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We dine in here at Morganfield's to utilize the voucher that I have won in Open rice contest that entitles for RM 10 dine in voucher. Expiry date is just less than 2 weeks. Open rice is very sincere huh?? Giving away the winning vouchers last minute posted to my home address and the problems to use this voucher is are they up to any limitations? Any terms and conditions applied? Before entering I show the staff and ask them how to use this voucher? Can it use for the set lunch menu? He said yes after checking with their superior. The restaurant is fully occupied during lunch crowd and we quickly choose our food selection.

Complimentary soup and drinks for the set lunch

Fish battered set with rice

Plain salad - Not presentable

Tender BBQ spare ribs

Pork ham chop

We have in total 4 vouchers and we have 5 people all together. One person can use one voucher per transaction. We waited patiently for the desserts and reminded the staff to quickly served it immediately after our main course. The service is terribly slow.

Volcanic chocolate lava cake RM 16.90 - Moist chocolate cake with ice cream and served with rich chocolate cream. We have to wait for almost 35 minutes for this desserts to be served And need to call the waiter for 3 times to remind them.

Frustrated dining experience and we are all so tired of waiting. We spent 2 hours here for the lunch hour. Not enjoyable at all. Bad service with rude lady manager named (MEL) who don't even know how to handle customer request and showing her ARROGANT face. She argued with us that this RM 10 VOUCHER is not applicable for the set lunch menu. But we told her that you staff mentioned to us earlier that we can use this voucher. She scolded her staff at the back and she is bring so egotistic .Please be professional and I wonder how she get her managerial post??

We also waited very long for our bill!
please do not do any voucher promotions or what so ever if you having the payment system error on paying our bill with the RM 10 voucher and set so many limitations of the voucher which is not even clearly indicated inside the voucher.

Will never enter this restaurant again!!


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