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Makishima Japanese Restaurant is located at level 2 of Sheraton Imperial hotel and just opened for 3 months. We had a gastronomic enjoyment indulge ourselves with Japanese Buffet spread on this Saturday evening. Greeted with welcome by Tama Makishima, the General Manager of this restaurant. She is a petite lady and very friendly introducing us around on their buffet menu.  The buffet spread is small, but the quality of the food wins it all. Here it not about the quantity that counts, its all about the premium quality of food that we are getting while dining in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The buffet is only available on every Saturday and they just started in the month of August. During weekdays, they have ala carte menu  and some bento set choices which are quite valuable.We are seated at the corner end where we can actually have the window view outside and Makishima is conveniently located just 5 minutes walk from the Monorail Station. 

I was glad to meet two of the Directors and have a quick chat with them. Makishima is owned by Japanese and both couples, they came here to dine in during their stay in Sheraton few years back, but they could not find any Japanese food. So they come out with an idea to set up a Japanese restaurant serving purely and traditional Japanese food. They are very enthusiastic to open this restaurant here to cater for Japanese as well as for other hotel guest for them to enjoy an authentic Japanese cuisines.

Free cotton candy for in house guest

Brightly painted walls dining rooms and have the sliding door where they can open up more space for big crowd

Very impressive interior as I walk down the path,  I admiring those decorations build up with thoughtfulness and really appreciate to see this place turns out to be the zen garden-inspired place. Seems like walking in into the Japanese dwellings and the nice contemporary design with a touch of Japanese flair. The restaurant caters more private room with little disturbance and each room have their comfort, warmth and elegance elements.
The very traditional Tatami rooms where diners can sit with their legs comfortably and experience the tranquil ambiance and peaceful environment. These private room are suitable for gathering or events and extra charges RM 50 is imposed for the booking of this exclusive room.

Cozy room for 4 people to dine in

Around 8 people can fit in this room as well with an open porthole window to peep on the other side of the room.

Unique design of the long tables. Artistic and brilliant idea to create such deco

From the entrance I can see this Japanese collections of all sorts of cups and bottles. I read from the other blogger review that they can actually choose your very own cup design for your green tea. I miss this opportunity to ask the lady. Pretty interesting!

Japanese Style Fritters

Makishima promises us a wonderful cuisine with the use of its premium ingredients . The salmon, tuna and etc are all imported originally from Japan every two weeks. Quality assurance and freshness of the food here.

Array of fresh seafood available daily. The octopus sushi was great with sweet and bouncy texture added on with sourish pickles. 

The presentation for both udon and soba isn’t mind blowing, but the taste is good too.

Ikayaki - Grilled squid
Wide selection of Japanese Asahi & Sapporo beer by the bottle

Yaki-Soba - Teppan fried yakisoba noodle with seafood and vegetables. I prefer this light and flavourful noodle and add on with some chicken meat.

Torikaraage - Deep fried chicken. 

Teriyaki Chicken - Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce.  The teriyaki chicken is grilled with glittering glazed skin, and I taste the chicken meat is more juicy and tender meat compare to torikaraage.

Another noteworthy dish to try on is the grilled mackerel fish with salt. 

Salmon salad, potato salad, onion slice, chicken salad and etc

The first section of the salad, tofu, teppanyaki counter and some appetizer to warm up your tummy

Few choices of dressing for the salad as well as for the seafood. They have steak sauce, sesame sauce, egg sauce and Japanese sauce.

The secret to make the grilled salmon taste so delightful..

 Fresh tuna and salmon. Thick salmon with perfect layer of fat surrounding for each slice. Yummy!
Apart from that there are assorted sushi available - Japanese pickles roll,  Japanese Pickles, Cucumber roll, egg roll, crab meat roll,  and tuna roll .All are prepared fresh and although the sushi looks smaller in size, but I do enjoy it because of the smaller portion, I can savour other food.

