Old Tricycle @ Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa

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I always being a fan of yong tau foo and today we found a new concept of having BBQ Yong Tau Foo at Old Tricycle @ Taman Desa. It took us only 15 minutes drive to Taman Desa from Titiwangsa after working hours. Hidden gem at Faber Tower, center court which is also surrounds by the housing area. We manage to find the place and the whole area is outdoor space with charcoal stove placed on each tables. 

Old Tricycle opened its business since March 2014. Mr Ray, the owner wish to bring the original taste of the yong tau foo from his father for Being  55 years of their original stall "Choon Kee" in Pudu . Choon Kee is well known for their traditional homemade yong tau foo and now Old Tricycle BBQ Yong Tau Foo  is another new innovation by the owner for being the first restaurant that introduced grilled yong tau foo over charcoal.

Lots of efforts and thought to finish this 3D Mural that represents Mr.Ray father who are selling the yong tau foo on the old tricycle. I find this very meaningful and looks lively to me. Sitting there enjoying the food and the scene of old days serving of yong tau foo.

 Wide open air dining environment with bright signage and the whole street are covered with BBQ aroma . Multiple pots of charcoals are prepared fired up outside the corridor of the shop. The places looks inviting with friendly and helpful staff.

Yong tau foo serving is clearly listed at the menu. Can't wait to have my favourite pig skin

There are 3 sizes of set menu that is available daily starting with a small set of 15 pieces for 2-3 pax (RM 30.00), medium set of 25 pieces for 4 pax (RM 48.00) & large set ( for bigger group) of 35 pieces for 5 pax (RM 65.00). There are choices of A la carte yong tau foo, price starts from RM 1.80 onwards.
Old Tricycle Yong Tau Foo offers eggplant, bitter gourd, chili, tau foo pok, lady fingers, beancurd, long beans, pig skin,fry fishballs, bacon, Fried dumpling, meatballs, marinated Aust sirloin with fish paste, smoked duck breast with fish paste and the higher range of marinated Aust lamb with fish paste.

There are 4 choices of Cheong Fun or you can just order a bowl of rice.

Here are the Background of Old Tricycle. The original recipe is from Tai Pu China. They also extend their production of homemade fish paste to other stalls, food courts, canteens, hawkers and etc. They have their own factory to produce the ingredients.

BBQ Pits is available at each tables. We can choose to grill ourselves or the staff will do it for you. It could be a fun way to grill it on our own..just the matter to ensure the food is perfectly cooked.  
  We are served with these Oldies Chinese wedding steel painted mugs. A big mug which can be shared among two persons. The Pumpkin Barley (RM 4.50) - Only available on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Sweet, flavourful and nutritious drinks that you must try on.

Ray recommended this Freezy Lime Juice (RM 4.50) as well. Chilled drinks just nice to have this after the BBQ session. Refreshing lime juice!!

Fry onion soya sauce Chee Cheong Fun (RM 3.90) - My all time favourite. I love the original way to have the Chee Cheong Fun with just plain soya sauce.  Silky smooth chee cheong fun with added on crispy fry onion, spring onion and sprinkle of sesame.

Homemade special chilli and sweet sauce. The chili sauce was equally delicious 

We are served with our small set of 15 pieces of fresh yong tau foo set with smoky sauce. This set comes with brinjal, lady finger, tau fu pok, fry fu pei, streaky bacon with capsicum fish paste, streaky bacon with pig skin fish paste, back bacon with fish paste, mushroom with fish paste, chilis, and bitter gourd. Definitely enough for two pax.

I was quite delighted by this serving of Chee Cheong Fun soaked in Curried gravy and the condiments of chewy fried Pig Skin & crunchy Dried Shrimp (RM 3.90). Aromatic, flavourful and spicy. I find myself addictive to this chee cheong fun. Taste really good.

Another signature food -Fried Fu Pei (Fried beancurd sheets) RM 3.80.  Extremely crispy and I enjoy every bite. This is a good one.

Mouth watering yong tau foo menu for tonight

The yong tau foo is now smoked over charcoal grills. The staff will slowly turn over each pieces of the yong tau foo to ensure all are well cooked. And in between will put some oil on top of the yong tau foo. Probably to prevent those yong tau foo on the grill plate will not stick together. 

Waiting patiently with excitement as we are trying out something new today. Smells good..
 Innovative Capsicum stuffed with fish paste and wrapped with bacon (RM 2.50). Savoury bacon that will tickle your taste bud. I also love the streaky bacon with pig skin fish paste. You can't beat the taste of anything bacon-wrapped! 

Each pieces of yong tau food is stuffed nicely with fish paste. The texture of the fish paste is firm and tasty. Pair it with the pleasant taste of the chili sauce or sweet sauce. You can choose to just have it originally which I prefer. Yummy
Enjoying the simple meal along with the rhythm from the oldies song..nostalgic moments..I think my parents know very well of those songs..

3D mural of Ray’s late father selling yong tau foo on his traditional tricycle stall. Impressive artwork with the handle of the bicycles. 

Check this place to try out the first Original Charcoal BBQ Yong Tau Foo in Klang Valley. Thanks again to Ray for this food sampling session.

*You will have the chance to get a ride on the traditional trishaw next month. Look out for their FB page for more updates. 


Plaza Faber
Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa, off Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

*Will be opening another branch in Desa Aman Puri (Kepong) in December with air conditioning place and another interesting mural.

Tel: +6012-218 1352

Business Hour: 6.00pm – 11.00pm (Closed on Tuesday)