Rocku Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill @ Pavilion

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Rocku Yakiniku Japanese is specializing in grilled goodness with all-you-can-eat buffet spread with lively entertainments such as magicians, singers and even live band during weekends lunch while you enjoy the dining moment. The restaurant is located at Level 7 at the Dining Loft hub. Rocku Yakiniku is originating from Singapore and here we can find many varieties of meats and seafood offered fresh to customers.

Sake bottles

The first section as you enter the restaurant. Unlimited servings of potato salad, chuka kurage, pasta, fruits,  mushroom, rice, karaage, seasoned seaweed and etc.

Bounteous array of kimchi, vegetables, chawanmushi and others.

Definitely I am adorned with some Japanese arts on walls.I was quite impress on their
ventilation which is bearable

Wednesday to Sunday will be the live band and Friday they have magicians in the house. 
The price for the lunch buffet is RM39.90++ and dinner RM49.90++. Both sessions last for only 100 minutes. Customers can extend at RM9.90++ for each additional 20 minutes. For children, they get to enjoy 50% from the adult price. The price is quite reasonable to me because the amount of food serving is really worth paying.

The small menu sheet to ordered your favourite food. Just tick and start to order

Premium Seafood selection that includes butterfish, mussel, salmon, prawns, scallop, squid, and shishamo. The ingredients are absolutely fresh and well presented.

Here are the selection of dipping sauces which comes in 3 choices -  ponzu, spicy miso, and chili sauce . Spicy miso sauce is perfect pair for meat and I also like the special ponzu sauce.

You can order the same meat multiple tempting
Lamb Shoulder

Enoki Mushroom and chicken meat
Perfectly thin sliced pork meat for quick grilling and to be grilled indoors.

Few selections of the Beef meat that are fully imported from Australia and New Zealand. Those are beef striploin, beef chuck tender and beef ribeye.
Huge sake bottle
We start the feast with light appetizers first
I enjoy the garlic fried rice and the kimchi which are well prepared.
Rocku Yakiniku uses real charcoal pits that are smokeless and this is my first time trying out Japanese grilled style. 

Pork includes bacon, pork collar, pork belly. Spread the sauce and they are ready to be grilled. We need to start off with the pork meat first.

We try to grilled the mushroom, sweet potatoes and onions, it was quite challenging. My mushroom one side is burnt. We need to turn each of it carefully and be alert all the time. So we have second try after that.

Plenty of meat and seafood that are full flavoured. Wonderful spread of seafood and all my favorites too. Chef Adrian came and help us to grill. He patiently standing there turning the seafoods and explain how those need to be grilled and how long to get it fully cooked. Anyway it is up to individual and preference on how you wish to grilled the food to fully cooked or otherwise. The concept is to have fun, gather with friend and family to enjoy the Japanese grilled buffet style and eat as much as you can!

One of the highlights is the butter fish. Juicy and fresh. I love this so much. I keep ordering for almost 4 plates

Enoki mushroom is worth mentioning. The buttery flavour enoki mushroom taste good and balance up the grilled flavours. Really nice bite-sized bundles!

We are served with a scoop of The Last Polka ice cream. Each scoop is charged at RM 3.90. They have only 3 flavours - Mango, dark chocolate and coconut. I prefer the dark chocolate.

We enjoy the food here, dining in a nice ambiance with attentive service too.I think it is a place worth checking out for yourself.

Rocku Yakiniku – Japanese Charcoal Grill
Dining Loft @ Level 7
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-2148 8884 (reservations line)
Business hours: 11am – 10pm daily
The 100-minute yakiniku buffet is priced at
Lunch: 11am to 5pm – Rm 39.9++ per pax
Dinner: 5pm to 10pm – Rm 49.9++ per pax
Children get 50% off the price of adult. - See more at:

Website :