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Are you a Japanese lovers? Do check out this cozy kiosk at Kl Festival Mall which opened its door on 18 Nov 2013, located at the Ground Floor,  in the middle of the side entrance in between of the Seoul Garden and Bar-B-Q Plaza Restaurant. Was there early and greeted by Ray, the outlet manager here. He briefly explain the whole idea of this kiosk.

Sumo Onigiri first started its business in the main outlet in Kuchai Lama which opened on Dec 2012, Sumo Onigiri is the placed where they serve the fresh Japanese food with their specialties called the Onigiri which means Japanese Rice Balls. The meaning of this Onigiri is stated as 'taking hold of with your hands' explaining the way of holding or making the rice balls into triangle, oval or can be sphere shapes, topped with fillings and wrapped with fresh seaweed. 

Being the first Malaysian Restaurant serving the original Japanese onigiri, their best selling point is they customized the onigiri by adding more fusion choices to attract customers.Moreover, Sumo Onigiri serves the best premium rice to make a perfect rice ball which they actually send their staff for training in Japan to make this unique onigiri.

Pretty excited to have my first try on the onigiri

We are checking out their sauces which are available in 4 choices - Spicy Sauce, Sesame Sauce, Wasabi and Kim Chi sauce. All the sauces looks good and i prefer the sesame sauce and wasabi. 

The wasabi is slightly different from the original wasabi taste. The wasabi mayonnaise sauce  is modified by the owner to become more watery liquid type and not too spicy. Awesome taste and blends well with the onigiri. Plus point here as all the sauce is homemade, and the sauces really enhance the taste for the onigiri.
Look very reddish but surprisingly not spicy at all. As we all know Japanese do not take spicy food. So you can judge the level of spiciness is just alright and i like the taste.

The main ingredients to prepare the rice ball. Different fillings to please your cravings.
Taking a peep on how the staff is putting together all the ingredients into making a perfect Japanese rice ball. All the rice ball is made to order.

Sumo Onigiri Rice Ball - Furikake.(RM 4.80)- Fresh filling with fish, seaweed and sesame. Served warm with crispy toasted Japanese seaweed and will be great if consume immediately before the seaweed turns soft. Sweet savory taste and  very aromatic. I like the softness of the Japanese rice and not too sticky. Awesome!

Inari Cheese Onigiri - Price at RM 8.90, this fusion onigiri is wrapped with seaweed, ebiko and cheese. I love the baked inari on the bottom, delicious and the spiciness of the both Kim Chi and Spicy sauce. Served on the side is the mashed potato. Great combination and very appetizing meal. This is the hot selling item among others.

The inari cheese onigiri is stuffed with lots of fresh ebiko, and the smaller pieces of the cheese melted inside. The onigiri tastes so good with the cheese inside and crunchy enough with the generous portion of the ebiko. Crispy and juicy and when i slowly chew them , the ebiko seems like explode in my mouth!!

While waiting patiently for another fusion onigiri to be served, we checking out their menu.

Here is the menu in Sumo Onigiri, offering variety of the food - Sumo Ala Carte, Fusion Origini Series, Sumo Special, Japanese Onigiri with their own originality and creativity. A simple onigiri became extraordinary by adding these fillings.. 

We can choose from the simple fillings of potato mayo, cucumber, egg mayo, sweet corn, tuna, tempura,chicken karagee, pop corn chicken, tamago yaki, kani mayo, and then up to these more complex fillings of cheese sausage, katsubushi, umebushi, ebiko, wasabi ebiko, BBQ Salmon, sardin fish, octopus, scallop and lots more. All priced between RM3.60 to RM9.80.

Prefer the fusion onigiri series which have lots of variety choices from the yaki salmon, soft shell crab,  golden triangle and etc. All looks very tempting and suite our local Malaysian taste. These onigiri can serves as a light meal or snacks and easy to bring along..They also have bento series and the curry set. Looks yummy!

Here also offer  the valuable combo set with reasonable price. Comes with the onigiri set with a bottle of tea.

Ebi Ten -RM 9.80. This is another fusion range of the onigiri. Yummy rice ball with the special wasabi sauce on top. Served together with the mashed potatoes. Highly recommended for this.

The whole onigiri is so crunchy and i enjoying every bite .The ebiko is again popping and exploding in my mouth and i start digging to check out more what is the ingredient inside. The tempura is the main source that makes this onigiri taste so good. The crispy tempura is deep fried and cut into smaller portion .Flavourful and tasted so gourmet yet so filling.
Tuna Salad - RM 8.50 . Served with tuna, tomatoes and cabbages and tossed with the mayonnaise sauce on top. The tuna salad becomes smoother and creamier with the mayonnaise sauce. Refreshing and delightfully salad just nice to end our meal.

Comfortable place to dine in, with warm, friendly service and absolutely clean environment. Sumo Onigiri provides catering and delivering services, all the Japanese rice ball will be wrapped and provided with the different sauces placed in a small cup container.

As for those bento set , it will be placed in a sealed bento box food containers and the catering prices is different depends on the traveling distance. All the delivery will be from the main outlet in Kuchai Lama. All the ingredients here is very fresh and they will replenish every week.

According to Ray, the main customer here is the students which prefer Japanese rice ball and mainly take away orders. They will be up to 5-8 onigiri takeaways orders. Convenient and easy to consume too..

Another great dining experience trying out this unique Japanese delights with impeccable service here. Thanks to the owner Mr. Alfred and Cindy, for this food tasting opportunity! Sumo Onigiri is going to open another new outlet next month at Fahrenheit 88 and will reach Puteri Puchong soon. Check out their FB page for more updates.

Sumo Onigiri (closed)

Lot GK9, Ground Floor
KL Festival City Mall
No.67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota
Taman Danau Kota
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: Mon- Sun 10am - 10pm

The main outlet in :

No. 33, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Entrepreneurs Park, 
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Kuchai Lama
58200, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 017-5050755

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