Primo's Cafe @ Starparc Point, Setapak

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[52% Off] Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks at Primo’s Cafe from in Living Social  deal! It offers RM 15 for RM 30 & RM 24 for RM 50.My hubby grab two vouchers immediately when he saw this place which is just a minute drive from our house. Newly open since in Dec 2013 in Starparc Point, Setapak. New place to hang out with friends and family dining environment for western food and local asian cuisines. 

I decided to have my birthday dinner here with my family and my kids. The place is crowded when we reached as early as 7pm and managed to find the side seating. The welcome greeting is not pleasant at all, with the end corner side water flowing on the floor and i was worried as the place look messy and slippery. Sigh..was not impressed by the whole place at the beginning. Then, i begin to observed the staff, actually they are quite helpful and attentive to our needs. When i begin my request for my kids spoons, bowls, two small cups for the juices, straws, tomato sauce, chili sauce, tissues, and the list goes on..they will come to myrequest and understand what i need. So they are clearing up the floor and our order is served within 5-8 minutes.
Purely fresh orange juice and carrot juice. Refreshing and large portion for the price of RM 6.90.

Cordon Bleu - The signature dish of deep fried chicken thigh topped with a slice of ham and cheese and wrapped with breadcrumbs. My bro in law finished it all, so i guess the cordon bleu should be great.

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Cheese- My hubby was looking for something unusual and wanted to try this cheesy chicken meat. Delicious with the right amount of oozing cheese and the chicken meat is tender and perfectly done.

Fried Pork Chop - The two pictures shown here looks confusing and also there are similarities right? I almost forgotten which i have ordered and by looking back at my picture, i only realize they are giving actually the same side dish and the toppings as well. Both have sausages, lime, green garden salads and mashed potatoes. There is no french fries or potato wedges when i carefully browse through their main course. The portions is impressive, crispy and juicy both chicken meat and pork meat.

Chicken Maryland. For this boneless chicken maryland i am pretty satisfied, the chicken meat is tasty and moist but just lack of some side dish which i have more expected on maybe adding on corn, banana fritters and french fries..i really miss the place where they have such combinations..which are rarely can be found now.

Grilled Dory Fillet - Served with special homemade lemon butter sauce.
Fresh Apple juice. My girls really love it
Earl Grey Tea..My dad in law complains the tea is need to request for sugar or milk

Something to attract my kids attention..and we enjoy taking some photos here

Hubby bought this wonderful cake..impressive with the mixture of the colour marshmallow. My kids can't wait to eat it.

Another long waited surprise by my hubby, 80 pieces of pinky and red rosey presented to me which i really treasure the most for his creativeness and he is so patience to do this specially for my birthday. I saw the process of making the rose shape using the colour paper in YouTube ..and yes it is not easy at all..looks completely complicated to me..haha..

Enjoyable birthday celebration and most important is being surrounds by the people you love the most to have with you on this memorable date. Seeing my kids growth is my greatest strength, they make me laugh and hubby always there to give me positive thoughts and cheers me up..

Primo's Cafe

Unit E-01-01,
Star Parc Point Jalan Genting Kelang
Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur
( can choose to park at the basement carpark / just park in the middle of the walkway.)
Located a few minutes’ walk from KL Festival City.

Phone: 03-4141 6183 (Call 10.30am – 12am daily, including public holidays)

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