U-Cafe @ Sungei Wang Plaza Kuala Lumpur ( Invited Food Tasting Session)

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We attended the recent Food Tasting event organized by Open Snap at U-Cafe @Sungei Wang. We are being introduced for their new menu that will be available in the month of April. Usually, I do drop by here for lunch set and today I have the opportunity to tried out their other sumptuous menu that features mostly Local Asian cuisines.  We started off with the appetizers. Wonderfully platted at the semi buffet counter with chicken skewers, cold desserts, fruits, and fresh mint drinks.

Alfresco dining atmosphere

Glad to be here meeting up with new faces of the foodies

U-Cafe signature platter. I was looking at the menu price RM 30.90.Worth it? I don't think so. The platter is just the common fried item such as french fries, wedges, fried chicken meat, fish and vegetables rolls.

We continue with the salad and salmon fillet with mango slices. Appetizing

Here comes the main course. In total I have counted, we have almost 12 dishes of main course.. That was really impressive and we are looking at each other each time the main course is served to our table..Are we able to finish it all??

Scallops and teriyaki chicken pasta

It looks like the 'dancing' fish which I recalled from my food review in Brisik Restaurant - specializing in Indonesian food.

Hazelnut Latte was pretty good

Chicken Chop

Huge size of the grilled salmon

Thai Pineapple fried rice

The local favorite - Chow Kuey Teow

For spicy lovers - Curry Laksa
Butter prawn

It seems to be never ending. Here is another main course. And Finally we have the last dish for tonight food sampling - Soft shell crab with stir fried mee hon.

I love the food here especially the curry laksa, butter prawn, chicken chop and pineapple fried rice,

We have a really special dining session and thanks to Open Snap and U-Cafe for their great hospitality,


C025, Concourse Floor, 
Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, 55100

Tel : 03-2142 9686

Website : http://www.u-cafe.com.my/


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Kathryn Wong
March 31, 2015 at 7:26 PM delete

wow~ I missed this opportunity to attend and review about it >_<!

Elee Yi
March 31, 2015 at 9:47 PM delete

hehe next time sure have chance to meet u there