Standing tall at the Giant Tree..I felt like taking out my shoes and walking around this place, stepping on the stones and quiet sitting meditation. When you open up the door in the middle it was actually the private rooms. Interesting and Surprise to both of us.

4 Season's menu- Makishima menu changes following the seasons and now is Summer season so they have this menu and will change from time to time.

Customer can order this ala carte menu during Mon-Friday ( lunch and dinner). On Saturday, this restaurant is only cater for buffet unless there is special request or earlier bookings for ala carte arrangement, they can accommodate for customer request. They have lunch set menu that changes daily and will update accordingly in their Facebook page. So check out the page for more updates.

Drink menu that are reasonably price

Makishima's premium offerings from RM200 per order.

The chef is preparing and replenish the sushi

Continuing, we had the smooth Chawanmushi- It was really an unforgettable moment when I had my first try. was smooth eggy surface that was perfectly done..both me and hubby was smiling and nodded that this Chawanmushi taste so good! 

Simple platter of mixed fruits served on a small table. The only thing that caught my attention is the banana dipped chocolate and the rest are just oranges and apples. They are still improving their menu and will come out with more choices.

Delicate sashimi and I really enjoy the grilled salmon. The sushi is bite size and best to have it with wasabi and the ginger. We can also request for the Japanese sweet sauce. The salmon texture was smooth and pleasant .Sashimi lovers would find this platter of dish is succulent and melted in the mouth. The sashimi available for the buffet are Tuna, Salmon, Octopus and Ika (Cuttlefish) .

Somehow, the tempura is just average, but with assortment of more choices that rarely found. They have mushrooms fried with tempura flour.

We had a great time looking at the view and we are amused by the Japanese food which are always our top favourite food.

We were impressed with how fresh the mackerel was,with natural sweetness of the fish and absolutely crispy skin. The grilled salmon (Salmon Aburi) is the signature food here and you must try this!! Awesome salmon that we enjoy it to the last bite. So juicy and fresh!

 Okonomiyaki is bountifully served to our table. This is the traditional Japanese savoury pancakes with a kind of healthy crepe that is so flavourful.
We watched the experience Chef preparing the Teppanyaki and work on the grills at the open teppan area.

Salmon Teppanyaki- The salmon is juicy and cooked to perfection. Thick salmon pieces and palatable slice of salmon fillet.

Grilled corn

Makishima just started the buffet dinner for every Saturday only at RM 85++. There are promotions for half price offered for kids and every dine in guest will have a free cotton candy!. Reservation can make early by calling them and any special arrangement for ala carte menu or big gathering of group of people for private room.

Some deco that are eye catching and seems like celebrating the Lantern (Tanglung) festival that are coming up this month. This restaurant also taking orders for Hokkaido Melon Japan and the melon is amazingly sweet commented by the lady staff. Customer can place orders and they will delivery to the home or office address.

Customer can apply for membership card that is renewable on yearly basis. The membership card is RM 250. The restaurant will in return giving in RM 200 dine in vouchers on birthday period and customer get to enjoy the food here. There are also special udon set for lunch from RM9 and can add toppings with additional charges. For first time customers who walk in to dine in, they will be given a voucher of 15% discount on the food to enjoy for next visit.

I would rate this place as 8/10

We deeply appreciate for their cordial hospitality and the delectable food! It was so relaxing moment with hubby enjoying the wholesome dishes with nice ambiance. Thanks to Tama for having us tonight and extend this invitation to us.

Here is all about "Quality and not Quantity" .

Makishima Japanese Restaurant

2F Sheraton Imperial Hotel, 
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

* Parking is flat rate at RM 8

Tel: 03-2602-3288

Lunch : Mon. - Fri. 12:00pm〜14:00pm
Dinner :Mon. - Fri. 18:30pm〜22:00pm
Buffet : Saturday 18.00 - 22.00 pm

Sun. is closed

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