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Two Pesos Steamboat is newly opened this year in August and having a very good response with the long queue started as early as 5.30pm before the restaurant opened at 6pm for dinner. A very popular franchise in Taiwan and now is known to be Taiwan's No. 1 Mini Steamboat outlet in Malaysia. Located strategically at SS2, beside  Starbucks and Chatime, this place attracts family diners as well as youngsters. 

The main concept to serve steamboat at affordable price with good quality of food by introducing their specialties of the soup. The recipe is originally from Taiwan and they put a lot of effort into making the ingredients for the different types of soup. As a master franchise, they provide fresh item daily and ensure the soup quality with no MSG added. Thus, you won't felt thirsty after having the soup.

Two Pesos name derive from the owners ( both husband and wife) having their trip to Philippines ( they keep the coin from Boracay) and took the currency Pesos as to indicate the price of the steamboat here is cheap and everyone can afford to have it here. They travel to Taiwan and found this recipe and have done lots of research to come out with today's success. More soups varieties soon and they will rotate in the menu.

Spacious bright place to have steamboat with air conditioning. 

Their ordering process is very straightforward and simple, take a menu (English or Chinese version), choose a meat of your choice (Pork, Beef or Lamb) and choose rice, yee mee or meehoon according to the soup that you wish to have.

Two Pesos have 12 mini steamboat sets such as Classic, Taiwan Sacha, Vegetarian, Korean Kimchi, Two Pesos Stone, Sour Greenings, Japanese Sukiyaki, Milky Seafood, Mongolian Herbs, Basu Spicy, Original Spicy Dual and Tajine Seafood. Customer can have other add on (Ala Carte) from the selection of slice meat, vegetables, noodles, steamboat delights and etc. Price start from RM 10 for a set!! Net price and yes you can have a quick lunch with the cute mini pot in less than 30 minutes.

According to Bill, the most important is to use the right pot to the correct type of soup to bring out the best results. The cooking process and the ingredients used is also the main factor. This is to ensure customer satisfaction on the taste can be fulfill. They have done many testing and research to introduce wide selection of soups. 

All setting with individual gas stove and warn you first, the pot is hot and must cautious when placing the plastic sauce bowl around the table.

Self service counter, Chopsticks, spoons and sauces ( Mix the sauces of your preference and recommended to try the Taiwan Sacha sauce.  I love the sauce taste together with the blended chili sauce. Not to forget adding some garlic mash on top of my rice. 

The entrance window is always open and customer can walk in to take away the steamboat. Easy, convenient and steamboat on the go..i love this concept

Special designed pot with different functions to bring the best quality of the broth

 The drinks choices are only limited to mineral water,passion fruit ice and Kochabi winter Melon tea (inhouse made). In my opinion, after drinking the soups, we are almost full and not thirsty at all. Except probably for the spicy broth you might need some chilled drinks.

Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM 13.50 ) is the Best Seller and usually customer order this. Each pot have their own way of cooking and purposes.  Cast Iron pot or Stone Pot need to be heated with sesame oil, garlic, onions and pork slice to be fried till partially cooked. This is to bring the aroma out and will then pour in the soup and bring to boil to enhance the flavour.  

Valuable set with complete vegetables and meat. 

The staff will assist you on this

The pork slice is delicious and the soup tasted naturally sweet

Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 14.00). Serving with yee mee, lamb meat, vegetables, seafood, and etc. Pleasant and comfort broth..The soy sauce based soup taste lighter than those I had in Japanese restaurant.

The first impression when you see this set, you will be questioning where is the soup?? My advise is to slowly open the fire and you will be surprise when you see the soup level is actually at the exact level. So you can add on the soup later after you finish the first round perhaps.
Hot simmering soup..all of us love this soups so much..

Each set are well presented

Basu Spicy Pot (RM 14.00)- Basu Spicy Pot is like the concept of  "Ma Lat" soup. Reddish but not exactly spicy than you can imagine off..

I love this soup is definitely my favourite as well. The ma lat soup is not too spicy, just slowly will felt the spiciness..Good to make your choice with a bowl of rice rather than the noodle.

Milky Seafood Pot (RM 14.00) - Unique serving with ceramic pot (slow fire).  This is my top favourite for today. The milky taste is milder and  different from fish head noodles broth. The ingredients will slowly immerse into the Milky broth and pair it with mee hon. The soups is distinctive to me.Yummy

Standard 3- 4 slices of meat
Hearty bowl of soup.

Fresh Dumpling

In conclusion, I find this new style of having steamboat is pretty interesting and lots of soup to try on for my next visit.

Come over for a healthy, quick, affordable and unique steamboat!

Two Pesos Restaurant

No. 7 Ground Floor
Jalan SS 2/ 67
47300 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 7865 2072

Operation hours is from 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 11pm

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wow!! the price is very reasonable!! I heard lots of ppl praising about the food at there :D

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yes,,you should go and try..prepare for the long queue..can you email me as i can;t reach u

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I finally tried this awesome steamboat place!