Hi-5 Party @ KL Pac,Sentul

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HI -5 House Party- Actually i have no idea what is HI-5..and i really thought hey HI-5 Party,,the bread party they are going to held here? Oh no..i really need to update myself..Hi-5 is a vibrant mix of stories, investigation, imagination and adventure. The Hi-5 cast members Dayen, Ainsley, Lauren, Mary and Stevie bring to the screen and stage their love of children and their passion for music, movement and laughter. The Hi-5 brand is complemented by an inviting, engaging, contemporary look and feel which extends to a whole world of applications and appeals beyond a preschool audience, capturing the imagination of children and adults alike. Hi-5 is loved throughout the world including Asia, the United Kingdom, Latin America, New Zealand, Canada and beyond.The tickets are all sold out and the cheapest i think is around RM 88 for early bird as stated in the KLPac website. We managed to have the free preview show for tonight!

Taking a snapshot of this whole new place ..Yeah having 4 tickets absolutely free from Blogger community..Wonderful time with both my princess..Sitted at the last row..with only 4 seats..Great as easier to exit later. They are pretty excited with this kind of environment. First time sitting on their own too..of course with finger food in hand..they can just concentrate for less than 35 minutes..at least they are not scare when the lights is off and keep on looking at the show and dancing, clapping hands and shake their body..i think they enjoy it very much!
Luckily, we reached early, get out tickets, hanging around taking pictures and i see lots of children..But the most frustrating moment is we can't bring any waters and food inside the theater!!..Children needs drinking waters, milk, and food..this should not be the restriction..So troublesome that we need to leave everything at the side booth, take our numbers and only can take it during the break even for just one hour show??. I saw many parents also complaining on the same issue. The organizer main reason..the area need to be clean and to prevent the sofa to get wet or dirt..How come when i go in the theater, i saw there is plentiful of stains and dirt marks on the so called 'sofa seats theater'?? I wonder how they make the full control of this obligation..Anger!

The kids is really smart enough to follow each of the dance steps..Nice to see there is some VIP area for them to dance and move around.

RM 10 for each HI-5 Balloon..burns a hole in your pockets

Expensive merchandises.

Enjoyable day with my two naughty girls and they enjoy the show as well. Mei Mei keep on asking me where is the dancing 'Kor Kor' from the moment we left the show until her bedtime..zzzzzzz..nights..

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