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The secret to stay healthy is by having a healthy main course for the day.  My own perception of salad ? ? I always think of having not enough carbohydrate and it is just an appetizer meal for me. Given the opportunity to have my first review for Salad Bar the new concept introduced by Mr Dylan, the founder of  'Salad ‘Atelier’ have totally change my mind and surprisingly I really enjoy the salad as my main course which really gives me full nutrition that keeps me active all day long. 

Salad Atelier is a French word , It means ‘studio’, which symbolize arts and creativity. “Every Bowl’s A Personal Masterpiece”. Dylan is being innovative enough bringing this salad bar idea to Malaysia after staying for 3 years in Singapore. This own salad making trend is famous and people willing to queue up just to grab a salad meal in Singapore and even overseas countries. A brilliant idea to set up this healthy salad in the perfect location at the The Weld Ground Floor which is so convenient to grab a quick lunch or dinner as well as for those going for Jatomi they going to love the salad combinations.

Warm greeting by the staff and Dylan showing me this menu that I need to tick my order as my first step. Amaze by the infinite choices, I think almost 50 varieties!! I have to sit down and run through the long list of the salad base, main and supplementary as well as for the dressings..Wow..most of the ingredients are rarely found and not expecting they actually have it all here.

Starting with a choice of three sizes :-

Size 1 (RM 13.90) = 1 Base + 6 Main (Baby Salad) 
Size 2 (RM 17.90) = 1 Base + 6 Main + 2 Supplementary (Adult Salad)
Size 3 (RM 22.90) = 1 Base + 6 Main + 2 Supplementary + 1 Prime (Monster Salad).

Customers get to choose the salad base of their preference ranging from mixed lettuce, pasta, mixed oak leaf, potatoes (warm), radicchio, spinach (additional RM 1.50) or extra base (additional RM 2.00). 

Next, we need to select the main - Japanese cucumber ,Button mushroom ,Cherry tomatoes,Broccoli ,Celery, Sunflower seeds, Mixed capsicum, Asparagus, Alfalfa sprouts ,Kidney bean ,Tofu / bean curd, Grape,Strawberry,Beetroot ,Cous cous ,Feta cheese , Egg, Sweet corn , Gherkin, Apple, Grapefruit and etc.

The Supplementaries and Primes such as avocado, sundries tomatoes, dried cranberries, ,Brussels sprouts, Parmesan cheese, Walnuts, Roasted eggplant, Roasted capsicum ,Poached chicken ,Chicken bratwurst ,Bacon slice ,beef salami, chicken salami, smoked duck, smoked salmon ,prawns, scallop, fish roe, roasted beef and roasted chicken (Top up RM 2.50 for additional Supplementary and RM 5.50 for Prime).

Finally, I have made my final selection and waiting for my customized bowl of salad..I choose the Size 2 with 2 supplementary

Comfy place to dine in with colourful setting that match with their concept of creativeness.

Chef recommendation for those who are really looking into diet plan for the calories intake..Can't live without meat..nice caption

My own colourfully presented Adult Salad -mixed lettuce as base with 6 mains - sweet corns, nacho chips,raisins, grapefruit, apple, cherry tomatoes + 2 supplementary -egg plant, and parmesan cheese. They also provide complimentary warm water and bread (can ask for more).

Refreshing and taste good. Absolutely the best salad meal filled up with all goodness and so healthy! Worth the value for the generous portion of the wholesome salad. 

Definitely the best pick of all..Avacado (RM 10.90)- Creamy and complete energy drinks..I love the taste and for sure the benefits of having avacado - it contains very good levels of minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidant. Other signature drinks you can try is 'Twin B's (Blurberry and Banana). Fresh Juices and soup of the day is also available here.

Dylan mentioned that the salad dressing are home-made using fresh ingredients. Salad Atelier offers 16 types of salad dressings among which are capsicum, sautéed garlic, blue cheese, Thai, thousand island,  honey yogurt, Italian, french, sesame,  peanut, citrus vinaigrette and balsamic vinaigrette. Can choose to separate the salad dressing. I prefer the thousand island and sauteed garlic.

Hidden favourite sweet corn,raisins, apples and grapefruits. Enjoying the crispy nachos and roasted eggplant...Really a big portion that equals to my normal main course.

All fresh ingredients prepared daily and Salad Atelier ensures the quality and freshness of the salad

Japanese fish roe and smoked chicken..have a taste of the fresh delivered salmon , smoked duck and chicken too

YES! you get it right..each person having the same BIG bowl of salad for every size..that is really huge

Self service counter to tick your order before queuing up or you can even take up few stack back to your office and get it done before dropping by.

Thanks Dylan for the food tasting session . Delightful salad meal....complete dietary fibre for the day..Awesome!!

Salad Atelier
Lot G-09A Ground Floor
The Weld
No. 76, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Monday - Saturday

Tel: 016-5167621 / 018-9199859

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(Managed to influence my group of colleagues and finally we bought 7 vouchers altogether!! haha..great moments to share with friend and families)

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*In the midst of getting FoodPanda Delivery services and Corporate Deals Menu soon..Check out their FB page for latest updates.


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Elee Yi
October 3, 2014 at 10:47 AM delete

Sharing out my Colleague experience take away orders from Salad Atelier yesterday.
She has twice bad experience dealing with the staff who have forgotten to put in the full 6 supplementary for her. She has to remind them few times and they tend to purposely not to include the missing vegetables of her choices inside the bowl. It was a frustrating moment when she notice they also left out the most expensive item - SALMON!!