Increasing Online Deals with Complicated Experience

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In average i have bought more then 50 vouchers this year and i felt that the terms and the experience is getting tougher than before.Would love to share my thoughts here on the on going deals lately :-

1) The redemption period for the dining vouchers is getting shorter up to only 1 months time to redeem your food. It is really a drawback as i find it hard to purchase the voucher with only one months time or maximum up to 3 months time to redeem it. Some also need to make booking and if you choose to dine in only weekends, better make a call to the restaurant to reserved the place before purchasing the voucher.

2)  Another thing i realize is the product we bought online is not genuine. I think the website brag and showing the description that the product is original made from leather and so on. But when receive it the material is somehow so much different. This is called 'Cheating' and never encounter yourselves to buy expensive stuff from those online website. Usually i only purchase less then RM 50 (to be safe) 

3) From my past two months experience, i have ordered the Korea bag from Mydeal, as promised in their website when deals is over, they will send over the bag. I saw the deal is ending in an hour when i purchase it online, but then the next day i check again this deal, it was actually extended to another 5 days.The total purchase have gone up to 1100 people and now they  going to sell more. 

I was so angry and upset by this kind of promise, thus my bag only arrive after 2months which initially supposed to arrive within a months time. I have to send email to Mydeal to get my status and it was really frustrating!!

4) Another incident is my hubby purchase the Doraemon glass set from Jackcow. Yesterday, he have sent email to them to ask for the status of delivery which the product should send out within 30 working days. It was due and yet no email or phone call from Jackcow to inform him on the delay. They actually reply in the email that the merchant is getting the things and will be delay and will receive by next week (without actual date given) and be patience. 

How can we be patience with this kind of nonsense excuses?? If he did not send email to Jackcow, so they are going to delay it without informing the customer? What kind of customer service is this and the merchant is not reliable too.

5)  The merchant and also the online website is greedy and taking up so many vouchers. Are they able to commit the delivery time and accommodate so many vouchers sold and be fair to each customer? Sometimes, they just sell too much vouchers with limited resources and always i heard is FULLY BOOK!!

6)  Actually, another issue that i want to share is that we as customer who purchase online deals is still being treat differently from those who actually walk in into the restaurant, service shop such as facial, massage and etc

They have this facial expression which did not welcome us and i really cannot tolerate this kind of attitude. We are paying the food and it is not FOC. So please treat us better and yet we are still paying for the 10% service tax!!

7)  I also saw some comment in FB on Mydeal, Dealmates,Living Social website and etc, many people complain and leave comment there saying that the product is delay, need refund for any damage product and more issue involve. But the common thing i realize is  the complain on the customer service

Why no people reply? No response by email or phone call? No follow up on the case being raised up and more.If they want us to continue to support them, please response to customer quickly and hire more professional in handling our complains and give us solutions

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Good luck!!