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Calling those Burger fans!!  Do check Smashies Burgers at Metro Genting, Jalan Genting Klang Setapak, just beside InHouse Cafe and Tong Pak Fu. Opened in just 6 months this place is famous among youngsters for their special burger which have the funky burger name. Being American inspired, the burger has its own specialties - All the burgers here  are colored using 100 % natural ingredients such as charcoal (black), green (pandan), red (red yeast), orange (orange juice) and yellow (yeast or they called it 'dal'). No added preservatives or additives used in the making of the fresh buns.

The trademark for Smashies is black and white concept .. They create the atmosphere whereby we felt very comfortable looking at the colourful deco, feeling more energetic with their musics and enjoying the burger with our loved ones with joy and happiness.In fact, the main philosophy is "a burger that brings people together"

Extraordinary name that attracts the crowds with clear picture. I enjoy reading the board and looking at the tempting burgers. They have

 Hot Chicks  - Chicken patty with red bun ,single cheese with pineapple, egg and hot sauce.Perfect combination and it was the best selling burger.
 Chicken Run - Yellow bun, fried chicken ,topped with pineapple, tartar sauce and hot sauce.
 Red Moo - Red bun with single beef patty, single cheese, hasbrown, and extra hot sauce
 Happy Cow - Beef patty on an orange bun with beef bacon, and  single cheese with caramelized onions. Popularity among all
 I Am Single - a single beef patty burger with single cheese.
Watch Your Back - Green bun with fantastic single lamb patty served with mint sauce

Customers can enjoy playing jenga, card game, board game and etc while enjoying their meal here.

Laid back and waiting patiently for my burgers

Add on item at quite a reasonable pricing

Soft drinks available - Coca-Cola, Sprite, Iced Lemon Tea, Fanta Strawberry, or Aquarius Isotonic Drink. Free flow on your own. They maintain this area very well. Clean and organize

I always prefer to dine in at those open concept kitchen and good to watch them how to prepare the fresh made to order burger. Smashies Burger made their burgers by smashing a meat on a grill, to lock the patty’s natural flavours. Smashies quality assurance by using chilled beef meat instead of frozen meat and fresh patty prepare daily.  Mushrooms and all vegetables and salads are always fresh used in the burgers too.

During our chat with Mr. Will Soh (The founder of Smashies Burger), he did mention Smashies have his own branding and with the American inspired and they want to create the concept that each and every customer who dine in can felt the enjoyment of having the burger . He have input his successful story and some  inspiration quotes on the wall which is very interesting!.

Pretty Patty RM 15.99- Red bun, chicken single patty, single cheese,  hashbrown and egg. The chicken patty is  well marinated and perfectly grilled, with added black pepper sauce. Smashies using the best part of the chicken patty - Chicken Thigh.The hashbrown taste good and with the single cheese . But i need to separate it into half, too huge for me,  but my hubby have no problem fitting the whole tall  burger into his mouth .. i think he is really hungry looking at this burger..

Drooling by just looking at it. The pretty patty burger is beautifully served. The chicken patty is succulent and tender meat.The bun is extremely soft and huge. . Delicious!!
Lord of the mess RM 16.99 - Attractive name , i guess it will be really a mess with my 10 finger with all the sauces perhaps. This burger is really flavorsome and very palatable.  Served with  yellow bun, single chicken patty, single slice of cheese, fried portobello, mushroom, and fried nachos. I like this combination as well. Heavenly!

Cajun-spiced Fries RM 6.99 - I love those fries

Onion Rings RM 6.99- Larger in size and very crispy. It's best to top up together with your serving of burger. Also can served as light snacks with tomatoes or chili sauces.

Tantalizing burger with great sensation!!

Marvelous burger with the egg yolk flowing inside the  fresh patty

Took a bite of this healthy red bun burger and very enjoyable

Shroom Boom RM16.99 - Whopping burger! Red bun, double fried portobello patties, with mozerella & cheddar cheese, layered with tartar sauce. This is so special. The burger is very cheesy with the addition of the mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The Portobello patties is larger in size ( in the combination of two smaller portobello) . Crispy patty and the bun is really soft. Suitable for vegetarian as well if you love cheese. You really must try this! Thumbs Up!

Jumbo size burger with the cheese oozing out and my hubby just get a Bomb on his face and hand. He really enjoy it. I shall have taken a photo of him..(forgotten.) His expression is like surprised, amazed and stunt..haha..! Burger with lots of cheese and juicy burger goodness.

Buns colored with natural ingredients that makes the burger here so special. They have  5 different flavors of charcoal bamboo (black), oranges (orange), dal or sweet potato (yellow), yeast rice (red) and pandan (green).Black Charcoal and red yeast rice is more healthy range.

Large benches and chairs. Comfortable place to hang out and chill with a big group of friends

Smashies is doing yearly smashies burger eating competition and also they organize charity event recently bringing together 40 kids from Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Mary to celebrate Christmas and sharing the laughter and joy with them .

Smashies offers 10% discount for students from Mon- Thurs and they also come out with the Smash card (top up card) with minimum top up RM 10. With certain spending amount will be given free RM 3 rebate.

Thanks Mr. Soh for this invitation and he is really a humble and friendly bos..I really enjoy chatting with him and gain some knowledge from him too. A great enterprenuer who have so much passion and dedication in bringing joy to others. Smashing your way to SMASHIES BURGER to enjoy a wonderful piece of burger . BURGERLICIOUS!!

* Smashies Burger is going to open their 2nd outlet in Cheras Sentral Mall (used to be Phoenix Mall) next month in Jan '14. They have their very own design and theme in their new outlet . Smashies might come out with new menu and also adding some varieties of the desserts selection such as smoothies, ice cream, milkshake and etc.. 

FYI :Smashies is in the midst of getting the Halal Certification very soon. .Check out their FB page for more updates.

Smashies Burger

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Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-4031 9776 , 012-3997815, 017-3719911(Call 12pm – 11.30pm daily)

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