Gourmet Hotdog Cafe @ PV128 Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak

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Gourmet Hotdog Cafe (GHC) just established for 3 months and located at this Setapak hotspot PV128. A new concept of hotdog cafe is bought by these Naeem families where this brothers Muju & Muku Naeem is enthusiastic to introduce the perfect hotdog in Malaysia. The duo who came from Maldives ,set out to set up their own hotdog restaurant and meet customers needs by bringing in more special menu and gourmet hotdogs. Gourmet Hotdog Cafe, is a new brand in town and their logo is inspired by the hotdogs they prepare with passion and love.
GHC ensure the best quality hotdogs by putting in 100% skinless chicken breast meat, lamb meat imported from New Zealand and beef meat from Australia..Uses up to 90% of the actual meat, less preservatives and all meat is freshly cooked here.

Combining a pleasant atmosphere with a excellent selection of hotdogs, desserts, and coffees, GHC is surely the great place to dine in. Muku is stressed on getting local staff only for their restaurant as he believes customer is always the important asset. They hire Malay,Chinese and Indian workers so they can serve local customers better rather then those foreigner workers. The service here is excellent with friendly service, smiley warm welcome and they know how to promote which is the special hotdog and other signature menu here. This is what i wanted to look for hopefully in each restaurant. GHC wants their customer to feel comfortable with their staff who can surely meets the need and desired of customer.  Communications do play an important roles in F & B. 

The chef here is previously working as a Head Chef in California Pizza KItchen in Suria KLCC.

 Gourmet Hotdog Cafe entrance is surrounds with glass panel and bright looking restaurant. Passers by will take a glimpse and this place is located comfortably at the center behind the Nasi Kandar Pelita and also facing directly to the PV Condominium. The staff will be sitting there to introduce their menu to customers too.

GHC also offers reasonable price and with appropriate portion of the food. There are more then 14 choices of hotdogs to please your cravings.

GHC makes their sauces and meats fresh daily with their own recipes . In the menu, there is wide selection of American-style meat hotdogs, special vegetarian hotdogs, salads, grills, pastas, milkshakes, smoothies, tea, coffee, and etc..Optional choices to have chicken , beef or lamb meat for all the hotdogs range. Flexible and just select those that can suites your taste bud.

Impressive menu with picture attached for all. Some people just need to look at the picture before they decide what to order.

Choices of the smoothies, shakes and desserts

On going contest- When you spend RM 50 and above in a single receipt, you are getting a chance to win a gateway to Maldives for 5 days (2 people) inclusive of everything- flights,accommodation and meals..The closing date is 31 Jan 2014..Maldives is everyone's dream place to be..

Sweet cravings

Fresh cakes made daily here and they keep on rotate the choices of the cake.

Admiring the hanging lamp which is made from glass jar something like the jam jar ..I like the neat arrangement of the seats. Adorable deco and comfortable dining place both indoor and outdoor.
Reading zone with special design of the chairs..Comfortable ambiance with a cup of warm coffee while enjoying the books here

Irish Cream Coffee RM 8.90 -Vanilla creamy coffee, strong and slightly bitter, good to add sugar with it to balance up the taste.

The Classic Chicago RM 11.50 ala carte, RM 13.90 with meal .Choices of having Fries or Mashed Potatoes for the meal. Coleslaw will come together with the main course.The Classic Chicago is served with chicken  banger, poppy seed bun, sweet green pickle relish, tomato, onion, pickled chillies, garlic dill pickle, golden brown mustard, tomato ketchup, spiced celery salt. Aromatic when it was served and i enjoy the whole combination of the sauces.Juicy goodness banger with 100% chicken breast meat and the texture is firm .It was pretty good and delicious until the last bite.

Signature menu of the Chicken Steak Pasta RM 13.00 - Oven baked marinated boneless chicken thigh served with olio pasta, coleslaw and cream of mushroom and pepper sauce. Perfectly grilled chicken meat  drizzled with the mushroom cream and pepper sauce.
Addictive and pleasantly balance combination with the well cooked pasta.

