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I was here at Myung-Ga Korean Restaurant for food review today and meet Mr Desmond, the restaurant manager here, welcoming us to try their specialities of their famous Korean cuisines. According to him, the chef here is from Nepal and he have more than 7 years culinary experience in Korean cuisines. Opened for business less then a year, this place is easy to locate at the two shop lot area,  just right opposite Happy City Steamboat and same row as the Six Inch Cafe. Also another landmark is the Aeon Big Hypermarket.

Myung Ga in Korean means "House", a name that reminds us of a Korean family house of Korea.  Myung-Ga have unique offerings of delightful menu in a great atmosphere of beautiful Korean House.  When i think of Korean cuisines it will be the healthy meal as well as the appetite.
Cozy design of the seats and unique

Spacious seating arrangement and comfortable dining place

On the other side there are these grilled section table where customers can barbeque and grill along the signature dish here.

Obviously, we must order kimchi soup whenever we visit to any Korean Restaurant. All the benefit and advantages of having a bowl of kimchi is shown above. Healthy and beneficial to our body. Detoxification, Slowing down aging process and increasing immunity.

Myung-Ga have the meaty stuff like pork meat, beef ribs, bacon meat, seafood BBQ, Bulbogi, Kalbi and lots more.

Reasonably pricing on their menu with large serving portion of food

More choices on the pancake menu.

Steamboat meal for 6 people or more with wide selection of food. Moreover, they also have   pork slices, kimchi jeongol, korean style grilled eel, grilled mackerel, grilled salmon, Korean BBQ Spicy prawn and more.

Captivated warm green tea serving for us.

Limited Lunch Promotion is going on currently which is just started,  price only from RM8.90.Per/set

More options on the set lunch available here that is worthy

Premium green tea is available for sale.

Standard 8 banchan side dishes that includes spicy kimchi, long beans, cockles, spinach, marinated cucumbers, broccoli, lotus , and Japanese pickles.Pretty good serving and generous portion of the starters and unlimited refill as long as you can finish it all. The cockles is medium cooked  that was doused with a spicy sauce. Rarely found in some Korean Restaurant serving for side dish. 

My best preference is the long bean with chili. I actually finish up two bowls and wanted for more!. This is really appetizing to kick start our meal with spicy and sourness taste.

We were lead to the spacious VIP room which is also very suitable to be a place for birthday celebrations.The owner is very thoughtful to have this private room and the whole interior is impressive. Air conditioning room and can fit up to 10 peoples.
Dwaeji Bibimbap RM 30 (Hot Stone Pot), the Korean signature rice dish served in hot stone pot which include the steamed rice topped with spinach, black fungus bean sprout, carrot, cucumber, onions,seaweed, and raw egg yolk together with the grilled pork meat. We mix it all while still hot and toss everything and start enjoying this healthy korean bibimbap. It was indeed very colourful and appealing. Delicious!

Mixture of nourishing vegetables and i love the bottom part of the crusted burnt rice. Crunchy and simply irresistible!
The reddish sauce is actually sweet taste

Kimchi Jjigae Kimchi Stew RM 18- Supposed to be a superb spicy dish but it was really just nice to my taste bud. The broth it not too thick, served bubbling hot and inside have fresh and smooth tofu, kimchi, mushrooms, green chilies and garlic .I love the kimchi stew pairing with the Korean rice because i must have rice at least a bowl a day.

Here they provide a set of the soybean paste, garlic and green chilies, sesame oil with salt and pepper.. We need to wrapped these with fresh lettuce together with the grilled pork and chicken meat and finish it in a single bite. We can actually grill the meat at our own table or just request the staff to do it for you. Usually in Myung-Ga,  they will prepared for you. No hassle to grilled and waited with sweat . Savour the meat in a relaxation mood.

Grilled pork loin which is the chef recommendation here. The price is from RM 25 for 200gram and RM 85 for 800 gram. This signature dish is using the high quality of the lean pork meat , well marinated and grilled to perfection. The pork meat is succulent and juicy for every bite.

The chicken was cut into bite-sized pieces, very flavourful and tender meat. Highly recommended to try this. Thumbs up!

Kimchi Chijeu Paenkeikeu ( Cheese with Kimchi Pancake) RM 35 - Unique and creativity of the chef in putting the high quality of cheese on top of the kimchi. The cheese is quite hard to restock as the demand is high and expensive too.The kimchi pancake tasted like a fresh pizza for me and the kimchi spiciness enhance the taste of this pancake.  . This thin round pan fried pancake is melted all over with the cheese and simply yummy!

I'm on cloud nine enjoying this scrumptious Korean meal with my naughty girl. She is taking her own sweet time chewing on the pork meat.

Fresh and sweet watermelons just to balance up our meal. Burp!! We are so full and i think i can keep my tummy save up for dinner.

Thanks to Desmond and the owner (Janet) for inviting us for lunch today and if you are craving for some hearty traditional Korean meal, do drop by here to check it out yourselves. Myung-Ga will be also featured some new menu emphasis on the Kimchi as their main theme to promote more delicacy in their menu. There are also some on going deals featuring this restaurant that you might want to grab these deals to enjoy the varieties here.

Myung-Ga Korean Restaurant @ Kepong

No. 20, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2, 
Taman Usahawan, Kepong
Kuala Lumpur 52100

 Another outlet in Klang,

88E IMS2 Jalan Batai Laut 4,
Taman Intan,

41300 Klang, 


+6019-391 7777

Phone: 019-291 7777 / 012-239 3292
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