Johnson's Baby Event @ Urban Mom 2014

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The "Are you Caring for his Skin the Right Way?" workshop was an interactive session with pediatricians from the panel and Johnson's Baby on providing your little ones with the best skin care solutions, which ended with a baby massage session

The workshop titled, “Are you Caring for his Skin the Right Way?” featured two pediatricians, Dr Aileen Wee and Dr Yap Hsiao Ling, who gave moms a hands-on, interactive experience ranging from healthy skin development for babies to age-appropriate skincare before culminating in the highlight of the afternoon, and ended with a baby massage demonstration.

Understanding and Caring for his Skin the Right Way:
·         Baby skin is 30% thinner than adult skin, and loses water more quickly during the first 12 months of his life.
·         The right baby-specific skincare is critical in the first months of a baby’s life because baby skin is more vulnerable to dryness, irritation and infection during this time.

·         A good night’s rest makes a huge difference in baby’s disposition when he wakes! This is why the Johnson’s® Baby Bedtime range was created, with a unique formula to help relax babies, thereby encouraging them to have a good nights’ sleep. Its unique scent and gentle ingredients form the Natural Calm™ essence, which is found in the entire range comprising a bath, lotion, oil and powder. Most importantly, Johnson’s® Baby also has a clinically proven routine to help babies sleep more soundly, which we will be demonstrating in a short while!

Some Important Tips on Baby Skin Care:
·         1) First of all, choose the right skincare that is specially formulated to be safe and gentle for babies.
·        2)  Following bath-time, seal the moisture in baby’s skin with a lotion or massage oil. 
·         It’s important at all times to be alert for any signs of skin irritation, especially at the folds of the skin such as the neck, inner part of the elbows and behind the knees where dirt, sweat or excessive moisture can become trapped.  Any rash should be treated immediately, to prevent it from getting worse. 
Moms can also help to reduce baby’s exposure to irritants by washing new clothes and bedding before use, using repellents and mosquito screens to prevent insect bites, and keeping them out of the sun whenever possible.

The workshop came to a close with the baby massage demonstration led by Dr Yap, who explained, “The sense of touch is essential for human beings, and massage has long been known to have positive benefits. Among babies, research indicates that massage can help reduce colic, encourage better growth and improve sleep.”

Find out more about the Johnson’s® Baby commitment to safe, mild and effective skincare at or stay up-to-date via, where you can also post questions to be answered by the Doktorbudak panel!