Vvaffle @ The School, Jaya One

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Vvaffle is located at Jaya One, The School,just opened early this month. These premium waffles is created by Trent, together with Walter and Jun to bring the best quality of waffle which they only specialize in Belgian Liege Waffles. They make a lot of research and experiment in 2 years time to come out with their own recipe to make the waffles stand out from the rest. 

All are fresh handmade, the brioche dough is fermented overnight which took more than 12 hours for the whole process. Their main selling point is their special toppings. Those waffles is easily pair with any flavours (sweet,spice, and savoury taste).
Comfortable place to visit and beautiful hand-drawn drawings at the counter - Bright and cheerful 

Menu list for customer to choose

We tried two of their signature waffles

The dough is quite limited. So if you want to try the waffle, advisable to come earlier before everything sold out. Each dough needs to be prepared one day before.

 Belgian Liege Waffle topped with torched Japanese mayo and Takoyaki sauce sprinkled with chilli pepper and dried bonito' (RM 10) -  The waffles are super crisp on the outside and light as a feather inside and so scrumptious. 

 Belgian Liege Waffle topped with white chocolate, pure vanilla cream, and Nestum flake (RM 9) -  Soft and warm inside, wonderfully crisp on the outside. The toppings is delicious and not overly sweet.

The main ingredients to make a perfect piece of Belgian Waffle - Belgian Pearl Sugar and Premium Molasses Sugar (both are imported from oversea), Kampung Egg and Vanilla Bean. They also used good quality of butter which is from Europe. These are the key to ultimate textural and taste delight.

Choices of the beverages 

Come and try out these tender and flavourful waffle.

Vvaffle Waffles
Level P1, The School Complex, Jaya One, 
Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya. 

Opens : 12 noon until evening.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/VvaffleMY