Fun Time with SpongeBob SquarePants Summer Holiday Splash @ Pavilion

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After doing my research in few websites, I decide to visit Pavilion to bring my kids to experience the 20 feet tall Bikini Bottom Inflatable Playland. I have total 6 passes for my two kids. I purchase 2 things from Watson using hubby Maybank Credit card, and in different receipts and it entitles me for 4 passes. Then I play my part to donate RM 50 to Nepal in support for the relief efforts and I get another 2 passes. Each passes is only for 10 minutes. So in total my two girls each will have 30 minutes session of play time. My boy will not join the playland since it is stated 4 years and above.They are so excited!

We reached early at 10.30am and we just need to follow the queue line. I asked the staff how the things works. He said I need to queue up first and show them the ticket. So kids from aged 4-12 can have one entry for each ticket and only 10 minutes inside the playarea. When times up, the girl will blow the whistle and ask all the parents and kids to come out. Only then, the next 20 people can go in. Well managed on the timing and the kids also not pushing around. There are guards walking around to make sure the queue is in proper line. The staff will spray the hand sanitizer for hygiene purpose. All the staff are mainly chinese and they are very attentive and smiley faces. Also taking good care of the kids and ensure no pushing each other and each child get their turns to play.

I was lucky to be at the first queue line and just waited for 6 minutes..We have to ensure the kids take off their shoes, but parents can stay with their shoes on the mat. Parents are more excited than the kids. They keep on instructing their kids " Come here come here" go there jump the ball..throw the funny..coz I know the time is very short only 10 minutes..that's why..All parents are keep on taking photos and the kids have fun there.

The queue starting to get crazy at 11.20am

The slides and full of colourful balls

Both love to play this so much..Climbs up and slides down..There are staffs up there to watch them and ensure each time two kids will going up first and when they slides down, only the next two kids will go up again. But when the third session, the kids didn't queue up and all went up together.. What a should have a proper line to queue and the staff should always ensure the kids go up one by one..i know the time is running out..that's why..Oh ya..the funny part is my hubby saw a MUM!..CLIMBING UP TO THE INFLATABLE with her small kids and you know what's gonna be..she is wearing a mini skirt??? ohMy god!!!

This play area is only for kids!!!!! Hey that's what I mentioned earlier the parents are more excited!! I wonder why the staff never stopped them?

After the 10 minutes, we just wait inside and all the kids will stop playing. The staff will ask us to wait first and the next queue comes in, we can start playing again. So we just stood there and wait. Lucky they did not ask me to queue again to redeem my another passes huh..scary..must ask all the terms and conditions before going for any activities now days.

It was really a fun day with my kids and they are so tired jumping up and down..They love the activities here.

Although it stated as 4-12 years old kids only can enter here, there no strict restrictions on the age and they never  check too. Some are as young as one year old also there jumping and bouncing or playing with the balls..All is about spending more in Pavilion to get indoor passes..

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