Kidz Expo 2014 @ Mid Valley Megamall

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After thinking for a week, I finally make my final decision to visit Kidz Expo at Midvalley. 5th Dec to 7th Dec seems to be tight up with few events and food review, but I put priority to spend time with my kids here to bring them over to have fun. This is the first event organize by TCE. I have been to their Maternity and Children Expo for the past few years and they seems to improve alot. Kidz Expo started at 11am and occupied Hall 2 and 3. Not a big hall and much to offer, but I do enjoy the kiosk there which provide lots of kids activities and they can spend their time there doing the fun activity and at the same time learning as well. From the website, it stated the following:
  • 200 Booths
  • 300 Exclusive Brands
  • 6,000 Appeton Activ-C (Blackcurrant)
  • 10,000 Enfagrow A+ Ready-To-Drink Sets
  • Guaranteed Gifts worth RM79 FOR EVERY VISITOR
  • 30 FUN-tastic Stage Programme
  • 10,000 Sets Education Courses & Cash Vouchers
  • Lucky Draw Prizes Galore worth RM100,000
  • First Ever & Largest LEGO Dis-Playland in Malaysia
I only queue for the goodies bag after my visit to all kiosk. The registration counter is open to all, we need to queue and register our name and details. Payment of RM 10 for the goodies bag and entrance ticket to the Lego Dis-Playland. On top of that, this also helps fund for World Vision, 
The goodies bag is wrapped nicely.  Inclusive of mug, 3 Enfagrow chocolate drinks, Appeton, photobook worth RM 79, and a booklet of all cash vouchers and discounts. 

Show time - Sesame Street dancing on stage . Nice performance 

This round of events is not really crowded compared to those Baby fair, and we have more time walking comfortably ,not rushing here and there. The first stop was at the front kiosk offering Appeton for the kids. Free vitamins for them, and fun games making puzzle and stacks for the kids to sit there and play. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

We move on to another booth offering free sand art for kids. Parents need to purchase products worth RM 25 and above and the kids can choose the cartoon character of their choices for the sand art activity. After purchase the scar cream, I am entitled to make a spin to get more freebies or discounts. My girl help me to do the big spin and we have another RM 3 discount and can use on the spot to deduct the price of the scar cream.

 Hubby spend time with my two girls and they concentrating to finish up the sand art on both princess and winnie the pooh pictures. While waiting, I walk around with my naughty boy to other booth and have some free drinks as I passing by some kiosks. When I return after 20 minutes, they are almost done. We have a quick snap shot with this cute design of Hiruscar. Looks like the trend of holding these signboard as if I was going to tag in Instagram

My kids are having fun with the colourful balls. covered and they are all inside playing themselves,while mummy can do some shopping first. Bought Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk for RM 18 (Large pack) with free mould and cup (can change colour). Each counter and booth have their own way to attract customers to stop by and take a look of the products they offered.

Another memorable moments with immediate photo printing. We just need to queue up and get the costumes and look at the camera machines. Three pose but we are running out of time to change the stuff, thus second picture looks funny ( like being candid). I am surprised my girl will put on the Ironman mask and look at Papa ..Spiderman..and my Jia Yi?? she in bad photos for today
Overall, we enjoy the events with lots of freebies, playtime with the kids, promotions and free tasting. 

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