The latest Trend - Crazy for Photobook

Wednesday, July 02, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Recently we have been talking and sharing a lot about Photobook!! There are so many offer and promotions for Photobook as low as RM 10 for Small mini photobook. Last week i managed to click on the FREE Photobook offered by GroupMe. I just need to pay for the delivery charges of RM 8 and i can get 36 pages of photobook from Pixajoy.

From my recent purchase from Pixajoy, i find the quality is better than Photobook. Delivery charges of RM 8 and i get a mini photobook with full lamination and gloss paper quality. But some of the background layout and scrapbook choices is quite limited.

I even redeem another Free Photobook from Malaysia Freebies website spotted this BCard member we can get free mini size photobook too! The prices is getting lower compare to last time and yeah doing photobook is fun, customizing our own story from our photos. Rather than paying for RM 50 cent to develop photo ..the price is quite expensive now. So just keep updating looking at those deals website offering any Free photobook.