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Jogoya is located at Starhill, along the busy city centre at Bukit Bintang area and here the buffet quality is still as good all the time. Jogoya only serve freshly shucked oysters, never frozen ones and each pieces is very big and juicy. I love to squeeze in the lime on top of it. Jogoya stands out as one of my favourite Japanese restaurants to go for buffets especially during weekends. The place is very cozy and clean dining environment. Jogoya has the open concept kitchen surround the whole area with the chef doing the cooking and here they provide Chinese cuisines, Japanese cuisines, Teppanyaki and Western cuisines spread where the cooking is done upon order made. We are given pegs tag which has our table numbers to be placed on the small glass bowls to signify we would ordered that particular dish. The unique dish will be the crab of course.

The fried tempura was delicious. Extremely crispy and dip with the special tempura sauce. The tempura is always taken up and you need to prepare to start quieting up when it almost done. There are also teppanyaki style, grilled Japanese Wagyu roll, grilled king crab, grilled tiger prawn with teriyaki sauce and noodle section. Unlimited orders can be made and there are many choices of meats and seafood available - meats, grilled fishes like cod, mackerel, salmon and shishamo, sukiyaki ,unagi and scallops.
Sashimi is a must in Japanese buffet!! I love the thick slabs of rich fatty flavoursome salmon full of Omega 3. The serving is very fresh and I enjoy every pieces. Dip it into the soy sauce and wasabi to enlighten the taste.

The unagi is superb and was so tasty. It was grilled to perfection. The texture is good with mild flavour and sweetness from the teriyaki sauce. On the other side, I will always look for their famous cold coconut. The Thai Coconut Drink was so refreshing and pleasant after drinking it. We always took more than 6 person each time we dine in. The dining experience was fun and we keep on looking for the next serving of the coconut 

The most tempting part is a whole row counter booth of Haagen Dazs desserts. From ice creams to cakes, and jelly to puddings, the choices were so greatly available all the time and it was simply irresistible! We just can’t stop ourselves scooping the tempting ice cream corner the flavour which i like the most is chocolate and yam and also the green tea. Refreshing and nice Don’t miss out the desserts especially the tea jelly and mochi.


T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181,
Jalan Bukit Bintang

Tel: 03-21421268

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