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Calling all chocolate lovers!! You will be mad for the cravings of chocolates offered by the mouth watering menu at MAD ABOUT COCO. A cosy and stylish cafe opened at Fahrenheit 88 which is operated for only 4 months, The first outlet is located in Publika,and this places is worth checking out.
The cafe gain enormous popularity among dessert lovers, especially the young ones. Mad About Coco is owned by two sisters and most of the ingredients here is imported and all food are make upon ordering.

This spacious cafe offers both indoor and outdoor dining options to suit different needs.Inviting ambiance with nice and friendly staff to serve you

Located at Level 1, just right above Body Shop. Noticeable once you entered the entrance

Sweet pinky colour and girlie interior with white and black checked floor
These are the best seller item. Just pick your orders at the counterTheir chocolate desserts are sinfully addictive by just looking at the pictures.
 Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball (RM 20)
A must-try signature dish here -  The tiramisu ball is freshly prepared to order and wonderfully presented.  Once we cracked the ball, the pure melted chocolate oozing out. Taste so good.

Pouring the hot chocolate sauce and all melted inside..yummylicious!

Mad About Coco (RM20)

Being the top seller, I must agree that this chocolate brownies is so delicious. Using only imported cocoa powder and cocoa butter, the texture is fluffy, moist and the chocolates taste has its own distinctive flavours. Every bite was HEAVENLY.

Hot chocolate sauce 

Another surprise awaiting

Melted inside with a heart shape and to discover a sweet strawberry inside.

Chocolate banana crepe (RM 25) 

Freshly made crepe filled up with banana, peanut butter and pure melted chocolate. I love the peanut butter at the side of the crepe. Portion to be shared among two person.

Tutti Frutti Waffles for Two (RM 28) -  The waffle is drenched with 3 types of chocolate on top  (the white, milk and dark chocolate) and side servings of fined cut pieces of fruits (banana and strawberries) along with a scope of ice cream (choices of chocolates or vanilla).

Belgium waffles that are crispy on the outside while still fluffy on the inside. Light texture that goes well with the rich chocolates on top.

Traditional Chocolate Frappe (RM 15)

I Heart Churros (RM 16)

Amazingly crispy churros which is soft inside and serve with the warm chocolate sauce. The churros has the perfect texture which we all enjoyed it so much. This is the best Churros I ever had!!! Highly recommended.
Getting full satisfaction of desserts.

Aromatic Belgian Mocha drinks (RM 12) - Each Coco's hot beverages have the choices of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Customer can also choose the sweetness level and cocoa intensity.
Chocolate Bomb (RM12). Just dip the chocolate inside and stir..The Afro hairstyle logo is so cute

Affagato Cronut Sundae (RM 20)

The bitterness from the double shot of espresso is blends well with the solid cronut that are perfectly baked layer by layer

 The Coco’s Bolognese (RM18)

We ordered a plate of chicken bolognese spaghetti to balance up after all the chocolaty goodness . We can choose the spiciness level of the spaghetti. So we go for mild spicy.The taste is very unique. Generous portion on the minced chicken meat and every pasta is coated well with the bolognese sauce. Those spicy kick is from blended chili padi.

Mad About Coco has their own personality and definitely a place to be for those with sweet tooth.

Mad About Coco 

Lot No. 1-03(01) &1-03(02)

Fahrenheit 88.

Order & Pay at the counter and food will be served to you at your table. - See more at: