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I was delighted when received invitation to have food review at Federal Hotel at newly opened restaurant called " Kontiki", When I recall this hotel, it reminds me of our sweet memory of having our wedding dinner here at Mandarin Oriental and it has been 5 years since my last visit. 
The Federal Hotel has started to refurnished the room and this Kontiki Restaurant is just opened on 19 September 2014 (used to be a function room) with a modern contemporary interior-designed concept offering an extensive buffet spread.I adore the whole environment, comfortable with nice interior and open concept kitchen.The highlights for tonight is their BBQ buffet that only available on Friday and Saturday.I was fascinated with the food especially the BBQ station.
Background of Kontiki Restaurant " Kontiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, from whom “Kon-Tiki” was said to be an old name. Considered the creator god, he was the father of all other Inca gods and it was he who formed the earth, heavens, sun, moon and all living beings. When he finished his work he was believed to have travelled far and wide teaching humanity and bringing the civilised arts before he headed west across the Pacific, never to be seen again but promising one day to return."
The two giant Tikis at the main entrance deco is unique and bought since 1960's..
Beautiful and romantic seats arrangement for the couples to enjoy a sweet dining moments together. The wall design is to represent the wave as if we are dining in a ship environment.

Kontiki " Love Seats"

Raw high ceiling with globe lights makes the Kontiki float like being in an open sea on a serene moonlit night, giving the space an open airiness that flows from area to area. Rattan chairs welcome you to a comfortable ambiance.

Cold desserts counter featuring premium seafood - crabs, crawfish (yabbies), prawns, tiger prawns, mussels, scallops and lots more. Fresh and bountiful in every pieces

Fresh oysters and yabbies

Preparing banana fritters I guess so

Cold platter

Selection of appetizer..perhaps to start of with healthy bowl of salad first?

Sushi section with fresh salmon, sashimi, tuna, ebiko, and corn salad

Varieties of fruits - Watermelon, pinepple, dragonfruits, langsat, papaya, ciku, guava..all our local asian fruits. Yumm

Desserts counter with black forest cakes, puddings, chocolates, cendol, creme brulee, creamy puddings, and etc

 Malay and Indian cuisines with more spicy kick. Lamb meat, chicken curry and vegetables. Traditional serving of kuih talam, ang koo, ondeh ondeh, kuih koci, kueh lapis and more. Not too overly sweet.

Feel free to munch on the different keropok - Cracker Belinja ( this is good), cracker papadam, cracker vegetable or cracker fish

Another section of pasta of your choices

Hong Kong Peking duck is made daily roasted for 4-5 hours . Customers can enjoy the sumptuous roasted duck and enjoy looking at it from their comfort seats

Local Chinese traditional delights 

Relaxing outdoor seats facing the swimming pool. Dining in with a lush tropical greenery scene and tree lights remarks an unforgettable experience. 

Baked whole Salmon and  baked roasted chicken with herbs

Roast rack of lamb. Each rib is so tender and flavourful with added sauces

Indulge with the fresh seafood at the BBQ Section with wide selection of marinated chicken, prawns, yabbies, shellfish, lamb, satay (my favourite). Grilled to perfection and we enjoy watching them. 

The chef choose the most active Yabbies( still alive) for us . The squids portion is big as well as for the meats. 

Wonderful cakes display..looks tempting with 50% discount price after 6pm daily. 

Reasonable price for the quality of the food here. Senior citizen gets to enjoy almost 50% discount.

Wanna win a 2D1N stat at newly renovated Merdeka Wing Room at Federal Hotel? Do remember to take a selfie picture with your own creative way when dine in here. Just try, why not?

Grilled prawns..love it

Mee rebus- Craving for this so much..but the taste is below par. The broth is too thick

Self mixed rojak with combinations of varieties of fruits - Papaya, guava, pineapple, mango, and lots more. Adding the sauces and peanuts together. 

We have an extensive buffet with international BBQ feasts and the unique blend of Asian and Continental favourites in Kontiki Restaurant. Thanks to May Lee for the food review session.

Starting from now till 8 December, 2014, there is as 25% discount for Tiki Buffet at Kontiki Restaurant. Check out the updates in FB page.

KONTIKI Restaurant
The Federal Kuala Lumpur
Mezzanine Level
35 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

For reservations :
Tel                : 03 - 2148 9166
Fax               : 03 - 2148 2877

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/kontiki.thefederalkl?fref=ts

Website : http://www.kontiki.com.my/

Fedeal hotel : www.fhihotels.com