Green Tomato Cafe @ Persiaran Ritchie, Ampang

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Green Tomato Cafe is located at Yayasan Seni, Ampang and owns by Emilia Tan,who is also the Batik artists. A petite lady with her nice batik outfit  put a smile on our face welcoming us to their cafe.
  The batik workshop besides the cafe is very interesting whereby customer can learn to make the batik of their preference by just paying for a minimum fee of RM 50. This place really preserve the arts and culture of our Malaysian heritage  and tourist gets to know our cultural as well.
The garden design of the entrance was really welcoming. Comfortably and relaxing atmosphere as we walking around the place.

Latte art workshop is available here

We have the chance to learn the latte art - just a simple and basic steps to make the art on top of the coffee. They are very kind to explain to us the steps and into making a good latte art. Most important steps is to control the temperature and angle of the steamer, as well as how you hold the cup. They only used imported coffee and thus explains every cup of coffee are so delicious and aromatic.

Nicely done

Another latte art for us to admire

Hearty Breakfast RM 18 - The Healthiest breakfast to start off the day with Scramble egg, mushroom, tomato, chicken sausage, toast and beans. The eggs have the texture of soft curds while the portion sizes is generous too.

Enjoying my brunch

I personally like the batik deco here.

Chicken Burger RM 18 - Homemade chicken burger topped with pickles mayonnaise, toasted bun, fries and salad. The patty is superb juicy and moist.

Look what have I found - My kids gonna love them

Pancakes RM 14 - Pure and simple pancake with maple syrup and fresh fruits. The combination is pretty good with sweet strawberries and kiwi. Palatable Light and fluffy pancakes.

I love this place and I will be coming back for a relaxing morning breakfast with my family and the kids of course.

Green Tomato Cafe
Yayasan Seni, 333, 
Persiaran Ritchie off Jalan Ritchie, 
55000 K.L

Business hour : 8am – 5pm DAILY.
Tel : 0123887343 / 0342515154 or email

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