Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Ampang Hilir Kuala Lumpur

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Another wonderful weekend when i discover this hidden treasure in Ampang Hilir, an Authentic Korean cuisines that is simply awesome place to be with family and friends. Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant have been here for almost 12 years according to the Manager here Ms. Kate ( a Korean lady. who is fluent in English) and very kind of her to invite me for food tasting today. 

We managed to find this place after making one round of U-Turn as we missed out the signboard. Actually, this place is along Jalan Ampang, as when you see Ambassador Row Service Suite by Lanson Place on your rights side, you need to turn into the road and you will see Sayfol International School on your left side. Ample parking area here and you can also notice there is a Auto Spa signboard.

Welcoming entrance..when i take a peep inside..eh?? is this the right place? how come there is no customer here? Maybe lunch time is over as we reach quite late about 2pm..The moment we steps in, a friendly looking Malay lady greet us with a smile and leads us to a air conditioning room. The weather was quite hot at that moment but i can sense this place is great when night time with lights on and ample of outdoor seats surrounds with greenery..Just my worried..is there any mosquito??

Actually Jung Won Korean is very famous restaurant when it was located at Ampang Korean Village. It was wholly owned by Hye Myong Group.Then, they move it here,wider space with outdoor view.

Spacious VIP private room with classy decoration and impressive furniture. These private dining rooms are available for larger crowd and i love this interior. 

Warm feeling indoor dining environment like home with brightly lighted dining room.

Enjoy the Korean meal with these creation of open air dining with little mini pond over here. My girl enjoy watching the koi fish.

Lovely place with comfortable green dining environment.This will be the perfect venue for any events like wedding party, corporate function and any other private events.

Cozy chairs and tables with garden space.Breathtaking place to dine in and enjoying the view,

Another side of the outdoor seating place. Kate do mention they are in the planning to renovate one area for stage performance and bar side tables. This is going to be a more happening place to chill out soon.

Valuable set lunch available here

The entrance to the air conditioning and more privacy rooms. When you need to request anything, there is a button on the table, and the staff will come to assist you.

Korean complimentary drink - Korean rice barley. Very refreshing and good to have this to cool down your spice.

Cold green tea

Firstly we are served by this fresh greens platter full of lettuce and the sauces. This will be use to wrapped the BBQ meat later on.
Next, comes the famous BanChan (Korean side dish). Amazing!! They have 11 side dish and neatly arrange by the staff for our photoshot..Wow..Impressive! Assorted Korean side dishes with large portion for almost all the plates. Kimchi, roll egg with seaweed, spinach, peanuts with anchovies, mashed sweet potato, cucumber,cauliflower, brocolli, beansprout and the list goes on..All these are refillable, UNLIMITED.Truly satisfying with the awesome taste of these appetizers.

Traditional Korean BBQ with decent pricing

Varieties of choices here and they are planning to change the menu and add in more new menu soon. Jung Won Korean cuisines is a halal place. They actually have two types of menu. One is halal and another menu is non-halal (with pork serving). This restaurant do hire 4 Malay lady to serve customers and i find it more comfortable as they understand and can communicate well with us compare to some foreigners workers.

Kim Chee Chi Keh RM 20 - We begin with mild spicy hot kim chi and enjoy dipping inside the stew kimchi with generous portion of the glass noodle, taufu, chicken meat and kimchi . Best to pair it with a warm bowl of rice

Not too spicy, I find the taste is just ordinary. Nice to warm up my tummy. Appetizing.

Sam Kyeh Tang RM 30 - Authentic and most traditional Korean ginseng chicken soup, is a must try item in Korean cuisines. Sam Kyeh Tang is stuffed with sweet rice, pine nuts,  garlic and added with healthy ingredients - Korean Ginseng, Ginger,  Big Red Dates, and Gingko Nuts.The hot steaming soup is highly fragrant, sweet taste and nourishing. The rice on the bottom part of the bowl has fully absorb the strong flavor of ginseng soup and the chicken meat is smooth too.

Ginseng chicken soup is very beneficial and love by girls especially. Rejuvenating, boost immune system and energy promoting.

Ram Gal Bee RM39.00. The lamb meat is seasoned with flavour and is imported from Australia.  The lamb meat size is average and fully marinated before they grilled it. The service is impeccable, the staff will assist you to do the grilling, so no sweat at all. No worries..and enjoy the wonderfully cooked meat.
Absolutely delicate lamb meat and balance up with the lettuce and the dipping sauces. I felt like eating a chicken meat because it was  very tender and juicy.. Fantastic choice and highly recommended!.

Spare Rib RM 30. Various Marinated Spare Rib bone-in grilled on table top. This is the best pork meat part that is more chewable and such a large portion. Marinated and grilled to perfection.

The pork meat is flavorsome with soft, tender lean meat and melt-in-mouth. I prefer to have this bite sized pork meat with  rice instead wrapping it on the lettuce.
My verdict is that this dish was heavenly. Even my girl finished up to 5 pieces slowly chewing on it..you can know how delicious it was..She is simply a porky lover.

Hae Mul Pa Jeon RM 25 - Korean style pancake with spring onion seafood. Korean pancake is a very traditional dish and made of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onions, and spring onions. Creativity in putting all the ingredients together with the addition of the fresh seafood. Fresh pancake and taste little sweetness together with the spicy sweet sauces makes it more delicious.A popular dish among all and great as snacks or starter meal.

It was quite windy when we taking a tour around the place.Beautiful landscape to enjoy hearty Korean meal.

Thanks Kate for the great hospitality and delicious meal.


Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant
No. 255, Jalan Ampang Hilir, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur
(behind Sayfol School) 
  Tel: 03-4257 5555

Email : info.jungwon@gmail.com

Business Hours: 10.00am - 11.00pm (daily)

FB Link : https://www.facebook.com/MYJungWonBBQ?ref=ts&fref=ts

Free Wifi available

* They are planning to provide bento morning breakfast set to the Sayfol School in the year 2014.