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Bistro Richard is located inside YTL Sentul West, used to be the the koi centre office and now have transform into a restaurant with nice landscape. You can locate the Thai Cuisines Samira by Asian Terrace just side by side. And surroundings there are KLPAC the famous performing art centre and nice view of the sentul park lake. There are welcome signage with tall bamboo tree at the side and the restaurant name is on the brick wall , just follow the path to the entrance.

Bistro Richard opened its doors in April 2013, a family business restaurant runs by son and dad. Chef Richard Low have culinary experience with many years of experience and previously working with Genting Group. .Romantic seating setup and the place is neatly arranged, feeling comfortable and impressive.
The first thing that caught my attention..Admiring the array of the empty wine bottles. Laid nicely on the stone, those wine and beer bottles are left by the customers.

Smart modern decoration done by Mr. Leo who himself have passion in Interior Design, decorated the whole place with Red&white chequered tablecloths, solid wooden Oak panels, all cosily lit by Tiffany stained-glass lamps. Classy and elegant design makes this place looks so comfortable and appealing. Bistro Richard have the typical European bistro with lovely setup.

Bistro Richard offers classic Spanish delicious European cuisine, and a wide selection of wines and beers from around the world too.They used high quality of the imported meat and replenish fresh ingredients daily.

Reasonable price for the set lunch for RM 25++ during Monday to Friday from 1pm to 4 pm.You will surely be guarantee for these large portion of food that comes together with the ice lemon tea and illy coffee.

Chinese New Year Menu with delightful choices RM 138++ for 4 main course

Aqua Marine Cocktail

Tinto de verano - Spain Summer cold drink red wine with lime.
Prefer this red wine drinks.Refreshing.

Appetizing Spanish seafood salad and squeeze with some lime on top of it. Just look at the Gigantic size of the fresh octopus. Delicate and tender octopus, enjoy chewing on it.Yummy!!

Traditional homemade pumpkin soup served with garlic baguette - RM 16. Creamy and thick texture. The garlic bread is crispy and goes well with the nourishing pumpkin soup. They also have French Onion Soup and Cream of Wild Mushroom.All this soup are made fresh and the bonus point is those are all home made..

Pan Seared Black Cod RM 65 - Black cod fish with stewed leeks, baby carrots & saffron sauce . Black cod contains healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, buttery rich texture and bigger chunks. I find this black cod fish is more flaky and softer too. Taste a little sweetness and flavourful.Delicious!!

Coq au vin price at RM35- Comfort food of this Braised chicken in Burgundy red wine, with bacon, broccoli & mushrooms. Large portion of the half chicken meat, the chicken meat is moist and soaked with the red wine. The combination is pretty good and I love the taste. This portion is enough to be shared among two person.

Lovely desserts with the soft Crepe Suzette RM18. Nicely presented with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. The crepe is satisfying my sweet tooth.

Creme Brulee with strawberries RM17-.When it was served on our table, i was pretty amazed by the portion itself, such a large portion of the creme brulee. The taste is sweet but not overwhelming .Actually I expected the texture to be more smoother. It wasn't bad, just there were extra layers.of the caramelized brittle sugar which i find it hard to crack. 

The outdoor seating is more enjoyable with the beautiful scenery and the koi pond. Do not worry about mosquito. The staff is very kind to offer you the mosquito repellent just in case. But no problem for me at all during our dining here.

Thanks to Mr.Leo for the food sampling and it was really great to discover this hidden gem. Places to chill out, booze up you meal with wine within a good dining ambiance.

Great place for private parties, corporate functions, birthday parties or just the ideal place for anniversary for the romantic couples to enjoy the wonderful dining environment here. Just call for reservation and booking in advance.The whole restaurant can occupied max 80 pax.

"Satisfaction has a flavour"

Bistro Richard

Lot 268, Jalan Strachan,
Off Jalan Ipoh,
51100 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday- Fri : 1pm to 11pm
Sat-Sun : 12noon to 11pm
Monday closed

Contact :

03-4041 3277

Email :

Website :

Facebook link : 

Reservation :


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Alice Hew
January 6, 2014 at 7:01 PM delete

Hi! I just wanna ask, is it very busy or crowded in Bistro Richard? I'm going to visit during weekdays but I'm afraid that I can't secure reservations. And also, is the place very hard to find? I tried searching on google maps but the location was quite confusing.

January 7, 2014 at 2:29 PM delete

hi alice..thanks for dropping by..i went that day on Thursday during 6pm. and stay up until 8pm, not really crowded. perhaps if you have more big group, you might just give a call to them for is easy to find. you know the ytl sentul park.also near to the klpac ( the theather), you will see the brick wall with the restaurant signage. big carpark area there and Inside is the koi centre.can check their fb page and their website too :) cheers..

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February 8, 2015 at 4:03 AM delete

Richards is the most un romantic place in the whole of Malaysia!! Too bright and noisy! Totally opposite of romantic! Food is overrated!