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Went to pavilion today to redeem this OpenRice RM 5 cash them the voucher and the staff said I can use it for any menu. Ordered the red bean dessert for RM 4.90. I was shocked to see the portion and when served on my table, the actual food is totally different from the pic in menu!!!! It was really bad.u can see from the food itself in this pic..yuks.this is how hui lau shan dessert? ?? Seriously this is my first visit and will be the last

The picture shown in the menu is so attractive

You can see this clearly. Only 5 longans and i counted only like 15-20 pieces of red beans...OMG!!! This is how you serve hot desserts?? Watery, tasteless..oh ya..I can only taste the sugar in the red beans desserts.

When ask for bill, the chinese guy said I cant use the voucher bcoz it was lower than rm 5..WAT?????? What the hell are you talking about? They said they will shortage for rm 0.10?? And their system could not capture..what funny system and voucher is this? He even ask me to order another food from the this my problem?? You should solve and figure it out.why u have to ask me to order another dish and by looking at that red bean desserts which is not appetizing at all,of course I will not be ordering again! Sickening conversation and he keep on saying that shortage of 10cent

Its so funny that how the cash voucher applies. .I never encounter such bullshit terms.if u have any minimum amount to use this voucher. .then plz state in the voucher o tell customers. .he blame the staff who told me he don't anything, but I saw he was talking to the manager..after that settle my bill, the bossy lady sit behind my table and keep talking about this issue with her staff talking loudly in Cantonese for minutes about this stupid issue..rude, arrogant and bad attitude of this manager. .plz learn some respects to customers. .

I will have to nominate you as the worst manager..something like the woman in pasar (market) who talk nonstop and talk badly about customer . keep complaining the voucher I redeem making you losses of that ridiculous 10 cents!!!!!


Another voucher given from Open Rice. I do not wish to redeem it anymore.. Full of anger!!
From my past experience using cash voucher, i never have problem with that. I wonder how their funny system works?? Just the scenario that you have RM 10 CASH VOUCHER from need to buy the thing which is only RM9..Will the cashier telling you this voucher is not valid because the price is below RM 10 and you need to choose something which is more expensive and have to pay again?? total crap! 

Just throw it all!!!! Worth NOTHING! Meaningless voucher won from Open Rice.
Hui Lau Shan

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