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Natsu Cafe  is located strategically in between two happening bar and restaurant which are The Beer Factory and Movida. When you coming up from the basement to level 1, you can easily locate this perfect spot. With bright lighting , this place is ideal to hang out with friend and family for lunch as well as dinner.

Parking is RM 2 per entry and we can choose to park at the basement parking or at the level 1 (without covered roof). This place is still quiet and many shops are still empty.

I have found another delectable Taiwan style food with their own unique menu and more choices from those in Taiwan Recipe and the Little Taiwan. Moreover, the service here is excellent with local staff to serve you better. Natsu cafe is opened since May 2013 , have up to 50 choices of food and drinks available here with Wi-Fi provided. Price range is from RM3.60 – RM14.90.

With the comfortable sofa seating and the yellow theme, whole place is designed with hardwood flooring and black marbled table tops. Cosy and wide space for big group of customer too.

Cheryl ( the person who manage this restaurant),introduce some of the delightful menu and most popular item among the diners. Salted chicken rice set, Taiwan sausage rice, special stewed rice, braised pork rice,chicken chop rice, pork rib rice, and lots more

If you want to look for noodles, Natsu cafe also have some of the Taiwan specialities such as claypot lo shu fan with chicken chop, Tang Tang noodles, braised beef noodle, spicy noodle, braised chicken drumstick noodle, wantan noodle, and they coming up with some new menu where they might going for pickles noodles , herbal soup noodle and chicken hor fun.Price is pretty decent and valuable for money.

Pearl drinks is still a favourite among youngsters and here i can found the usual Milk Tea, Bubble tea, fruit tea, and others. Cheryl said that here is very flexible, They will give free top up for the filling of the pearl, aloe vera, grass jelly for cold beverages even in the menu they stated need to add RM 1 for those. Who can resist all this drinks with so many choices.

The beverages here is more to juices and nutrition drinks. The yummy yogurt and yakult beverages caught my attention.Grapefruits yogurt, Strawberry yakult, and there are also smoothies..

For hot beverages, they have coffee, flower tea, honey lemon and etc.

Long list benefits of the tea and yeah, tea is always the best companion after each heavy meal :)

The chef here, (chinese guy with a warm smiley face from the city of Ipoh) , have more then 8 years of culinary experience, have been exploring few countries and his creativity to come out with new menu continuously . This latest menu which they are going to promote is on the set meal for rice and noodles which comes with the drinks, and the serving of the soup for the rice set.

Home made appetizers- Choices of light snacks is available too such as special egg plant, special fried kang kung, otak taufu, marmalade chicken, salted fried squid, and homemade anchovies. Sounds very interesting! The price is from RM 9.90 to RM 12.90 and the portion is quite good to be share among two person.

Ribena Yakult RM 5.80 -Yakult is all time favourite for both adults and kids. Yakult is a high quality probiotics in the form of a cultured milk drink. Yakult contains the probiotic bacteria "Lactobacillus casei Shirota" (also called the "Shirota strain") ,that helps to balance our digestive system.. This yakult itself have the sweetness taste and combination with the ribena is just perfect drinks of the day. Thirst quenching drinks and very much refreshing. I love it! 

Fragrant Osmanthus RM 6.90- Optional choices for hot flower tea available here which comes with this unique design of the tea.Enjoying the tea scent and flavor, which is likened to apricot and peach. Osmanthus flower tea improves complexion and helps the body to rid itself of excess nitric oxide.

Salted egg pumpkin RM 9.90- Highly recommended to try this. The salted egg pumpkin is delicious! Sweet and savory..Very crispy and the salted egg yolk melted with the pumpkin inside. Thumbs Up! I never try such combination before. Sweet pumpkin meets salted egg...

Chinese Herb Soup Noodle RM 10.90 .Steamy hot soup with the right portion of the herbal ingredients wtih Kei Chi (Wolfberry)  and Dong quai (Angelica sinensis), Aromatic and the noodle is smooth. Prawns, chicken meat and vegetables serving

.Infusing nutrition herbal noodle soup

Enjoying my noodles

Supreme Three Cup Chicken Rice Set RM 12.90. Trying out this signature dish which is one of their famous dishes called “Three Cup Chicken" and in all Taiwan cuisines i usually saw this. 

Three cup sauce is actually includes three main sources which is rice wine, sesame oil and soy sauce in the proportion of 1:1:1 Need to put in basil into the stewed chicken to enhance the taste and smell.

This set meal comes with a bowl of rice topped with sesame, and hot soup (with beaten eggs,seaweed and finely chopped scallion). The chicken meat is tender and  the sauce is perfectly balanced ( not salty at all even with the perception of the thick gravy)

Authentic Taiwan meal and this set meal is moderately pleasant .

 A Mille crepe is a French cake made out of many layers of crepe  Mille Crepe Cake uses finest ingredients, no preservatives, no additive, and many creams layers to make the cake become so unique and that explains the high range of the price.

The mille crepe is really my new craving and temptation for today. I am so excited and happy when i saw this. I can now enjoy my mille crepe here which is so near my house. 
Natsu Cafe ordered the mille crepe from the main branch in Subang and they will deliver here fresh. They do sell whole cakes as well but you need to place your order at least a day in advanced. The whole round cakes are priced at RM108.00 for standard 1.3 kg and they even customized to the maximum of 6 kg cakes.

Bamboo Charcoal Mille Crepe RM 9.50- I am lucky managed to have the last piece of the bamboo charcoal that still left at the display cake counter. I really felt in love with this mille crepe - flavourful light and not too sweet for me.

 More than 20 crepe choices range from the hazelnut, tiramisu, chocolate banana, and black forest.

Trying out the oreo flavour and my girls love this so much. Yummy!! 

Natsu Cafe also served Lok Lok from Tues - Sat from 9pm to 3am. I am really surprised for that and i think it is brilliant idea to set up a small stall as there are crowds from the bar next door and Cheryl did mention their business is doing well and get a good response for this.I do looking forward to try it out too.

For students, Natsu Cafe is offering 10& discount for all the food and beverages and they also going to implement the new concept of giving free drinks or discounted price for every 5 stamp or 10 stamps in the form of a name card. So just check it out those latest promotion and more updates on their FB page.

In a nutshell, i felt that this place is very comfortable, with great service and tantalizing meal and the reasonable price which attracts me to come over again with my family and my babies :). Thanks to Natsu Cafe for having us tonight for this wonderful meal.

Awaiting more upcoming shops and restaurant in StarParc Point here..Perhaps another successful development just like the one in Jaya One and Publika.

Natsu Cafe

Lot E-01-08, Star Parc Point,
Jalan Taman Ibu Kota,
Off Genting Klang
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur 53300

Business Hours : Daily Monday - Sunday (10.30 - 10pm)

Lok Lok from Tues - Sat from 9pm to 3am.  

Phone: 03-4131 1933

Email :

Menu Link :

Website :

Facebook :

Current Deal Link :

Facebook :


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