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  • This oil-proof masks designed according to human facial contours, even wearing glasses can also be used by people, men and women are available. Flanked by anti-fogging of the lens processing, and make your vision clear to prevent cooking oil smoke damage to the eyes or face.Wearing glasses can also be used.

  • Hubby bought this to try since it seems to be useful especially when cooking the fried items.

Product Specs:

Frame size: average size face mask 22*19cm, Frame and long legs 14cm, 21*28cm packaging 
Material: frame PC/mask APET 
Weight: 0.11kg, 3 Color Available :Pink / Sky Blue / Green

  • Half-frame design make it suitable for both men and women to wear, and even suitable for those people wearing glasses.
  • Can effectively prevent hot oil from splashing on face and eyes and hurt your skin while cooking.
  • Anti-fog coating design on double-sides of lenses to maintain clarity and let your vision clear every moment.
  • Easy to install with removable lenses and frame.Simple and practical design, easy to use and clean.

I have yet to try. Will update on how effective it is
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