Seaweed Club @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Monday, December 16, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

This cozy placed is called the Seaweed Club.The seats arrangement and the interior impress me the most. Greeted by the petite lady owner, she introduce the chicken floss seaweed popiah that comes with four flavour to choose from. Original, Spicy, Tuna and also Wasabi. I prefer the original and the spicy chicken floss.

Seaweed Club is having on going promotion which I think is very worth the value

Nice food presentation and I really enjoy myself here.

I am enjoying every sip of this tea mixture of longan, and kei chi (wofberry), also we called it 'Liong Sui' (Herbal Tea) which i think is far more healthy, promote blood circulation  and energy boost drink, and I am ready to continue to my next station.

Every piece of the seaweed popiah is filled up and stuffed with the chicken floss.Refreshingly crispy popiah!

Seaweed Club @ 1Utama

LGK103A / Lower Ground Floor