The Memphis Blue - RM 10.50 ala carte .This is the combination of chicken banger, poppy seed bun, sautéed caramelized onions, bbq sauce, gouda cheese, coriander, topped with bacon and onion.  The hotdog is generously filled with the gouda cheese and layered with BBQ sauce.Stunning looking  hotdog that can satisfy your palate.
Roasted Chicken RM 15.00 -Chicken marinated in citrus infusion then coated with black pepper, oregano and rosemary. Baked till golden brown. Served with mash potato and gravy, cream of mushroom and pepper sauce with a side of coleslaw. Ideally roasted chicken with crispy chicken skin. The serving of the half chicken is really worth the value. Simple dish and delicious!

Strawberry Devil RM 9.90 - Banana and fresh strawberries blended smoothie.This drinks is refreshing mix and to my relief. Just sweet to end my meal with this cooling smoothies.Nutritional and healthy drinks.

Deliciousness and enjoying our brunch.

Tea time special from 3pm to 7pm, GHC will be having promotion for coffee or tea+ cake special for only RM 9.90. Applicable for any cakes display availability on that day itself.

Valuable set lunch deal available from 11am to 3pm from Monday to Friday. The set lunch inclusive of one main course ( hotdogs, fish and chips, pasta, steaks and etc..) + ice lemon tea or cordial drink + brownies from only RM 9.90 onwards.
There is Special vegetarian hotdog named after Muku's wife - The Alexa. She is a vegetarian and Muku said of course in this restaurant, he need to include many other choices of vegetarian hotdog here so his wife can enjoy it too ( lovely..)...Brilliant idea as well to attract vegetarian customers .. The Alexa is served with GHC vegetable log, poppy seed bun, chopped salad mix, tomato salsa, guacamole, and light sour cream added with a small bowl of the fresh salad.
This special privacy seating setup is actually initially planned for a stage performance.This young cafe is getting their live band to be held again next year after the great response from their first live band here last month... They have multiple musical instrument - guitar, drums and etc..Also opportunity for those young talent for them to perform here. Even Muku is passionate on music.

GHC offers delightful grills and selection of pasta as well

 On every Tuesday there is Special Offer - Buy 1 hotdog and get another hotdog for half price. (50%)  Valid from 8pm onwards and valid for dine in only..As for Student, they entitle for 10% discount for all the food and beverages by just presenting their Student ID.

Gourmet Hotdog Cafe also offers customers the chance to earn discounts by simply using the Check-in function on Facebook when paying their bill at our restaurant.
A 3% discount off the total bill at Gourmet Hotdog Cafe is offered for a Facebook Check-in.1% discount for every additional Check-in after the first one on the same bill if there is more than one person in the group.More details is on their website.

If you are thinking of sausage feast, do come over here to try their menu in this promising restaurant. Thanks to Muku & Muju for this food tasting and we really enjoy the sumptuous meal.

**There will be more upcoming new outlets and they are in the midst of compiling the whole brand new menu. GHC will be doing the same promotions of giving away 30% discount for dining in with your PV Resident card in the future. So just get get ready with your card..There might be a also good deals and vouchers to be grab soon from Living Social. Stay tuned to their FB page for more updates and promotions.

# GHC partnered with FoodPanda, which deliver  food to your  doorsteps 1 hour from when you place the order. The charges for delivery are RM 4. There is a minimum order of RM 15.

Gourmet Hotdog Cafe
No. G/M 37, PV128,
Jalan Genting Kelang
Kuala Lumpur. 53300

( this place was closed down as i passed by in April 2014)

Contact : 03-4131 4330 (Call 11am – 11pm daily)

Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/gourmethotdogcafe

Website : http://gourmethotdogcafe.com/

Menu Link : http://gm-img.s3.amazonaws.com/2013/10-2013/26-10-2013/Gourmet%20Hotdog%20Cafe/GourmetMenu.pdf
Groupon Link : http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang/Gourmet-Hotdog-Cafe/717674844


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