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We are invited for Buka Puasa event at Vistana Hotel @ Tititwangsa after winning a contest organized by LiteFM. I spotted this contest when i browse through the LiteFm website on Thursday night and i discover that there are new contest for Fri morning (Funky Fri) with Steve and Shaz where we need to choose between two football team .one team supporting Germany (Shaz) and another team supporting Argentina Team ( Steve) We just need to call in on Friday morning and answer the questions related to football stuff and we will get three invites for the buka puasa Ramadhan buffet with the DJ. I just inform my hubby and we get ready with our phones on Friday morning. 

While driving on our way to LRT station, we listen to LiteFm and heard a guy who just called in around 7.30 and he answer one simple questions and he won..We try our luck to call in..failed for the first time..we try again for second attempt and i ask hubby to get ready his phone while i was listening closely for the clue to call. We are waiting for the monorail to arrive was late again for 25 many people queuing  up in the line...

hubby quickly call in and he get through!!..he give the phone to me and i puzzle..i thought he is going to answer that call because he knows well about the i am very nervous..when Shaz ask me the question " What was the two colours on the Germany jersey??..Oh no..i remember is red..then i said..arr..i ask my hubby quietly and my eye contact to him.." faster give me the answer!!!"..then i told Shaz..oh the colour of the jersey ya?? haha i know she is laughing at me in the phone..waiting for answer..very kind enough and quickly i said ' red and black'..haha...ok absolutely correct she said and congratulations!!.you have just won three invites to the buka puasa event..that's what i heard and the line cut off just like that..i was am i the winner?? i guess so coz she said congratulations..and i waited for the sms reminder..i can tag along my dad this round..

We reached early and just walking distance from the LRT station in Titiwangsa..Located strategically and easy to spot this location..there are seafood halal restaurant where my parents used to stop by for dinner called the Hokkaido..

Fully refreshed in 2014, Vistana Hotels offer new vibes with updated rooms maximising on comfort and practicality, trendy food. Vistana Hotels is proud to present its Ramadhan feast- ‘Tok Wan 101 Recipes’. I checked the website..the hotel is offering a very good deal of buffet price of RM 48++ per person. The food is fresh and varieties..from ground floor spread to 1st floor .The whole place is crowded and fully occupied . Full reservation and mostly are from the company events..everyone is in the mood of Ramadhan buffet.. 

The food are prepared and line in a perfect combination of Malay cuisines and adding on some westerns cuisines as well.

Desserts counter for Malay kuih such as kuih talam pandan, kuih lapis, seri muka, ketayap, and some other pastries of  coffee and chocolate cakes. While another section is for some refreshing and chilled ice cream for sweet cravings.

There are array assortment of fresh salads such as coleslaw, kerabu thai syle and my favourite and traditional  ulam ..i love the salty fish with petai, vege and sambal..the sauces is awesome..spicy, sour and salty taste..

Our privacy seating place in a cozy room

Tantalizing local Malaysian style dishes..all the dishes looks tempting

The chicken satay is always the "hot" item..gone within a second and we need to wait them to replenish the fresh chicken satay. the satay sauce is delicious and while waiting we get to enjoy varieties of chicken cooking style..they have  ayam tandori, ayam percik, chicken masak merah,ayam rendang and lots more..i can see many dishes with chicken..there are also ikan tenggiri masak pedas, gulai daging,  tempoyak ikan, ikan bakar,and the list goes on..

Roti Canai at the corner end..adding on with roti jala and kuah rendang. They also have tom yam noodles, cendol and lamb meat too.

Tomato Macaroni Cheese, Grilled Sausages with sauce and Spaghetti are also available.

Group photo with LiteFM DJ and the lucky listeners..

It was a day filled up with festive season celebration and we really enjoy the scrumptious dinner here. The service is excellent! The staff is friendly, attentive and helpful..  When we enter the hotel, we felt warm by the welcome smile from the staff. Even in the ladies room,  the lady cleaner is smiling at me..i really felt like a 5 star service here..of course now is under YTL management..we are expecting this for sure!

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