Occubite @ Quill City Mall

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It was our first visit to Quill City Mall, another new mall in town that was so conveniently located attached to the Medan Tuanku Monorail Station. It took me only 8 minutes from the monorail station in Raja Chulan and just walking distance to the entrance of the mall. While waiting for hubby, I take a short tour inside the mall, observing where is the exit, floors plan, escalators and lifts. Each side is placed with lifts and each corner end have escalator. Just the signage is not so clear and the lift does not indicate when it reached, or going up or down. Only have the yellow lights which have the same colour as the lighting. 

Aeon Jusco has opened its doors last month, wide and more space compare to other outlets. I love how they design the kids floors and the supermarket area (clear direction and signage to tell customers what products placed at each lane and the trolley is all new ( seems just like those in ISETAN). Good Job! The kids floor is nicely done with arrangement of the brands accordingly and the toys section is great!

Then, I took the escalator down to LG floor. Here I can find few restaurants and cafes. Sushi King, Dubu Dubu, Fish Manhattan, and etc..Can't decide what to eat..I go up again to Level 1 and saw this banner..showing the set lunch for only RM 9.90 and this restaurant name sounds familiar.." Occubite" (there is one outlet in KL Festival Mall which have been closed down). 

Occubite is offering RM 9.90 super meal lunch set available from 11am to 3 pm and dinner as well from 6pm to 10pm. Valuable lunch set and the serving is reasonable too.They have more varieties of food and not just selling muffins. The staff is friendly and helpful telling us some info about this cafe. Being the first outlet, I find they have improve so much on the menu and all looks interesting

Fish Samurai Burger - The bun is very soft, with large size of the fish fillet. Topped with cheese, cucumber and a slice of tomato. Yummy
Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam - I ask the staff why we need to wait almost 10 minutes for this. She said all are fresh made. The nasi lemak is ready but the chicken they cook it upon ordering. Delicious meal with spicy sambal, fragrant rice and tender chicken meat.

Array of sweet local kuih..looks tempting

Colourful muffins - "Low Fat, Low Sugar, Less Calories".

We can also choose to top up RM 3 for the choices of drinks - Lemon tea or Apple green tea

Nice packaging for events

Small area but clean and well maintained

Along this stretch where we can find Pizza Hut and KFC, bread stalls and others

Lovely deco with  sweets, candy and muffins in the Christmas festive mood

More shops is opening soon. The staff told me the grand opening is expected to be Jan 2015..This is the near place for me to get down from work by monorail and perhaps I should wait for the Jusco member days sale to grab my stuff...


Quill City Mall
2.15 Level 2 ( Above H &M)
Jalan Sultan Ismail

Facebook Link ; https://www.facebook.com/Occubite
Webite : http://www.occubite.com/

Quill City Mall Website: http://www.quillcitymall.com.my/