Nichinan Jidoriya @ Mid Valley ( Second visit)

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We bought one voucher from Groupon for 50% saving of dining in at Nichinan Jidoriya by paying only RM 20 to enjoy RM 40 cash voucher. All set menu and drinks is applicable for this deal. We make early reservation and was the first customer to dine in on that Saturday morning. The service is good with attentive staff offering my kids with complete sets of  cutlery together with a plastic cup for them too.

Being the early patrons, I get to snap some nice photos of the restaurant deco..filled up with Japanese cups and lots of teishoku displayed 

Outdoor seats looks good

Ultraman collections

Hot Ocha

Nori tempura Onsen-tamago Udon RM 18.80 - Chewy and soft udon with well balance flavour from the soup.

Saba Fish Set RM 20- This whole set comes with rice, miso soup, salad, mini sized watermelon and a chawanmushi. Flavourful and tasty saba fish to pair it with a bowl of rice.

Smooth Chawanmushi
Overall, the food is still consider good and I have a better impression compared to my first visit. 

Savings on the meals means I can have my another round of shopping spree with my kids. Weekends is never boring when it comes to having a good meal with nice service.

Nichinan-shi Jidoriya

Unit G(E) 010, (TLE)0902, 
Ground Floor, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, 59200 

*Just next to Beyong Veggie*

Tel : 60 3-2284 1311

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