Grand Prize Winner from OpenSnap

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Good News for my self?? Ya perhaps I should say I am so lucky enough to be selected as the Grand Prize Winner in the recent contest organized by Open Rice. The contest started from 1 Jan 2015 to 28 Feb 2015. Each participant need to download the OpenSnap application and starts to download food photo together with the rating inside the applications. Each 10 photos submission will get RM 5.  I received the email notification stated that I have won the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!!. 

I read the email three times again and again..How come I managed to get the highest numbers of food photo submission? As far as I remember I only posted around 300+ photos..I began to worried and my instinct telling me that something is wrong here. Could it due to the CNY photos submission that they actually counted in together and that’s explain my winning? I have a lot of questions in mind.

During the CNY, we received email from OpenRice that they have another contest going on for almost one week starts from 18 Feb to 28 Feb 2015 and each photos need to # CNY. Each photos will entitle for RM 1.50. So this contest is more worth it I guess so I start to pump in photos with # CNY. Confusing and mix up. My feelings telling me something is wrong there. 

On the next working days, I collected my prizes and I have the highest number of food photos submission with ratings. The truth is I have make a big mistake on the #. The OpenRice Marketing Manager told me that I am the only person that have this problem and no other user has it! OMG.Really? I could not believe it. I have submitted more than 400 over photos # CNY. And all are disqualified! They detect the photos with double hash tag. Previous photo contest that I have joined recently during their food tasting, I have no problems at all when submitting the photos and put the # photocontest. I argued that their system changed and this have nothing to do with my way of submission. But manager is always right huh? So he said I am the only one who have such problems so I am speechless and ya just take the prizes and silent….

Anyway the prizes is more than the cash value which I am expecting and yes..I will have to be alert and check all the details inside when joining contest from OpenRice website in the future.

Happy? Disappointed? Satisfied? Mmmm…better than much of efforts there.

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