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Love Life. Love Coffee. Love Food

"Pretz n' Beanz" - it means pretzels and coffee beans - A very straightforward approach to differentiate their specialties with their heart shape logos.

Pretz n' Beanz serve a variation of pretzels and their signature pretzel are baked till golden brown and served in a wide array of flavours. This is my second visit to IPC outlet and they have grown rapidly with their improved new menu. Perfect lunching or dinner experience with wide range of amazingly soft and flavourful Pretzels, Pretzel Pizzas or Filled Pretzels, accompanied by a cuppa freshly brewed coffee. On top of that, there is a long list of healthy Morning breakfast menu that will warm you up.
The cafe bright lighting looks inviting with friendly staff assisting our orders. Located at Ground Floor. You will not missed out this place as when you are walking towards IKEA.

Neat arrangement of the seats from al-fresco to sofa set that promise a comfort and relaxing dining environment.

Outdoor seating's for those who wants the cool breeze air

The price is reasonable for the good quality of food and of course the huge portion of what we are getting is really worth for the price paid off. 
Array of fresh cakes and pastries fresh made daily..spoil by choices
Recently we just had the Yezi Steamboat and coconut ice cream. Seems like not getting enough of it, Pretz n Beanz surprised us with their new menu offering coco latte and their unique coconut cake.
Sesame sugar Pretzel RM 6.90 - Coated with sesame seed and sugar. Every bite is so pleasurable
Carbonara Chicken Ham Spaghetti RM 29.05

Best selling Spaghetti in Pretz n' Beanz. The spaghetti is not cooked with cooking cream, but instead they use egg yolks to make the carbonara sauce. The ham blends well with the cheesy pasta and I love the taste. My girl who usually not fancy on Carbonara pasta finished up whole plate portion that I gave her..That really cheers up my day.

 I love the coffee here. They get good supplies on the coffee beans which are freshly roasted and every cuppa taste so good. From left to right, we have green tea latte, chocolate cookie latte, caffe latte, and coco latte. The latest addition in the menu are coco latte and chocolate cookie latte. Not overly sweet for both. 

 The new coco latte tasted like coconut flavored coffee and quite fragrant.
Berry carrot Smoothies RM 17.35
New BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza RM 17.35 . Here we can get to try the First Pretzel Pizza in Malaysia that uses soft pretzel dough and still remain soft even after 3-4 hours after the serving time. The pizza texture is soft and fluffy with generous serving of toppings on the top. Each pieces is so Cheesy with BBQ flavour. Yummy..

Signature Tower Chicken Burger RM 25.55. The chicken burger is so delicious. The bread is extremely fresh with soft-yolk fried egg on top. While the chicken thigh patties is absolutely crispy and juicy.

Chicken Curry Filled Pretzel - RM12.70 - You can never find this unique pretzel elsewhere. Slightly-crispy crust and stuffed with chicken curry. This new invention have a great combination. The savoury filled pretzel is served hot and I could smell the strong aroma from the chicken curry with the melted cheese.  

Champignon Baked Egg RM 16.90 - One of the highlights for today that you must try it out. Fresh cook eggs with mushrooms and cheese, served with freshly baked plain pretzel and veggie sticks. The eggs are baked to perfection and the texture are just nice ( not under or over cooked). Enjoy every mouthful of the slippery smooth egg together with mushroom. 

Prezt n' Stew. This is another new creative dish in the menu .Freshly baked Pretzel served with choices of stew. We choose the Green Curry set for RM 19.70. Wonderfully presented with soft pretzel and fragrant green curry broth. The chicken meat is succulent and blends well when dipping with the pretzel. There are serving of carrot and celery stick at the side that was accompanied with the sauce.

Salted Caramel Cake RM 11.55

Triple Chocolate Cake RM 11.55

Coconut Cake RM 11.55

Among the desserts spread, I will prefer the coconut cake which is made from fresh coconut water and this is the key ingredient to make the taste so natural.  The beautiful flakes of coconut are reminiscent of snow.  Soft fluffy layered cake, the awesome coconut cake.

Only available from Friday to Sunday only.

The eye-catching cake with pretty reasonable price

Volcano chocolate cake with ice cream RM 15.05 
It is really undeniable not to love the fantastic taste of Volcano Chocolate cake. Warm and moist chocolate cake with the vanilla ice cream. Slurps!..

Ideal place to chill out and sumptuous pretzel menu to wet your palate. Check out their FB page for more updates and you might find coconut pretzel and new burger choices soon.

Pretz n' Beanz Cafe

G23, Ground Floor, IPC Shopping Center
No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel :  03-7732 0175



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