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We have dinner at new eatery place at Starparc Setapak, located at the Ground Floor just opposite Primo's Cafe. Chinese restaurant with air conditioning and it was Father's Day celebration and when we peep inside, the whole are is fully reserved. The owner came out and welcome us and there are still one table empty so we can dine in there. The restaurant space is quite limited and not really comfortable or else we need to be seated outside which is worst with the kids around.

We quickly ordered the food. Just pick some simple dish meat and vegetables. The price is quite expensive. The most frustrating part is the waiting time for the food to be serve.

The stir fry Kai Lan is served first. Tasty and crunchy..

After 10 minutes, came the Fried Sotong with Salted Egg. It was extremely salty..very disappointed with this dish. Bad presentation on the food as well.

After we have finished half of the rice, the steam egg only arrive and we have to chased them for our orders.

We waited this for more than 30 minutes. Few reminders to the owner and they give many excuses. I overheard they actually taken wrong orders because they have put in the meat inside for this taufu dish. I already reminded them to put in only vegetables. We reached early at 6.30pm, but we get such slow services. Unacceptable and really wasting our time. They only concern on those reserved tables which i can see when they reached, their dish all come out together serve to them while we are still waiting there miserably!

Will never ever come back to this place again!


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I heard about your restaurant from one of my friend. And he had told me that your restaurant food is awesome but little its bit expensive. But for me if we have to eat quality and delicious food then we have to pay good money for that.

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Elee Yi
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service is also very important