Jang-Gun Korean Restaurant @ Fahrenheit 88

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We were invited for another round of big event organize by OpenRice Malaysia and this round we are heading to the well known restaurant called the Jang-Gun Korean Restaurant which was awarded with the title as the most reviewed restaurant in OpenRice.. Jang Gun is actually under the same company as the Grand Saisaki Sdn Bhd group which offer wide variety of food which covers almost 200 varieties! 

Actually what i observed here, the  food is variety but not to my expectation of more Korean food that suites the theme and the restaurant name. Mainly here the restaurant is more to  Japanese food and local Asian food.  The Korean counter is just normal and not as impressive as the one i visited in Solaris Mont Kiara. But the service and the place is pretty good. The seats arrangement is comfortable and service is quite good. 

 This food tasting event is quite interesting where they play games as warming up session and we enjoy it while going around to take our food.The culinary journey start with my favourite Japanese food.

Sushi platter they have Salmon, tuna,scallop fish butterfish, mussel sushi, mayo, tako, maki sushi and lots more.

There are few types of pancakes - Seafood spicy onion (haemul pa jeon),Kimchi (kimchi jeon),Potato (kamja jeon),Pumpkin (ho bak jeon) and others. The pancake is quite disappointing.Mostly is dry and some i notice on the bottom layer of the pancake is burnt. Not appetizing at all.

There are other seafood side dish available and also some local food- Sea Cucumber with Mushroom and Abalone Slices, Shark’s Fin Omelette, Bulgogi, Spicy Rice Cake and Baked Snail with Cheese,Mackerel (ko dong ngo),Eel (chang ngo),Sanma (tong chi gui),Squid (o jing ngo gui) and others.I also try their Kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokam pap), Glass noodle and fried udon. Mixture of Japanese, Korean, Western and Chinese food here.

Spicy bamboo shell

Sea cucumber

Sweet and sour chicken

There are few choices on the soups available- ginseng chicken soup,  tomyam soup, kim chi soup, herbal soup and etc.. Fresh serving for the prawns,crabs,  scallops, mussels,  and some vegetable were prepared for you to boil with hot water, then poured with the soup/stew that you have choose.

Fried octopus (nak chi bokom), Fried squid (o jing ngo bokom), Fried chicken (doek bokom),Fried baby octopus (chu ko mi),Spicy rice cake (toek boki),Rice cake (toek boki),Fried vegetable garlic (man nul chong),Beef rib stew (kalbi chim), salmon ball, soft shell crab and lots more. Also trying out their fried tempura.

Grilled section where we can choose any type of the meat to be grilled on the spot. They have squid, duck, lamb meat, chicken, beef, fish and too.

Cooling ice cream available just nice to end our meal.

The drinks are available but is free flow on your own. Unlike the serving in Saisaki where they will provide us the hot green tea and refill for us. Here in Jang Gun, they have choices of cold drinks ( such as the green tea, grape, orange and mango juice)  and for the hot beverages they have coffee, latte & hot chocolate.

 Moving on i saw the delectable assorted Cakes which  i like the most is the chocolate moist cake and also this jelly. On the other side they also provide cincau water,cocktail mixed fruit and not to forget the cendol section.

There are also some fresh fruits available such as fresh watermelon,papaya, melon and etc.

The Chocolate fondue with marshmallow is quite impressive and i enjoy dipping it with my girl

The latest trend of the cold ice cream which called the squeezit. It is totally brand new product and Squeezit is a new ice-cream dessert imported from Hokkaido, Japan. The premium ice-cream is made of pure 100 ingredients of fruits  (no added artificial flavorings) which have 11 different flavours, including vanilla, chocolate,banana,rasberry, hazelnut, mango, cherry, green tea, macha and etc. Price is only about RM 5.90 each.

I only managed to try two flavors and i wanted to try all flavor of this  new Japanese desert but it was really cold. The moment i suck it, it was like flowing nonstop and i even split it onto my shirt.Suddenly it burst and explode when i forgotten to suck it continuously. Opss. Need a little bit of focus here. I really enjoy the flavored sherbet, smooth and something new to try on. Squeezit is available at Sunway Medical Centre, Jaya One, and newly open at Mid Valley AEON Big.

Overall, my preference is on the desserts rather then the main course. I love the desserts especially the chocolate  cakes, the ice creams and also the Squeezit. Others food is pretty decent and there is room for improvement on the food and i am looking forward for more Korean cuisines in this restaurant.

Drawbacks on the serving for the pancake, the fried section, and the stew item. That's just my two cents about the buffet here.

It was a truly great experience meeting up with other bloggers and opportunity to meet the Saisaki management group. We even have goodies bag to take home.

Do enjoy this link to see how they enjoying the Squeezit. My hubby is there making his own high tower of the squeezit! Haha..


Jang Gun
G1 27 01-04, Ground Floor,
Fahrenheit 88, 179,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100

03-2148 7333

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 12:00-15:00 (Lunch)
Mon.-Sun. 18:00-22:30 (Dinner)

On Going - The restaurant is running special promotions for both senior citizens and birthday guests. Senior citizens can have as much as 50% discount on weekdays and 40% discount on weekends & public holidays. Celebrate your birthday at Jang-Gun to enjoy a free meal with a minimum of three paying guests.