Fish Head Noodle @ Fraser Business Park ( F & N)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Looking for the delicious fish head noodle and seafood noodle in KL? You must check out this place called “ Uncle Poh” at Fraser Business Park (F & N). Just a small stall selling Fish Head Noodle, Fish Paste Noodle, Seafood Noodle, Pork Noodle and etc. My friend introduced this eatery place to us and we begin to fall in love with the aromatic broth that we drove all the way from our office to have our lunch here weekly!

The kopitiam place is always crowded and surrounded by many food stalls offering wide selection of food that are very reasonable price.  Facing directly at the Help Institute, here cater many students and office workers crowds. You will be the lucky one if you able to find parking nearby and available seats. Usually we reached about 12.30 noon and the whole place is full house.

Uncle Poh fish head noodle stall is the famous among all. He is very friendly uncle manage this stall together with his wife. Both are always in their smiley faces and can remember our orders all the time.

The best selling item is their Fish Head Noodle and Seafood Noodle. For myself, I will prefer the homemade fish paste..hassle free to take out the fish bone. The fish paste is chewy and huge pieces. Accompanied with thick rice vermicelli noodles, pickled mustard greens, and tangy fresh tomatoes. Beautiful milky broth that are so delicious, they must have added a splash of fragrant rice wine. The thick rice vermicelli swims in a light-flavoured broth and this possibly be the best bowl of fish noodles that I have ever tried. Satisfaction to the maximum!Slurps…

There are options of fried fish head or Fresh Steamed " Sang Yu" noodle. 

A Hearty bowl of seafood noodle for lunch. I was surprised when it was served on our table. Delightful fresh seafood with clear and sweet soup along with a bountiful amounts of ingredients. There are 3 pieces of big prawns, 20 pieces of lala, one fish paste, one fish meat, crab meat, and 1 piece of fried fish head. So tempting and you can order this big bowl of noodles if you can finish it all. Price at only RM 15.

The homemade Sambal is definitely worth mentioning as it was really damn good and spicy.

I have been watching too much of Asian Food Channel lately and addicted to the show “ Best of the World”. I will give a thumbs up to say this place really the best of the world Fish Head Noodle!