The Khan Mongolian Restaurant @ PV 128, Jalan Genting Klang Setapak

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The Khan Mongolian Restaurant is located at PV128 Jalan Genting Klang,Setapak. You just need to park your car near to the center court ( if you manage to find) and when you saw Six Inch cafe and Nasi Kandar Pelita, you can take the escalator to Level 1, Obviously the big sign board of this restaurant is there and also strategically park  beside  the most happening Karaoke (POP Karaoke) . Khan Mongolian served authentic Mongolian Muslim Restaurant and halal certified. Was featured in TV3 Jalan Jalan Cari Makan in early Jan this year. 

Was greeted by Lee, very friendly and smiley sweet lady, showing us around and explaining the whole idea of bringing the Mongolian steamboat into this area. They speak very well in Mandarin and this is my new challenge for today. I can only understand a little bit and luckily my hubby knows Mandarin and he is my translator for tonight. Haha..i need to brush up my Mandarin language..Although here is Mongolian Muslim restaurant, i hardly found someone speaking in Malay.

Cozy indoor and outdoor dining space. Comfortable and unique place to be

Offering more then 50 varieties for the BBQ buffet steamboat spread. The price for adult is RM 32.80 nett and for kids is RM 16.80nett. The price is quite usual as i found in any other steamboat.

Desserts and unlimited drinks counter.

There are sweet sauce, Thai sauce, hot spicy sauce, garlic, and others.

Fresh seafood with prawns, crabs, squids, mussels and fish meat

Varieties of the fishball available here

Fresh crab meat, chicken ham, and hotdog

Onion chicken and lemon chicken

Sauce flavour chicken

Five spices beef and sauce flavour beef

As usual i need to have rice. Plain and simple fragrant rice

Noodles is presented in a very unique Mongolian tray that makes this restaurant so spacious.

Additional of the cakes counter with some fruits served such as apples and bananas

The most recommended food by the owner here -beef with lots of dried chilies.

Showing the background story of the Mongolian cultural

Some other cooked dishes available. Crispy chicken meat and fishballs

Mongolian serving tray in a smaller version .Traditional and uncommon

Unlimited serving of the fresh fruits

We can only choose one type of the soup. Here they offer 4 types of soup- Chicken soup, spicy soup (Ma Lat) which is super spicy, tom yam soup and their special Mongolian Soup. I will be having the Mongolian soup. I never try before but i have try once when i was traveling to Beijing. This is much more different taste. They use up to 48 spices to make the herbal soup, Aromatic and Flavourful with lots of spices, small chilies, dry chilies. 

Although it looks reddish, but when i scoop it inside the soup is actually clear soup. It was not really spicy but just that after the meal, i can slowly felt my body heat up and my throat started to felt the spice.

Ready to grilled some chicken meat

Dinner with lots of seafood. I love the scallops to be grilled. Delicious!

Satisfying meal with different taste of the steamboat and exploring new experience. This place is well organized with clean dining environment and relaxing.

The Khan Mongolian Restaurant used the best quality bringing this special pot for both steamboat and the grilled part. The fire can be control for both- on off and high or low.I was impressed by the grilled section where they just need to put the oil paper on top and drizzled with some natural oil on it. When everything heat up, we can put the chicken meat and any other seafood. It will slowly grilled without any mess and burnt side. Interesting, clean enough and easy to handle.

Fresh crab meat easily cook in the steamboat pot

They have different serving of the beef dumpling.Best to grilled it a while for more crispness

Signature food here - BBQ Chicken with chicken thigh and they also have another choice of the chicken + mutton meat. When the staff served this at the counter, it was all grabbed within a second. I have to wait the second round. The chicken meat is perfectly grilled and marinated with the spices. Aromatic and my hubby finished up to 5 sticks. Awesome!

Ice cream counter served varieties of flavour from King's. But i was craving for my chocolate ice cream. Substitute with the yam ice cream instead. Refreshing after the spicy meal.

Thanks to  Sulaiman and Lee for having us tonight for the food tasting. We really enjoy your accompany and our steamboat here.
The Khan Mongolian Restaurant

1-36, PV128,
 Jalan Genting Klang, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 03-41418566(reservation) faiz 012-6227575

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Mon - Sun: 6pm to 11pm