo is spread all over. The taste is good but just the presentation of the food is not really up to my expectation.

Yakiniki Tori ( Chicken)- RM 5.80 .The X Burger is value for money. Although it does looks small in portion, but it was stuffed filled with the large portion of the chicken meat ( which i taste like the teriyaki chicken) and the slices of the tomatoes and vegetables. The chicken meat is tender and juicy.

The chocolate cake is delicious

The latest trend of the cold ice cream which called the squeezit. It is totally brand new product and Squeezit is a new ice-cream dessert imported from Hokkaido, Japan. The premium ice-cream is made of pure ingredients (no added artificial flavorings) which have 11 different flavours, including vanilla, chocolate, mango, cherry, green tea, macha and etc.Price is only about RM 5.90 each.
Shogun Xpress is the place to have simple and light meal, and i would like to praise the staff here, they are really dedicated and friendly welcoming the customers, which i felt very comfortable and enjoy my meal here.

Shogun Xpress

Aeon Big, AT1, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur 58000

 Contact : 03-7981 6000 (Call Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm, not including public holidays)

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